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February 10, 2007

I was fortunate enough to see Donna in Orlando during Mardi Gras at Universal. Oh heck, fortunate is not the word-I took a day off from work and drove seven hours to see my Donna!! I know you have some pics already up but I thought I would send along something special for all the fans.

My partner and I were just wandering around the park around 4 when I heard what sounded like a soundcheck. We turned a corner and there was our diva rehearsing-with Joe Esposito! Needless to say I almost fell over and immediatley began snapping pics like crazy!

Donna was really focused on rehearsing Heaven Knows so she didn't turn around too much. I hate that most of the pics are from behind (cough cough), but I love Donna no matter what the angle! When she was done and walking off the stage she saw us-mostly me wearing my Driven By The Music T-shirt-and SHE SMILED AND WAVED to me!! I could have just died!!!

- Mark

[See Mark's sound check pictures below]

Just got back from Universal Studios Florida where DONNA performed flawlessly tonight. A huge crowd in the mood to party, backed her up and supported her thru the entire show, with lots of "We luv you DONNA!" shouts and many more accolades. She looked great, but still a bit puffy...yet, her first appearance as she ascended onto the stage thru the lovely grand piano...she looked like an angel in sparkly white gown, then launched into SWH4T$. Usual concert we have seen in the past year or so. The orchestra sounded great and Donna, as usual was in great vocal form. The highlight of the show for me was her reunion with Joe Esposito, who was doing backup vocal honors tonight as replacement for Mary Bernard. They both sang "Heaven Knows" and it was like going back to 1978 and playing the song off the record... *divine*. Early during the concert, she told the audience she had hurt her back and almost cancelled tonight... but after taking some medication, she was game...jada jada. At first she appeared a bit stiff and looked like limping a little off the stage the first time she walked off to do her 1st dress change. As the night progressed, she appeared to loosen up and be more animated, cracking jokes about hot flashes, menopause, men with Ferraris..etc etc etc. We have heard those jokes before. She did the "as of late" covers of "Natural Woman", "Smile" & "Knights in White Satin". No "Pearls" this time. Sadly, no mention of any kind about her upcoming album on Burgundy Records, nor was there a sneak preview of any new songs as I had hoped to be the case.

However... Donna had the crowd wrapped with her spell when performing all her great hits, and the audience responded with huge praise and enthusiastic cheers, and she seemed genuinely pleased. I know I say the least *elated*. This is my 5th Donna concert and was a FABULOUS as ever. 

Here are some photos from the concert!!! Enjoy!!

- Julio C, Orlando FL

[Editor's note: Yeah, I took the easy way out and just linked to Julio's photo album for now. I will probably steal some of those photos to host on the site when I get a little more time. :-)   Also - if you were an On The Radio diva, then Julio has your picture onstage with Donna - page 1, third row down.]

Donna was just awesome tonite. Her voice as perfect as could be . She wowed thousand of people saturday nite...many who weren't expecting to see her stopped in their tracks . Her voice echoed thru the entire Universal Studios Park....

The guy next to me was a total rocker , his girlfriend made him come with her...when Donna belted out Natural Woman & Knights in White Satin - he was sold . All he said was I have never heard a voice like this , she rocks !!! She suprised the old crowd and at the same time introduced the "newer "crowd to Once Upon A Time , I Love You & Could It Be Magic . All the standards were done- except This Time I Know its for Real (which i though odd...)

She chatted alot & joked with everyone , she made thousands feel as if she were just a home ...really nice.

A nice surprise was Heaven Knows - the original duet with the Original Singer Joe Esposito of Brooklyn Dreams - that man can still belt it out !

She did 3- nice costume changes and Bruce even sang his Le Imagine' Cafe was nice. Donna returned for her Closing - Looking Gorgeous in a black outfit covered in crystals - for Last Dance.
She never ceases to amaze me...almost 33 yrs in the biz.. and still packing in a place as large as Universal that is staying power.

Luv U Donna !

- Adrian Parrado, Tampa ,Fl.

[See Adrian's pictures below - possibly more coming when I have a little more time for resizing.  :-) ]

I just wanted to thank you for your awesome concert at Universal Studios Orlando last night. I am a high school and college math teacher. When I was in school at UF, I went out dancing every night and I always have considered your music was and still is my favorite. Your voice is still as strong, clear and crisp as it was in the seventies and you are definitely even more beautiful today. You were absolutely radiant. I was standing right in the front of center stage...I had waited at that spot since 5:00 because I wanted to see my diva in person and up close. I have never written to any other celebrity in my life but you and your entourage were so spectacular I just had to say thank you personally. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and making all of us so very happy. Your music is about love, life and feeling is about remembering the good times in our past and the greatest times yet to come.

- Dorrie, Longwood, FL

[See Dorrie's picture below]


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