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March 3, 2007

My partner and I along with my sister and niece were fortunate enough to attend Donna's concert in San Juan this past weekend with a little help from the company we work for, US AIRWAYS! The concert started a little late due to people showing up tardy, she was to perform at eight thirty but the show started a little before nine. When the Diva came out of the piano singing "She Works Hard For The Money" the crowd went wild!! This was our third time to see Donna "in concert" - she looked and sounded absolutely AMAZING!!! The San Juan crowd acted a little strange at times... She did not seem to have their "undivided
attention!!!" But she certainly held ours!!!!! The song list that she performed was very close to the songs that she sang at Wolf Trap in Virginia, with the exception of Sade's song, "Pearls". She brought many to tears, including herself!!! She is amazing at 58 - her voice is as strong and beautiful as it was 30 years ago!!! She did mention that she is in the middle of recording and releasing a new "album" and that NOT all of the pieces will be "DANCE" tracks...explaining that she has "evolved".

- Tom S



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