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November 9-12 2009


Finally, after 14 years, Donna is in Brazil again!!! I am a Brazilian loving fan since 1975, and I was waiting for Donna year by year. I went to the first show ( 11/10/2009 ) and it was great!!! Her voice was perfect and powerful!!! She was with a good sense of humour, often smiling, talking and playing with us. People was sit down because there was not a dance floor, but when Donna sings the hits, everybody get up to dance and sing with her! The show was very exciting ! I thought that I was a little far from Donna and walked to stay closer. Then I got stay almost 3 meters of distance from Donna and it was a great emotion for me, something that I'll never forget!! She was in front of me, singing "Bad Girls", "Hot Stuff" and then the unforgettable "Last Dance". I thought there I was dreaming, because Donna's voice was and is and always be present in the good or bad moments of my life. Sorry for speak so much and for my English too! Now, I would like to tell you the songs that Donna performed in this show:

1-The Queen is Back
2-I Feel Love
3-Could It Be Magic
4-Dim All The Lights
5-I Love You
6-I'm A Fire
7-Sand On My Feet
8-Drivin' Down Brazil 
9-On The Radio
11-No More Tears (duet with her sister Mary Ellen)
12-MacArthur Park
14-Stamp Your Feet
15-She Works Hard For The Money
16-Bad Girls
17-Hot Stuff
18-Last Dance

I will go to the next show (11/12/2009) and if I was another new, I'll send to you. Congratulations for your great and wonderful site. I often read it. And kisses to Donna if she is reading too! She is the best! Thank you.

- Mario, Brazil

Note: when I emailed Mario back, I asked about the big blackout and he replied:

Yes,a big blackout happened but the show did not affected. The show just started more that one hour later, and in that moment we didn't know why. The Credicard Hall and Donna herself apologized for it, explaining that technical problems happened.
So, when the show finished we understood what really happened. But we had a good time!

The last show ( 11/12/2009 ) was great and wonderful too! Donna performed the same songs of the first show, in a different sequence. For example, "MacArthur Park" was the second song performed. And "Drivin' Down Brazil" was replaced by "Love To Love You Baby"( it was the only change ).

about the show...first of all, the songs...queen is back, i feel love, could it be magic, dim all the lights, sand on my feet, i love you, on the radio, stamp your feet, no more tears, crayons, macarthur park, drivin down brazil, smile, she works hard, bad girls-hot stuff, last dance ...she was in a very good mood, making jokes, telling stories, trying to speak a bit of portuguese. 

- Rico, São Paulo Brazil

i forgot to mention IM A FIRE

The Donna Summer show was wonderful . She sang 18 songs , her voice was amazing , as always , very strong and clear . She appeared wearing 4 different costumes .
These were the songs :
The Queen Is Back
I Feel Love
Could It Be Magic
I´m a Fire
Dim All The Lights
Sand On My Feet 
I Love You
Enough Is Enough
MaCarthur Park
On The Radio
Drivin´Down Brazil
Stamp Your Feet
She works Hard For The Money
Bad Girls
Hot Stuff
Last Dance

- Danilo, Brazil

I´m a great Donna Summer fan...I went to both shows in Sao Paulo...I just arrived and I´m in heaven...she´s so beautiful and what voice... and if she sings only my favorite song I Feel Love the cost of the ticket was right...

- Sebastian, Brazil


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