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There are screen shots from the 1970 German TV miniseries, 11Uhr20.  It was a spy drama in which Donna appeared as a nightclub singer. (She was only in the one scene.) I'm told that she sang Black Power and If You're Walking Alone - but the latter song was mostly just in the background while the main characters did whatever plotting they had to do. (Can you tell I've never actually seen it?  LOL) 

These screen shots were taken probably the most difficult way possible if you want good clear shots - a digital camera was used to photograph the TV screen while the video was playing. So that's why they are a little blurry.  Thanks to Carlo for sending them.  :-)

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Once upon a time, a long time ago...... Donna lived in Germany. (And you are all saying, "yeah, tell me something I don't know!"  LOL) While she was there, she worked for a brief time with a group called Family Tree. The group was an "11 person multi-color multi-voice pop choir" that could sing anything from folk to soul to jazz. I recently was found by the man behind the group, Guenter "Yogi" Lauke, and he very graciously shared these pictures with me, so that I could share them with you. (Webmasters, when you steal these pictures - please credit Guenter. ;-)  )

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All of the pictures below are © Dagmar and are used with permission. These and many other pictures are available for sale from the photographer. for more info, email Dagmar or visit her on the web at Dagmar's Beginnings. Attn: webmasters - don't steal these pics unless you talk to Dagmar first!

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