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For those of you who may have had trouble viewing Donna's emovie for us, I have posted screen shoots along with text descriptions so you can get the essence of the greeting. I'll warn you now that there are a bunch of images and none are thumbnails so it may take awhile for the page to load.

1. Opening credits: "Chatty Catties directed by Donna Summer" 2. Characters A and B enter the scene.
3. A says: "Hi everyone!!! I haven't seen you in a long time! I hope your summer has been good!" 4. B says: "Did you say SUMMER???"
5. A says: "Oh I got that! Well, we're coming up on 9/11." 6. B says: "I hope everyone is back on track"
7. A says: "Well, I start writing my book again in September with Mark Elliot." 8. B says: "OHHH, am I in the book?!"
9.  Scene 2 10.  A says: "Hey Girl! Thanks for sending me all those great emails."
11. B says: "I thought you should know what your fans think about you." 12. A says: "I love my fans!!! I have the best fans in the world!!! That goes for you too, Kath!"
13. B says: "So, when are you going to start recording again, Girl??" 14. A says: "Actually, I'll probably start around October! I've got 30 songs! but the Diva needs MORE!"
15. B says: "Well, let's get with the program here! Christmas is coming!!" 16. The End

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