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Gallery 8: Scavullo

Francesco Scavullo

January 16, 1921 to January 6, 2004

Francesco Scavullo, noted celebrity photographer, died yesterday at the age of 82. He's photographed just about everyone who is anyone, but viewers of this site know him best for his work on both the Once Upon A Time and Live & More albums. Both of those feature glamorous portraits of Donna that have become icons over the years.  In Scavullo's memory, I would like to offer this gallery with some of the photographs he has taken of Donna because I feel that the photos themselves say more than I ever could. For those interested in learning more about the man behind the photos, I recommend these links: is Scavullo's official site with a biography and many samples of his work.

The Advocate has a great obituary written by one of Scavullo's many admirers.









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