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africanlovedance.jpg (40029 bytes) driven-sculp.jpg (34688 bytes) mothersarms.jpg (38223 bytes) chairmanoftheboard.jpg (36269 bytes) bosswife.jpg (55646 bytes)
African Love Dance
Driven By The Music (sculpture)
Mother's Arms
Chairman Of The Board
The Boss's Wife
hardforthemoney.jpg (44052 bytes) starman2.jpg (31041 bytes) chiquita.jpg (46521 bytes) ladym.jpg (37341 bytes) jazzman.jpg (50437 bytes)
Hard For The Money
Star Man
Lady M
Jazz Man
myfavoritedoll.jpg (29562 bytes) madamed.jpg (34364 bytes) picassogirl.jpg (37973 bytes) dreamer.jpg (37759 bytes) sumu.jpg (39632 bytes)
My Favorite Doll
Madame D
Picasso Girl
pinksphinx.jpg (32955 bytes) facesofrio.jpg (53709 bytes) twosisters.jpg (30643 bytes) scarletstarlet.jpg (29707 bytes) selfportrait.jpg (51574 bytes)
Pink Sphinx
Faces Of Rio
Two Sisters
Scarlet Starlet
Self Portrait
woundedheart.jpg (20691 bytes) picassomirror.jpg (19848 bytes)
shecries.jpg (52642 bytes)
hispassion.jpg (25932 bytes) nojustanothecoloredgirl.jpg (57082 bytes)
Wounded Heart Picasso Mirror She Cries For Love Passion, Face To Face Not Just Another Colored Girl
driven-paint.jpg (42821 bytes) spring.jpg (56243 bytes) summer.jpg (50638 bytes) autumn.jpg (51448 bytes) wintermel.jpg (24038 bytes)
Driven By The Music Driven By The Music Suite: Spring Affair Driven By The Music Suite:
Summer Fever
Driven By The Music Suite:
Autumn Changes
Driven By The Music Suite:
Winter Melody
anna.jpg (12796 bytes) barbra.jpg (13780 bytes) brooklyn.jpg (15317 bytes) michelle.jpg (14832 bytes) dothead.jpg (15852 bytes)
Anna Banana Barbra's Face Brooklyn's Eyes Lady Michelle Not Just Another Dothead
tokyolovesong.jpg (33359 bytes)

"I paint people from the inside out... from what I see in people... that's why my paintings are abstract and not well defined... because who can truly know the heart of another person?"

- Donna Summer

Some of these works may be available for sale from

bojangles.jpg (23577 bytes)
Yellow Face
lipstickkisses.jpg (48383 bytes)
Tokyo Love Song Lipstick Kisses


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