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Last update: December 19, 2014

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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

[DEC 19] Okay, if you are seeing this then the site updated correctly. I still have stuff to learn with the new software, but as you may have guessed, I learned enough to be able to change the theme fairly easily.  :-)

[DEC 14] Greetings everyone! Lets start off with a site announcement. I believe I have the site fully converted to the new software and should be able to make the big switchover this coming weekend. (That's assuming real life and holiday preparations don't get in my way.)  So my plan right now is to delete the site from the server on either Friday or Saturday and then re-upload it with the new software.  So the site will be all or partly down during that time.  When the changeover is complete, the site will look just a little bit different.   :-)

[DEC 14]  Let's move on to the box set. I think by now most people who pre-ordered from Amazon UK and MyPlay have received their box sets.  I admit I have not had time to fully appreciate the whole set as much as I would like to. (Stupid job! I could be listening to Donna 24/7 if I didn't have to work!  LOL) The consensus is (and I have to agree) is that the remastering has brought new life to the albums. People are falling in love with albums that they previously hasn't fully appreciated.  So if you haven't played all your CDs yet, why not pull out the one you'd consider your least favorite and see if you still feel the same way?

[DEC 14] Now for those of you who haven't ordered your box sets yet... oops! The vinyl is still available, but the CD set is out of stock at Amazon with no indication of when more will be available. You can still get the individual CDs though if you want. 

[DEC 14] And speaking of the box set, it made the Telegraph's list of the 10 best box sets for Christmas - even though their description of the set was obviously not written by one of us.  LOL

[DEC 14] The LA Times came up with a list of the 20 best pop songs by women. I Feel Love came in at #12. 

[DEC 14] Johnnyswim fans - did you miss them on Kelly & Michael the other day? Well fear not. You can catch their performance of the Christmas Waltz right here

[DEC 14] Brooklyn Sudano fans - catch her on January 24 in the Lifetime original movie, With This Ring. You can read more about it here

[DEC 14] I think that brings us to YouTube First up there is a 2008 interview with On Time TV that is not to be missed. (Seriously, wait for her explanation of the Hattie Mae character.) Then we have The Wanderer from the Tom Snyder Show, a medley of hits from a 1999 TV appearance, and a playlist of Donna at the Nobel Peace Prize concert.  

[DEC 8] Greetings all. I have just a quick update to tell you two things. First, Johnnyswim will be on the Kelly And Michael Show Wednesday morning - December 10.  YAY!  

[DEC 8] The other thing I have to tell you is that Amazon UK has shipped more quickly than promised. I got an email on December 1 saying my cd box set would arrive ob December 22. It came TODAY. Other American fans have had the same happy experience.  So if you ordered from Amazon UK, keep an eye on your mailbox.  :-) Now I have to go read some extensive liner notes.  :-)

[DEC 7] Greetings all! The big news is that many of our UK friends have received their CD and vinyl boxsets, and the word is that they are GORGEOUS! There is actually a YouTube video of someone opening the Another Place And Time CD.  That will give you a tiny taste of what to expect if you are still waiting for your CDs. There is also this review of the boxset that you should check out. 

[DEC 7] Moving on to other Donna news, the official YouTube channel (which you should definitely subscribe to if you haven't yet) has added a couple of new clips from the vault. First up is a promo clip for Bad Girls. And that was immediately followed by a promo for Live & More Encore.  So how is YOUR case of Summer Fever now?  ;-)

[DEC 7] And in other Donna news, as you know we have an active official Youtube channel, if you are on Facebook you have seen that the page has been decorated with the boxset artwork, and I believe we are expecting an update to I would imagine that the boxset art will feature prominently over there too.  :-) 

[DEC 7] In remix news, check out this new mix of Bad Girls. Pretty cool!  And along with that is the Summer2K edit of Looking Up

[DEC 7] Let's move on to Johnnyswim (who are still on their Christmas tour.) They made a Huffington Post list of the best albums of 2014! (It's nice to know Huffington Post figured out what we've known for ages - that Johnnyswim is majorly talented!) 

[DEC 7] And while we're on the subject of Johnnyswim, check out their interview with CMT Edge in support of the Christmas album. 

[DEC 7] I think that brings us to YouTube.  This week look for a performance of Supernatural Love, a mashup of U2 vs Donna on She Works Hard On New Year's Day, and highlights from the musical, I Totally Know What You Did Last Donna Summer

[NOV 30] Greetings all!  First up - a site announcement. My computer is literally falling apart, so I am at the point where I have to upgrade. The software I use to create the site is not compatible with the latest version of Windows.  So I downloaded a new program, and am in the process of converting the site so that it works in the new program. Once I am done with that (and I'm not sure when that will be yet), I plan to take down the site and reupload it. I figure that's a good way to also clean out some of the stuff that I don't use any more. When I am ready to do this, I will post an announcement here and in a few other places because obviously the site will be all or partially down while I do this. I will try to time things so that I can make the announcement during a regular update and then so the actual work the following weekend. The disruption will hopefully be minimal. (All fingers and toes crossed!)

[NOV 30] Moving on - tomorrow is December 1, so I figured tonight was as good a time as any to post the new Summer Fever Pick. Do I even have to tell you what it is?   LOL (I don't know of any of you keep a bookmark for the Summer Fever Page, but if you do be advised that I have changed the URL a little bit in preparation for the big site reupload.)

[NOV 30] And with tomorrow being the first, something else is happening... those deluxe CDs and boxsets we've been waiting so (im)patiently for are coming out - in Europe at least. Here in the US we have to wait a little longer.  Now for those of you overseas - here is some great news,  you may be able to grab the albums in an actual brick and mortar store! One gentleman found himself in the HMV in London's West End yesterday (Saturday) and even though the release date for the CDs is December 1, HMV had a copy of Another Place And Time. The fan who grabbed it (because did you really think he would just leave it there?  LOL)  described the liner notes as "fabulous", the sound as "great" and he said there are a bunch of never seen before photos.  He sent me a couple of pictures (Thank you Chris!), so I'll share one with you now:

You know, I was starting to get excited before... now, I think my mailman should be very afraid of coming to my house without my boxset!  LOL

[NOV 30] And let's continue to the other exciting news. As many of you know, Donna has an official YouTube channel. Well, the plan for this channel is for it to be a place for rare and never before seen footage. (Yes, the video vault is starting to open!)  They started off by posting a nice promo for the boxsets, then followed that up with a commercial for Live & More (the 1978 album) which happens to have a bunch of footage that will make you scream "I WANT THAT SHOW!!" (It can't be just me right?  LOL)  And now as I am writing this, they went and sneaked in a clip of A Man Like You from the Midnight Special. (That's such a new upload that right this second, it's not even indexed on the main Donna Summer page yet.) If you don't run right over and subscribe to the channel, you must be out of your mind! I would go subscribe right now, but YouTube won't let me subscribe twice.  ;-)

[NOV 30] In the Donna is everywhere category, or maybe I should say Donna fans are everywhere because fans HAVE to be responsible for this: There is a show, a cartoon actually, called Bob's Burgers.  They did an episode for Thanksgiving where Bob is home alone for the holiday, so he dances to Dim All The Lights in his livingroom. The music continues to underscore the next scene with the family doing some king of running with the turkeys event. The the show ends with the family singing Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) over the closing credits. There is a review of the episode here, and it is available (in the US at least) on Hulu Plus, or you can buy it on YouTube and probably other places as well. You can probably even catch it on your cable provider's On Demand menu.

[NOV 30] Johnnyswim fans: check out their new interview on CMT about the Christmas EP. Their  Christmas tour kicked off tonight, so if they are coming to a venue to you, grab some tickets before they sell out. (And they WILL sell out - you have been warned!)

[NOV 30] And let's drop down another generation to Mimi's daughter Vienna Dohler. I've shared clips from her before, so many of you probably know she is a talented singer and songwriter. If you want to have your mind blown, check out her covers of Be Myself Again and Nights In White Satin. Just Vienna and her piano. This kid is going places.

[NOV 30] I think that brings us to YouTube. After you've played the Live & More promo a million times, go check out an audio clip of a mix of Valley Of The Moon, the Hot Summer Night concert, the Glenn Rivera Restructured Say Something Nice, Papa Can You Hear Me from the Oscars, and Donna on an American Bandstand Christmas episode. (The sound is a bit weird on this one, and it does not include the Christmas medley they performed later in the show. See if you spot a young Mimi in the crowd.)

[NOV 23] Greetings all - and (early) Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.  (And if my international friends would like to join in the holiday celebration Thursday - just tell your employers that I said it is okay to take the day off.  ;-) )

[NOV 23]  There's not a whole lot going on this week. We have the CD and vinyl box sets (and of course the individual albums) coming out next week, so if you haven't ordered yet, now is a great time.  (Available at Amazon UK on December 1 and through Amazon US on December 9.) Get a box set for everyone on your holiday list!  And then we can dance December away.  :-)  I'm sad to report that I haven't run into Christmas Spirit at the local Targets or Walmarts, yet so thank god for online shopping.

[NOV 23] Giorgio Moroder fans: he will be releasing his first solo album for something like 30 years sometime next spring. It should be fun!

[NOV 23] Johnnyswim fans - make sure you catch them on their Christmas tour.  And if you can't make the tour, at least grab a copy Diamonds or A Johnnyswim Christmas (or BOTH!) The albums make great gifts you know.  ;-)

[NOV 23] That brings us to YouTube. Check out the video montage for Who Do You Think You're Foolin' by out friend Suecase Hall, Glenn Rivera's Queen For A Day video mix, the Could It Be Magic promo video, a fan video for Christmas Is Here,  Donna on the Queen Latifah Show,  and a bonus of Mary Gaines Bernard singing Make December Stay.

[NOV 16] Greetings all! Just a reminder - the 80s CDs (and vinyls) are due out via Amazon UK on December 1 and through Amazon US as imports on December 9.  Personally, I found it more cost effective to order through Amazon UK, but your mileage may vary. 

[NOV 16] Also, for those of you who have to endure Christmas music not of your own choosing (I'm looking at YOU retail workers!), Amazon has Christmas Spirit available. It's great for scrubbing your brain of the other junk we get subjected to. 

[NOV 16] In the Donna is everywhere category, the folks at the TV show Scandal are doing it again. They sneaked a Donna song into the last episode - Bad Girls. There has to be a fan or two working there.  :-)

[NOV 16] That brings us to Johnnyswim, who as you know, released their Christmas EP this week.  Read more about the EP here, here, and  here.

[NOV 16] And speaking of Johnnyswim, did you know they have a web store now? Right now it's just t-shirts (although every fan needs some JS swag  :-) ) but eventually they will add CDs and vinyl. 

[NOV 16] That brings us to YouTube. First up is Donna promoting All Systems Go on Jay Leno (the clip has 2 songs, the interview and enough tulle to swallow Donna in her chair  LOL), Stor Dubine's video for Does He Love YouRomeo from RAI TV,  Work That Magic (with male dancers voguing behind her), and the video for When Love Takes Over You.

[NOV 10] Happy Monday all! Sorry the update is late, but I was busy all weekend. (Holy cow I got off the couch for a change!  LOL) First up, remember how I have been saying that A Johnnyswim Christmas was coming out on November 11? Well, at iTunes it is already November 11 apparently. Go grab your copy now! And while it is downloading, check out this article with behind the scenes pics of the duo and a stream of their original song, Christmas Day.

[NOV 10] And while we are on the topic of Johnnyswim, Amanda has recorded the vocals for a cover for You Belong To Me with the Doobie Brothers (and Vince Gill on guitar.) You can hear it on YouTube.  Or better yet, it's on the album Southbound by the Doobies. You can buy the whole album or just the one track.

[NOV 10]  Moving on to the diva herself, Donna, first up is the remastered 80s albums/boxsets coming out next month.  As some of you are probably aware, the Fan Club had a contest in which a couple of people won samplers for the box set. The winners have received their prizes and are happy to report that the remastering was very well done.  To quote one: "Donna's voice is so clear and you can hear sounds never heard before." So if you haven't pre-ordered any of the albums or box sets yet, now is the time! And if you have ordered already, now is the time to start saying, "Is it here yet? How about now? What about now?" as you pace back and forth to the mailbox.  ;-)

[NOV 10] And if you need something to fill in the time as you are pacing  back and forth to your mailbox looking for the upcoming cds, why not check out the Fan Club website. You never know when Tom will sneak in a new contest, plus there are some cool t-shirts and things to buy. (The holidays are coming...  you must know someone who would like a little Donna under their tree.  Or even better - 8 days of Donna!  ;-) )

[NOV 10] That brings us to YouTube. First up, a medley of Grammy nominated songs from Donna and Kenny Rogers that includes a little Doobie Brothers near the end. Next up is the Ralph Rosario mix of I Feel Love,  a radio edit of You 're So Beautiful, MacArthur Park from Night Of The Proms, From A Distance with Better Midler and Raul Malo, Let It Be from UK television, and Donna on Oprah

[NOV 10] And finally, here in the US is it Veteran's Day. So thank you to all the Veterans out there, and their families for your sacrifices over the years.

[NOV 2] Greetings all, I can't believe it's November already! That means it's time for the new Summer Fever Pick. This month we go on a Fairytale High with Once Upon A Time.   :-)

[NOV 2]  We're gonna change things up a bit and start off with some Johnnyswim news.  They have 2 upcoming releases due soon. The first is is their Christmas EP due on November 11.  The second is... a baby boy due in February.  :-) Congrats Amanda and Abner!  No word yet if the baby will immediately join the band, or if they will wait until he can walk and talk first.  ;-)

[NOV 2] In Donna news, as you know we are expecting a whole bunch of remastered CDs on December 1.  Amazon UK has sound clips from the remastered albums in their digital music store. Just click this link and scroll down for the remastered albums. (Make sure the album you pick says it's the remastered version - Amazon still has the old versions available for sale too.)

[NOV 2] I found a couple of articles that mentioned Donna - some more recent than others.  First is a nod to Stamp Your Feet in an article about songs that should have hit the top 10.  Then there is the 2012 list of holiday songs you may never have heard.  (Obviously in this case "you" refers to someone who isn't a diehard Donna fan.  LOL)  And Cracked has an article about people who "secretly made all your favorite music."  Giorgio Moroder made that list and of course any time someone talks about Giorgio, Donna gets mentioned somewhere.  :-)

[NOV 2] In the Donna is everywhere category, She Works Hard For The Money was played throughout a recent episode of Rachel Ray in which Rachel was handing out cash to people in the food industry who have done amazing charity work. 

[NOV 2] Bruce Sudano fans - I know most of you probably checked out his appearance on VOA's Border Crossings.  Well, now VOA has released a video copy of that appearance.  It was a really good interview, so be sure to check it out again - or if you missed it on the radio, catch it now. (And stick with it to the really cool new song at the very end.) By the way, if you think you recognize the other guitar player... well, you probably do. He's Randy Mitchell and he was with Donna's band for years.

[NOV 2] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up is a video presentation of the Grammy Museum exhibit for those of us who can't get to LA to see it in person. (Thanks Ray!)  Then we have a mix of Running For Cover, a clip of Winter MelodySupernatural Love from Soul Train, an audio clip of Someday (Gypsy Classic Radio Mix), the video for The Woman In Me, and the Pound Foolish episode of Family Matters. 

[NOV 2]  That's it for this week. Next weekend, the update will either happen on Friday (if I can get  time that day) or it will be delayed until Monday. I have an unusually packed weekend planned, so most of my Donna time will be spent in the car instead of on the computer. (And there is nothing like driving with Donna tuned cranked up at full volume - if you live within a 100 mile radius of me, you may even hear me.  LOL)





Quote Of The Week:

[DEC 14]

"Sometimes a song becomes a backdrop for your environment or a moment in your life when times were good or bad or joyful or sad. The song embraces you. And when you hear that song, or see that performer, you relate to them."

- Donna Summer New York Times, November 11, 2003

Summer Fever Pick
December 2014:

Christmas Spirit

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Ken's Korner

[AUG 10]

On The Boardwalk in Atlantic City, with Donna (part 1).

As many of you are aware the casino industry in Atlantic City has been hit hard by competition from nearby states that have allowed casinos to open, and an over saturation of casino gaming in general.  There are other factors involved with Atlantic City as well, BUT for many of us die-hard Donna fans we will always have a soft spot for Atlantic City. 

The Resorts International Years:

From the fist year that casino gaming started in Atlantic City (1978), Donna was a featured headliner, and there were not many years when Donna did not appear for at least one engagement.  From 1978 to 1986 the Superstar Theater at Resorts International was Donna’s home in AC.   Before the newer casinos built larger showrooms the “Superstar” was the biggest showroom in AC, and in particular for music fans it had a reserved table policy. If you snagged tickets for Donna at Reports early enough you could score a seat at table A-6 (remember that Quay!).  Back then many of Donna’s gigs ran for a full week at a time, including a 10 day marathon run during June of 1983.  Donna’s tenure at Resorts included her crazed years of 1978 and 1979, but her engagements in 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1986 remained wildly popular.

During this time span I lived in Brick, N.J., about 75 minutes north of Atlantic City, and I attended as many of Donna’s shows at Resorts as I could.  There are many precious memories from these shows, some of which include;

June of 1986, Donna’s final gig at Resorts (with Louise DuArt opening the show), these shows featured incredible versions of America The Beautiful, and the original song, Silver Girl. 

October of 1985, these shows featured the debut of the “overture” that we came to know and love.  During a performance that I attended we gave Donna a standing ovation after she sang her hits medley, and she was so moved by the gesture that she stopped the show to thank everyone several times. 

September of 1984, fans were treated to rare live versions of I’m A Rainbow, Romeo, Love Has a Mind of It’s Own, There Goes My Baby, and an extended hits medley. This medley would continue to be used during the 1985 and 1986 “mini” tours.    

June 1983, this was the marathon 10 day gig I always talk about. I saw (3) shows during this engagement, and the closing night show, 11:30 p.m. on a Sunday night was priceless. Donna had many of her family and friends in attendance, and many jokes were peppered throughout the show. During Last Dance, Mimi came out wearing one of her Mom’s gowns , and Donna nearly cracked up with laughter during the bridge of the song.    

The encore of State of Independence complete with her entourage joining her on stage remains a favorite to this day.

August 1981, this was my first time seeing Donna at Resorts and the shows sold out quickly, as most of her 1980 tour was cancelled.  I saw 2 of these shows, and got to see her perform (3) songs from The Wanderer, Cold Love, The Wanderer, and I Believe in Jesus.  These shows also featured Love To Love You Baby (the last until 2004, not counting it’s brief inclusion during the “99 tour), and Sunset People. This tour was her last with the Summer Night’s Band. 

After June of 1986 Donna’s relationship with Atlantic City continued, and for that matter it continued right up to her final tour in 2010.   More on that in the next Ken’s Korner.



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