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Last update: December 4, 2016

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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

[DEC 4] Greetings all! Can you believe it's December already?  Well you know what that means - it's time for a holiday Summer Fever Pick. In other words, we celebrate the greatest holiday album ever - Christmas Spirit! (Not that I'm biased or anything.... ;-) )

[DEC 4] Ok - the Ultimate Collection.... as you may know, there were a few issues with the 3 CD set. There is an issue with the start of The Wanderer. Crimson is fixing that for future pressings. If your disk has the problem, contact Demon Music Group. They have already promised to ship a corrected disk to at least one fan. I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley remix) - the original master vanished off the face of the earth. So instead of using a vinyl rip, it was recreated for this release. Some people report a skip in it, but it is actually an edit, so it's there to stay. The misspelling of Wassermann will be fixed in future re-pressings. And with Melody Of Love they had to use a different mix than they had planned. That info will be updated on future pressings. (And in the meantime, I ordered my copy late so I haven't personally experienced any of these issues yet. I am going in what I hear from the other diehard fans.)

[DEC 4] I used to say VCR alert, but I guess I should make that DVR alert now. :-) Keep an eye on your local PBS listings. I mentioned previously that Donna (I Feel Love) is featured in the series Soundbreaking in the episode Going Electric. There is also another show called Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion which is one of the usual pop music shows they run during their fundraisers. This features a bunch of stars from the disco era plus archival footage of Donna and of the Bee Gees. So as I said, check your local listings because every PBS station does their own thing as far as scheduling goes.

[DEC 4] Billboard has compiled a list of the Top 10 Dance Club Songs year by year from 1976-2015. There is one diva in particular who appears multiple times in the list. And if you can't think of who that might be... then you are banned from this site!  LOL

[DEC 4] There is a site called that sells t-shirts and things. Donna fans (or those shopping for Donna fans) might want to give this page a look.  :-)

[DEC 4] Johnnyswim fans - check out the new interview on And then check out the 2017 tour dates - including some European dates (that didn't get included with the Atwood Music interview.) Those two tour so much, I seriously don't know why they bother having a house.  LOL

[DEC 4] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's do some full concerts this week. First up is  the 2008 Jones Beach concert, the 2005 Night of the Proms show from Belgium, the 1990 Lloret de Mar concert, the 1983 Hot Summer Night HBO special, the 1979 concert from Japan, and finally the 1977 concert from Italy.  (So now it will be my fault nobody gets anything done at work this week?  LOL)

[NOV 27]  Greetings all. I hope my American friends are enjoying their holiday weekend. They are playing mostly Christmas music in my store now. They haven't played any Christmas Spirit, but strangely in the middle of all the other Christmas music they threw in Bad Girls. Make of that what you will,  :-)

[NOV 27] We have some UK chart news. The Ultimate collection debuted on the UK charts at #30.  It's always nice to see a little Summer on the charts.  :-)

[NOV 27] Johnnyswim fans - as you know they got to perform at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. (For my international fans who may not know - this parade has been a Thanksgiving morning television tradition since.. since there were TVs I think. The parade itself was an annual event since the 1920s and I think they started broadcasting it nationally in the 50s, so yeah, that's pretty much when TV became a thing.  Anyway, thanks to YouTube, you can see Johnnyswim's performance. (The link is for the whole parade broadcast, but it should start you right before Johnnyswim's song.) The pair also were also interviewed at the parade rehearsal the night before. And here is one more YouTube video from the parade - this one just has Johnnyswim riding the float.

[NOV 27] Facebookers can also catch Johnnyswim live at Paste Studios. This was filmed the day before the parade.

[NOV 27] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's do some interviews this week.  First up is a long one from October 2003. Then we have the A&E Biography from 1995. (And that song you are wondering about is Worth The Wait.) And finally there is Part 1 and Part 2 of Donna Summer - Her Words, Her Story.

[NOV 20] Happy Sunday all! We have some Donna news tonight!  :-) First up - the play!  The La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego has announced 4 world premiere plays for next year. One of them is the "untitled Donna Summer project. This is the very same play Bruce has mentioned in some recent interviews.  According  to, the play will be a dance musical that explored Donna's life from a child performing in the living room for family, up through her life in pop culture. It is supposed to include about 20 of Donna's songs and we can expect it to play about a year from now. That will definitely be something to look forward to!

[NOV 20] On to the Ultimate Collection. Some people have received their copies already and I'm seeing mixed reviews. People seem to be very happy with the vinyl edition, but the diehard fans have found some flaws with the 3 CD set. In particular the packaging is fragile and there are some issues with the sound here and there. On the bright side, the track list was adjusted after the label received some input from fans. There is a discussion about the set on that shows the  final track list and at the end you will see some of the concerns some fans have had.

[NOV 20] PBS has a new music miniseries called Soundbreaking. So far the website lists 8 episodes but it is possible they will add more as the episodes air.  I Feel Love is featured in the episode called "Going Electric" and there is an interview with Giorgio Moroder and an old one with Donna. (Both of which I missed because my phone rang! Grrrrr.... Gotta catch the repeat! ) I feel Love came in at about 38 minutes into the show.  The episode after that is called "Four On The Floor" which is about the dance beat. They do show a clip of Love To Love You, but most of the commentary about the disco era comes from Nile Rodgers and Barry Gibb. (And they had some interesting things to say about the making of the music.) Now here in NY, the show airs on Channel 13 weeknights at 10 until November 23 with previously aired episodes available for a short time on the PBS website. Other areas should check their local listings because as you know PBS does different things in different areas at different times.  And I do recommend checking out the non-Donna stuff too. There is a lot of interesting stuff.

[NOV 20] Billboard posted a list of women with the most Hot 100 top 10s. Yes, Donna was on the list.  :-)

[NOV 20] Moving on to Johnnyswim,  CBS Philly posted a new interview in honor of the duo's recent concert in Philadelphia. This one  is mainly about Amanda being encouraged to find her own musical voice by her mom.

[NOV 20] US fans - don't forget that you can see Johnnyswim playing at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday. Make sure you tune in for that. :-)

[NOV 20] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Since the US based fans are getting ready to gorge themselves on Thanksgiving feasts this week, I think maybe we need some tunes to help burn off all those calories! LOL  So let's start with Hot Stuff from the 1980 TV Special. (Work that leopard print dress!) Then we have Romeo from the Hot Summer Night Special,  Bad Girls from Queen Latifah, I Feel Love live (with the robot dance),  Last Dance from TGIF, and Could It Be Magic live with Barry Manilow (sorry for the preceding commercials).

[NOV 13] Greetings all!  This is just a quick update because I've been out all weekend exercising my inner geek and I got home later today than usual. (I was at a Doctor Who convention - don't laugh! I speak many varieties of geek. :-) And I speak them proudly!)

[NOV 13]  First up, some sad news. Songwriter/musician Leon Russell has passed away.  If you are wondering about the Donna connection - well, a lot of you are familiar with A Song For You. Donna used to perform it a lot back in the day. Well that song was written by Leon Russell. He also wrote the Carpenters' hit Superstar which as you know, Donna covered so well in her final tour.

[NOV 13] As many of you know, Larry Flick is a long time Donna fan/friend and had a radio show on SiriusXM.  He did a segment on his show awhile ago that was a fond remembrance of Donna. The whole segment is available on Soundcloud and it's worth a listen.

[NOV 13] Johnnyswim fans - there are 2 more behind the scenes videos on Facebook. They are for Georgica Pond (the title track of the album)and Lonely Night In Georgia. Also, check out this review of their recent show in Nashville.

[NOV 13] That brings us to YouTube.  In honor of Leon Russell, let's play a couple of videos of Donna singing his songs.  First up is A Song For You from 1979. Then we have This Masquerade from 1977 and of course her wonderful cover of Superstar from 2010. And finally an unreleased track that I think that I'm hoping might cheer up some people and remind them to NEVER give up. It's called Begin Again and it's from Ordinary Girl. (And if you've never heard it before - give it time to get to the uptempo part. The slow intro is pretty long.) And another unreleased track that I hope can provide some inspiration in this world we are facing.

[NOV 6] Happy Sunday all! First of all - to my American friends, don't forget (as if you could!  LOL) that Tuesday is election day so get your butt out there and vote. (Sadly, neither Presidential candidate has added "release Donna's vault" to their platforms.  ;-) )

[NOV 6] Ok so it's a new month and you all know what that means - it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick. This month we celebrate I'm A Rainbow.

[NOV 6] Don't forget that the Ultimate Collection is coming out i n just a couple of weeks. The release date is November 18 in the UK, while Amazon US shows it available as an import on November 25.

[NOV 6] Johnnyswim fans - check out their Behind The Scenes videos on Facebook for Summertime Romance and Touching  Heaven. Also, look for Johnnyswim at this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Woot!)

[NOV 6] There is also a nice article online about Georgica Pond with particular mentions of Johnnyswim's friends at the TV show Fixer Upper.

[NOV 6] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's try a collection of mid-80s clips starting with Livin' In America from the 1985 Presidential Inauguration of Ronald Reagan. Then we have She Works Hard For The Money, a clip of Dim All The Lights and Unconditional Love  live from Disney (love her top!  LOL), a clip of Forgive Me, I'm Free from Soul Train, and Papa Can You Hear Me from the 1984 Oscars.






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[DEC 4]

"My career is what I do for a living. My family and my friends and the people that I love -- they are my life."

- Donna Summer, Genre, August, 1999

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