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Last update: November 25, 2015

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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

[NOV 25] Breaking Donna news! The official store has a special sale on the CD Box set from now until November 30 only. AND for this sale, they will ship to  the USA and Canada.  Go grab a copy!

[NOV 22] Greetings all! I changed to my Christmas theme a little earlier than I planned since I was finding the last theme a little difficult to read.  This should be better for all of us.

[NOV 22] Mary Bernard fans - guess what? She's got a new interview out and it is (currently) exclusive to this site.  Check it out right here. And guys, please feel free to share it where ever you think it's appropriate.

[NOV 22] Also, Mary is doing a fundraiser with Indiegogo.  I know some of you are wondering what that's about. Well, Mary really wants the New Year's Eve show to be the first of many. She definitely wants to do one every December 31, but she also wants to take it out on the road in between so that more people can get a chance to see the show. Now taking show on the road costs money. The money she is trying to raise will be used to create a sort of template for a road show. She needs to get the music professionally arranged so that they have something that local musicians can work with. They need sets, lighting, sound, and even the most basic setup costs money and everything that is raised will go towards making the show mobile.  :-) If you would like to donate, just go to Indiegogo. And please feel free to share the link anywhere you feel there will be interest.  And I would also like to say that Mary is EXTREMELY appreciative of all your support. The word she uses most is "blessed."  She feels very blessed to have the love and support of the Donna community. (Of course she does - you guys are awesome!)

[NOV 22] Bruce Sudano fans - he has a new interview on It's a very interesting read and the interview was conducted shortly before Bruce started his European tour.

[NOV 22] Johnnyswim fans: The duo are hitting the road for their Christmas tour. Now here is the even cooler thing - they want to go caroling along the way. So if you hit them up on social media ( @Johnnyswim on Facebook or Twitter) and tell them why they should stop at your place, you may get a shot of them coming to your place. Use the hashtag #singatmyplace. And if yo check out t heir Facebook page, there are videos of  the Christmas tour rehearsals.

[NOV 22] Ok all you chart fans. There is a blog out there with a whole bunch of chart info for Donna from a number of different countries. You can find it right here.

[NOV 22] That brings us to YouTube. Let's see, to night is the American Music Awards, so let's check out Donna on some awards shows. We have Hot Stuff from the AMAs, a tribute to Stevie Wonder on the AMAs, She Works Hard For The Money from the Grammys, a medley of songs with Kenny Rogers from the Grammys,  Last Dance from the Oscars,  and Papa Can You Hear Me from the Oscars.

[NOV 22] Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Yes everyone, I'm sharing the holiday with the world - tell all your bosses you are taking the day off.  ;-) )

[NOV 16] Greetings all. Before I get to the news, I'd just like to give my condolences to the city of Paris. Stay strong, and know that you have the support of civilized people everywhere.

[NOV 16] Let's see, where should I start? Maybe the vault is a good place? (THAT got your attention!  LOL)  There is a magazine called Classic Rock Italia and in the November issue there is an interview with Giorgio Moroder by Andrea Bufalini. Now the magazine is in Italian. But I was given a translation for a VERY interesting part of the interview:

AB: Musically speaking, you've always been "in the future." What are your future plans?

GM: I'm thinking about a big Las Vegas style musical about Disco. And then in my vaults I have a beautiful unreleased track sung by Donna that I particularly care for. It's called "Africa." It was meant for the South Africa Football World Championship back in 2010. For some reason it was not released, but now Universal would like to include it as an exclusive bonus track in a Donna anthology scheduled for 2016 which should list some of her less popular songs, like "Domino" for example, one of my favorite Donna pre-Love To Love You Baby songs.

OK - go read that again. Apparently Uni is putting out an anthology next year with some lesser-known songs AND they want to include this unreleased track called Africa.  Should we start dancing now?  :-)

[NOV 16] Moving on... Billboard ranked their top 100 Artists of All Time and Donna came in at #29. Then if you peek at the Top 100 Singles - you can find Hot Stuff at #84.  :-)

[NOV 16] In Mary news, she did a radio interview last week to promote her upcoming concert. I got most of it up on Soundcloud. Give it a listen when you get a chance. (And stay tuned because we're working on something for the site.  :-)  )

[NOV 16] Bruce Sudano fans - he is still on tour in Europe. (The Paris show was cancelled for obvious reasons, but you can still catch him in Germany and The Netherlands.) There is also a new interview with Bruce posted on

[NOV 16] Johnnyswim fans - you may have heard their music on The Voice last week. Team Adam performed Diamonds (love that song!) Johnnyswim posted a little clip on Instagram. And don't forget they will be performing all over the US throughout December and January, so catch them if you can.

[NOV 16] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up, a couple of clips everyone has been playing this weekend, To Paris With Love and Let There Be Peace. Then we have Take Heart, a live clip of Smile, and a live clip of Amazing Grace. And finally for something on the lighter side a fan video featuring Donna and her sisters  to promote Mary's upcoming Once Upon A Time concert.

[NOV 8] Happy Sunday all!  Let's start off with a Billboard chart rewind.  Look at what artist debuted on the album charts 40 years ago. (40? Really? Damn I feel old.  LOL)

[NOV 8] Mary Bernard fans - she will be doing a radio interview on WBZT 1230 AM Radio TOMORROW November 9 from 8 to 10 AM (Eastern time). You can listen in online at And don't forget, tickets are on sale for her New Year's Eve tribute concert.

[NOV 8] Bruce Sudano fans, he is still on tour in Europe. And, he's got a new interview out on

[NOV 8] Johnnyswim fans - the duo is still on tour, which lead to this short but puzzled article. (The press always gets hung up on the band name.  LOL)

[NOV 8] Taihisha fans - there is an article about her in The Soul Survivors issue 61 (November 15 to January 16).  The link is here, but it may not work right now because the site is doing some updates.

[NOV 8] I think that brings us to YouTube. This week, let's check out  some of the more obscure tracks. First up is a fan video for Freedom, an audio clip for Adonai, Donna singing a bit of La Dolce Vida on a plane, Donna and Bruce singing Worth The Wait, a fan video for the Donna part of the Paul Jabara/ Donna duet of Something's Missing, and a fan video for Ordinary Miracle.

[NOV 1] Happy November all! Where the heck has the year gone? First up is the new Summer Fever Pick which is Live & More Encore.

[NOV 1] There isn't much going on this week. Bruce is still touring Europe so if you are out that way, try to catch him while you can.

[NOV 1] In Johnnyswim news, the pair is still touring, with new dates being added periodically. Also, Amanda did an interview for the True Motherhood blog about home birthing. The article includes a couple of cute pictures too.

[NOV 1] Mary Gaines Bernard fans - you know what I'm going to say. You need to catch her in concert on December 31. There are still plenty of good seats available, BUT they will be open to the general public this week, so they will go fast. Also, if you do Facebook, go visit Mary over there. She's been posting photos, and generally interacting with people over there. She was even asking for song suggestions the other day.

[NOV 1] I think that brings us to YouTube. I think in honor of Live & More Encore, we will find some "unplucked" songs. :-)  So first up is Donna and Bruce doing On The Radio on Regis & KathieLee.  Then there is the audio for So This Is Lonely (also Donna and Bruce), Sand On My Feet (with her band), I Don't Wanna Work That Hard (LME rehearsal), Anyway At All (acoustic with Bruce) fan video, and Bad Girls (acoustic with Bruce) audio.

[OCT 25] Happy Sunday all! There are still tickets available for Mary (The Real Diva TM) Gaines Bernard's concert in Florida for Donna's birthday.  They will be opened up to the general public soon, so if you want to go (and get the best seats) order as soon as you can! And if you somehow missed Mary's letter to the fans - just scroll down a bit to see it.  :-)

[OCT 25]  Bruce Sudano is still on tour in Europe. UK - he is headed your way this week, so grab some tickets!

[OCT 25] Johnnyswim fans - they have added more dates to their tour.  They will be out and about through most of December and January. Check the tour list for a place near you.

[OCT 25] Vienna Dohler fans - I told you last week she has a new single out called What Are You Waiting For.  Well guess what? It's now on iTunes and Amazon.  That should make it very easy for everyone to go grab a copy.  (And am I the only one in shock that Donna has a grandchild old enough to have a single out? Who authorized kids to grow up anyway?  :-) )

[OCT 25] I think that brings us to YouTube.  It occurred to me that there might be some newer fans out there who don't know why I keep calling Mary "The Real Diva (TM)".  This clip will explain it all.  :-) Now as for Donna clips? Oh let's put Donna on Broadway this week. So we start with Don't Cry For Me Argentina,  then there is Don't Rain On My Parade,  a fan mashup of Sting and Donna on Someone To Watch Over Me,  an audio file of Send In The Clowns, a short clip of Der Wasserman, and finally, The Impossible Dream.

[OCT 21] And now as promised, the letter from Mary to the fans.  :-) It is the original full sized image, so click it to read it.  (It was kind of bid to post as anything but a thumbnail here.)

Letter from Mary

And for my friends who can't read the text off the graphic, here is what it says:

A Message From Mary Gaines Bernard

To my many friends known and unknown it's been awhile since you heard from me, so I would like to share my journey with you.

Life without my sister has been a huge transition. I miss her more than words can express. She was not just Donna; she was my big sister, my confidant, my road buddy, and my best friend. The last couple of years have been a difficult transition for my family, myself and I'm certain for many of you. AT first, it was very painful to even hear her music playing. It seemed to be playing everywhere and for a time the whole world was mourning. I could not listen to the music because of the sadness that it brought to my heart, knowing she was no longer on the planet.

Early one morning, I heard Donna's voice whisper to me, "Mary, you don't have to miss me. Remember me through the music. I'm with you and I come to life in the music. In the music, you'll always remember the good times we had and all the incredible places we've been! In the music, you will remember the amazing people we've met from all around the world. In the music, you will remember the wonderful times that we shared with our fans and friends, doing what we loved, singing, performing, laughing, and making wonderful memories. We will always be a part of one another. We are part of a great family and our fans are also part of this family."

Because you have always been there for us, you are the first to be invited to my "Donna Summer Birthday Celebration" on December 31, 2015. It will be a musical journey into the life and music of my sister Donna. You can dance if you want to dance, sing if you want to sing, you can dress in a tuxedo, wear your blue jeans or your best disco dress and maybe even sporting an Afro wig. So unbutton that collar and put on your dancing shoes because we'll be singing all of your favorite songs right into the New Year.

Come join us as we make some new memories together!

Buy Tix

[OCT 20]  Well, to quote a certain diva from her 1999 Live & More Encore performance, "ARE YOU READY???"  :-)  

Presenting - Donna Summer: A Musical Journey as performed by the one and only Mary Gaines Bernard.  This is the concert I mentioned a couple of days ago. It takes place at the Delray Beach Center For The Arts Crest Theater (51 N Swinton Ave)  in Delray Beach FL. (That's near Boca Raton.) The night is December 31 and Tickets are $250 for VIP seating (champagne, meet & greet, private reception), $200 for premium seating and $100 for regular seating. (Not bad for New Year's Eve - I was really afraid they might be higher!)  Now here's the thing.  Mary  wants fans to have the first crack at tickets. So until November 1, this event will only be promoted in Donna fan circles.  Once November hits, then the general public gets their shot at tickets and they will go FAST. (Remember it's New Year's Eve - people want to be out having fun and this will certainly qualify!)  If you want tickets, grab them NOW by either hitting this link, or by calling the box office at 561-243-7922 x1.  Please remember that seating is limited, so when I say act fast, I mean it. (How many of you missed on on Johnnyswim shows because you didn't heed the warnings about tickets selling out fast?  Don't make the same mistake!  LOL) 

Now, I have a really nice letter from Mary to all of you. It looks really pretty (see below), but unfortunately due to technical difficulties, the copy I got is unreadable.  I will be getting a better copy  probably tomorrow and I will post it as soon as I have it.  But I wanted the ticket info up now so that you have as much time as possible before the tickets open up to the general public.  Also, Mary is back on Facebook and some of you may even recognize the photos she used. (They came from some of you.)  If you are a Facebooker - give her a like and a follow.   :-)

Buy Tix

The Real Diva (TM) The letter

[OCT 18] Greetings all! I'm still waiting for the details on Mary's upcoming tribute concert. I can tell you already that it will be New Year's Eve at a small theater in Florida, and we are hoping to be able to open the tickets up to fans first and then the general public. I will post an update as soon as I have the info.

[OCT 18] Johnnyswim fans - there is a book of poetry by Propaganda called I Am Becoming.  Along with the poems are some responses by other people, and Amanda was one of the people who got to write a response.

[OCT 18] Vienna Dohler fans - she has an official single with an official music video to go with it. The song is What Are You Waiting For and it put Vienna on ReverbNation's first Watchlist, AND this for Vienna a mention in Billboard.  Things are starting to happen for this young lady!  :-)

[OCT 18] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Ummm... let's pick some stuff from the UK this week.  So we have a 1987 TV AM interview,  a 1989 TV AM interview,  a 1983 TV Breakfast interview, Work That Magic from a 1991 UK TV appearance, a 1991 TV AM interview,  and the very popular Jools Holland segment where Donna sings Let It Be.

[OCT 16] Hi guys - I know it's not time for the weekly update yet, but I have a request. Mary Ellen Gaines Bernard (aka The Real Diva™  LOL) is planning a concert in Florida  on December 31 to honor Donna's legacy. Details on that will be coming very soon, but in the mean time she is looking for whatever pictures you guys may have of Mary either on stage with Donna or backstage at meet and greets or whatever.  If you have any you would like to share, you can send them directly to Mary at  (and yes she told me I can give that address out)  or if you are shy, you can send them to me to forward.  (But I promise - Mary doesn't bite.  LOL)  Thanks in advance for your help, and I will be back on Sunday with the update - or sooner if I get the concert details tomorrow.  :-)

[OCT 12] Happy Monday everyone! So this week Donna became an interplanetary diva - thanks to the magic of Hollywood.  LOL In the new movie, The Martian, Matt Damon dances to Hot Stuff while stranded on Mars.  That scene made the top of  The Washington Post's list of the top musical moments from the movie.  (Actually that same list has been posted on other sites as well.) You can read more about the movie soundtrack at as well.

[OCT 12] Bruce Sudano fans,  check out the SoulTracks review of The Burbank Sessions.  And Europe - don't forget that Bruce is headed out your way for a series of shows that start next week!

[OCT 12] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Since I work in  retail (and see how the holidays get rushed) and since I feel a little evil today  ;-) I think this week's theme will be Christmas. Now this list will only have its true impact if you play the clips while surrounded by Halloween and/or Fall decorations.  LOL So let's start with the 1984 Bandstand Christmas medley The Christmas Song from Good Morning America,  O Holy Night from Solid Gold,  Donna and a whole bunch of people on We Wish You A Merry Christmas from Solid Gold, a fan video for White Christmas, and finally because I know you ALL are saying this, a clip of Enough Is Enough!  :-)  And on a side note, I had the opportunity this week to look through some of my personal memorabilia. I was looking for something in particular, but as I was looking I ran into photos and ticket stubs, etc from shows I'd been to and it brought back a lot of happy memories. And I just want to say that sometime when you have a free afternoon or evening - take a look at your personal memories.  No one can live in the past - but it's a nice place to visit once in awhile.   :-)

[OCT 4] Greetings all - it's a new month so that means it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick. This month we have a case of Mistaken Identity.  :-)

[OCT 4] On to the news. The Boston Globe posted a video remembering Donna Summer. It's short but nice.  :-)

[OCT 4] There is another Donna site out there. It's called Online With Donna Summer. Check it out when you have a chance.

[OCT 4] has a poll to decide which pop icon people miss most. As of this minute , Donna is at #10.

[OCT 4] Bruce Sudano fans - check out this interview from Artist Of The World. And European fans - don't forget Bruce is heading your way later this month with dates in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, France, and Germany.

[OCT 4] That brings us to YouTube. Let's go with another random assortment of clips. We have the Fresh Aire interview with Donna (set to a slideshow),  a video montage played at a concert Donna did for WKTU, the Thanksgiving Day 2003 episode of Hollywood Squares (with Donna as one of the squares),  Donna and Wayne Brady doing Last Dance,  Live & More Encore rehearsal footage of I Don't Wanna Work That Hard,  and rehearsal footage of Enough Is Enough with Tina Arena,  and Extra's interview footage of Donna promoting her book,  Ordinary Girl.






Quote Of The Week:

[NOV 22]

"What I’m most proud of is that I’m still here and that there are groups of people that still like my music and still want to hear it and are still interested enough to listen and hear something new that I’m bringing out. I can’t take pride in that so much as I feel blessed by God to still be here and make a living out of what I love."

-Donna Summer, August 18, 2010

Summer Fever Pick
November 2015:

Summer Fever Pick

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Ken's Korner

[AUG 10 2014]

On The Boardwalk in Atlantic City, with Donna (part 1).

As many of you are aware the casino industry in Atlantic City has been hit hard by competition from nearby states that have allowed casinos to open, and an over saturation of casino gaming in general.  There are other factors involved with Atlantic City as well, BUT for many of us die-hard Donna fans we will always have a soft spot for Atlantic City. 

The Resorts International Years:

From the fist year that casino gaming started in Atlantic City (1978), Donna was a featured headliner, and there were not many years when Donna did not appear for at least one engagement.  From 1978 to 1986 the Superstar Theater at Resorts International was Donna’s home in AC.   Before the newer casinos built larger showrooms the “Superstar” was the biggest showroom in AC, and in particular for music fans it had a reserved table policy. If you snagged tickets for Donna at Reports early enough you could score a seat at table A-6 (remember that Quay!).  Back then many of Donna’s gigs ran for a full week at a time, including a 10 day marathon run during June of 1983.  Donna’s tenure at Resorts included her crazed years of 1978 and 1979, but her engagements in 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1986 remained wildly popular.

During this time span I lived in Brick, N.J., about 75 minutes north of Atlantic City, and I attended as many of Donna’s shows at Resorts as I could.  There are many precious memories from these shows, some of which include;

June of 1986, Donna’s final gig at Resorts (with Louise DuArt opening the show), these shows featured incredible versions of America The Beautiful, and the original song, Silver Girl. 

October of 1985, these shows featured the debut of the “overture” that we came to know and love.  During a performance that I attended we gave Donna a standing ovation after she sang her hits medley, and she was so moved by the gesture that she stopped the show to thank everyone several times. 

September of 1984, fans were treated to rare live versions of I’m A Rainbow, Romeo, Love Has a Mind of It’s Own, There Goes My Baby, and an extended hits medley. This medley would continue to be used during the 1985 and 1986 “mini” tours.    

June 1983, this was the marathon 10 day gig I always talk about. I saw (3) shows during this engagement, and the closing night show, 11:30 p.m. on a Sunday night was priceless. Donna had many of her family and friends in attendance, and many jokes were peppered throughout the show. During Last Dance, Mimi came out wearing one of her Mom’s gowns , and Donna nearly cracked up with laughter during the bridge of the song.    

The encore of State of Independence complete with her entourage joining her on stage remains a favorite to this day.

August 1981, this was my first time seeing Donna at Resorts and the shows sold out quickly, as most of her 1980 tour was cancelled.  I saw 2 of these shows, and got to see her perform (3) songs from The Wanderer, Cold Love, The Wanderer, and I Believe in Jesus.  These shows also featured Love To Love You Baby (the last until 2004, not counting it’s brief inclusion during the “99 tour), and Sunset People. This tour was her last with the Summer Night’s Band. 

After June of 1986 Donna’s relationship with Atlantic City continued, and for that matter it continued right up to her final tour in 2010.   More on that in the next Ken’s Korner.

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