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Last update: August 20, 2016

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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

[AUG 20] Happy weekend everyone! First up: the mix that everybody has been talking about lately. It's the DJ Meme version of MacArthur Park. 10 minutes of green cake melting goodness - with a few extra ingredients tossed in as well.

[AUG 20] Pete Bellotte fans - Radio London did a rare interview with him that you can hear on YouTube.  They talk about Donna, Casablanca, and other things.

[AUG 20] Johnnyswim fans - the new album Georgica Pond will be available for pre-order starting in a week so keep an eye on your favorite music vendors. When you pre-order, you get an instant download of Let It Matter just to keep you going until the whole album is on your hands.  ;-) And of course, Summertime Romance is currently available for purchase. And don't forget that the duo is perpetually on tour (I seriously don't know if they remember what their house looks like.  LOL) Check out the current list of dates here.

[AUG 20] Bruce Sudano fans - don't forget he's got a bunch of dates coming up in Califorina in a c ouple of weeks. Check out the list here.

[AUG 20] That brings us to YouTube. Since we're all enjoying the DJ Meme mix of MacArthur Park, let's have a remix party. We'll start with the famous Patrick Cowley mix of I Feel Love, then I Feel Love vs Giorgio's Chase, State Of Independence New Millennium Mix, I Will Go With You Groovy G Mix, Be Myself Again Klyk Mix, and Love Is The Healer Thunderdub.

[AUG 13] Happy Saturday al! Some of you may remember that there was talk awhile back of a Dan Fogelberg tribute album that Donna had contributed to before her passing. Well, someone has been in touch with Dan Fogelberg's  estate and the album is finally finished. They hope to have it out in a few more months and it will include Donna's cover of Nether Lands.  If you aren't familiar with the song, here is Dan's original, and here are the lyrics. The word is Donna did her recording in 2011.

[AUG 13] Barbra Streisand is on tour and it seems she is doing Enough Is Enough in her set. Photos have turned up with Barbra on stage with a huge photo behind her of her and Donna. (You know the photo - the back to back divas pose they used on the single sleeve.) It looks like she's got someone up on stage with her to sing the Donna part.

[AUG 13] In the land of covers, Giabiconi has recorded Love To Love You Baby. It's so strange to me to hear a guy singing it!

[AUG 13] Vienna Dohler fans - she's posted a piece new song on Instagram. It's just piano and vocals - but, what vocals!  (On a side note, I still don't understand how Donna's GRANDdaughter can be practically a grown woman now!  It makes me feel old!  LOL)

[AUG 13] That brings us to YouTube. Let's do some really early stuff for a change. We have a clip of Black Power from the German show 11 Uhr 20. Then we have Flesh Failures from Haare (you have to wait almost 2 and a half minutes to see Donna), then there is the fan video for Can't Understand (by Donna Gaines!), a slideshow set to O segne Gott mein Seel from Godspell, an old commercial for Africola, a slideshow for How I Feel (from The Me Nobody Knows), an audio clip for Sally Go Round The Roses, an audio clip for Denver Dream,  and finally an audio clip for Virgin Mary.

[AUG 6] Happy Saturday everyone!  First up is the new Summer Fever Pick for August. This time it's Live & More - the first Donna album I ever got.  :-)

[AUG 6] So as many of you know, there was a workshop for a show being called (for now) The Donna Summer Project.  Well a few behind the scenes glimpses have appeared on Twitter. Start with #donnasummerworkshop and then click on the people who have posted with that hashtag for a few more things.

[AUG 6] That brings us to YouTube - yes, already!  It's  very quiet week. I think in honor of the Olympics, we should pick some fitting songs. So let's start with what should have been a sports' anthem, Stamp Your Feet. Then we have a n audio clip of One Of A Kind (because I remember hearing it on a sports broadcast once),  an incomplete live clip of Summer Fever (for the summer games), a live clip of Don't Rain On My Parade (because it's hard to play in the rain), a fan video for Driving Down Brazil (because they are playing in Rio), Smile (for the athletes who don't perform as well as they hoped),  and finally Hot Stuff (because did you see that flag bearer from Tonga at the opening ceremonies? Wow!)

[JUL 30] Happy Saturday everyone!  Let's start of with some Johnnyswim news. Their new song Summertime Romance is out now and available on most of your favorite music services (both streaming services like Spotify and for purchase sites like Amazon and iTunes.) Links for all services are here. The duo have also announced a whole bunch of tour dates which you can see on their website.

[JUL 30] Bruce Sudano fans - if you are in California, you will be very happy because he's announced several dates for September there in Pasadena, San Juan Capistrano, Ojai, Santa Crus and Solana Beach. Details are here.  There is also a short article about The Burbank Sessions on

[JUL 30] I think that brings us to YouTube. We haven't done interviews for awhile, so let's go with a collection of those. We have the "lost" 1978 interview, a 1978 Bandstand interview, a 1975/6ish Mike Douglas Show interview, a mid 80s ET Interview (her first with ET), a 1983 UK Breakfast TV interview, a 1989/90 interview in support of Another Place And Time, and a very silly mid 80s interview with Alan Thicke.

[JUL 24] Happy Sunday all! Well, this week it's condolences to the people of Germany who have suffered terrorist attacks this week. Seriously - can you terrorists/random nuts with guns/etc just give it a rest already?!

[JUL 24] The CBSLocal website gave Donna a shout out on their July 11 this day in music history article. They chose Bad Girls to represent the 70s.

[JUL 24] I know many of you know that a couple of Donna's songs were used in the Broadway musical, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert. I never saw it on Broadway, but I caught a local production last night, and I have to say the biggest laugh of the night for me came with MacArthur Park. They us a slow version of the song for a scene where 2 characters discover they are falling for each other as they get to know each other under the stars over some champagne and cake. (You know where this is going now, right?  LOL) They fall asleep and in the morning are discovered by a third character. He spots the cake and announces (basically to the audience) that "I've been waiting my whole life for this!" And he launched right into the lines "someone left the cake out in the rain...." and it goes into the uptempo version of the song with him  accompanied by a bunch of drag queens dressed as green cakes and holding umbrellas. I'm not exactly sure what happened right after that because I was still laughing!  LOL If you ever get a chance to see the musical, do it. You won't be disappointed.

[JUL 24] Brooklyn area fans - there is an event coming to your area on September 9 and 10 called I Feel Love. It is described as "a groundbreaking immersive music experience." They promise to grant attendees "access into a world reflective of the sights and sounds of the disco era with classic music re-envisioned and reimagined by today's top artists." More to the point - Giorgio Moroder will be performing both nights.  :-) The press release is posted here, and tickets are for sale here.

[JUL 24] Bruce Sudano fans - check out his new interview on where he talks about a few things such as Donna, and his recording process.

[JUL 24] Johnnyswim fans -  You really need to be following the pair on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Today they had a phone number to call for advance info on tour dates and tickets. (Plus they almost always have cute pics of their baby.  :-) ) And tune into their YouTube channel this week because at some point tomorrow they plan to post a new song.

[JUL 24] I think that brings us to YouTube.  This week we have a random collection of clips I have saved here and there.  First up is Emerson's amazing megamix. (That one is over a half hour of mix goodness so save it for  some time when you can spend that much time dancing.) Then we have Tony Moran's mix of Valley Of The Moon, a 70s appearance on The David Soul & Friends Special, the opening to a 2007 concert at Universal Studios, and finally a 2003 interview in support of the Ordinary Girl book.

[JUL 17] Greetings all and Happy Sunday. Well this has been quite an awful week. First of all, let me extend my deepest condolences to the people of Nice, France where some lunatic drove a big truck into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day and then started shooting them up. 84 people were killed and who knows how many were injured. Then an attempted coup in Turkey left 290 people dead. That's 290 families missing someone they love. Seriously, just what is this world coming to? I wish I knew a way to just make the violence stop.

[JUL 17] Then in other sad news, long time Donna fanatic and DJ from Mexico's  Looking Back radio program passed away earlier this week after a long battle with cancer. He was a really nice guy and I know quite a few of you knew him from the various Donna groups online.  He will definitely be missed! His obituary is posted here for those who wish to see it. (It is in Spanish, so if that's not your language, you may want to hit up Google Translate or just find a cute interpreter.)

[JUL 17] On to happier news, Johnnyswim has announced that they will be playing 7 dates with the BELONG Tour. The dates are posted along with a nice article on the BELONG Tour website. And yes, there is yet ANOTHER story about how Johnnyswim got their name!  LOL

[JUL 17] Bruce Sudano fans - he's just announced 2 new concert dates. The first is September 8 at Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA with the Zombies, and the other is September 24 at BarN in Williamstown, MA. He's the headliner on that second date. Look for more shows to be announced soon.

[JUL 17] I think that brings us to YouTube. In light of recent events, I think we could all use a little more love in the world. So let's start off with Love Is The Healer, then we have Love Is In Control, Unconditional Love, and State Of Independence. Then we have Let There Be Peace, and Donna's go to songs for times of trouble - Amazing Grace and Smile.

[JUL 9] Happy Saturday everyone! It's a quiet week, but we have some big Johnnyswim news. Their next album,  will be called Georgica Pond and it will be out September 30. You can read about it here (and see the tracklist!) You can also hear a little preview featuring the track Summertime Romance on YouTube. And here's a little trivia for you - Georgica Pond is the name of a place near East Hampton here on Long Island where I very strongly suspect Donna and her family spent some time. I've never been there, but I imagine it's very pretty. Most of the east end is.

[JUL 9] That brings us to YouTube - yes, already. I told you it was a quiet week!  Last week I went kind of USA heavy on the clips since it was Independence Day, so this week I will try for a more international feel. First up a slideshow set to Tokyo. Then we have To Paris With Love, Don't Cry For Me Argentina, a short live clip of Driving Down Brazil Bring Down The Reign (about Darfur) set to a slideshow, and an audio clip of Another Place And Time to cover all the places I didn't find a video for.  ;-)

[JUL 3] Greetings all! Happy Independence Day to my American friends, Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends and happy Sunday to everyone else!  It's a new month, so that means a new Summer Fever Pick. This month rumor has it that we are going on a fairy tale high with Once Upon A Time.  :-)

[JUL 3] You guys will both love and hate this. There is a new version of Sometimes Like Butterflies posted on Reservoir Media. That's the part most of you will love. (Go listen - it's nothing like the version we already know and love!) The part you will hate is this - there is no buy link for it at this time. So it's just a big tease at the moment.

[JUL 3] In the Donna is everywhere category (or at least her music is) - Last Dance is featured heavily at the end of the new Absolutely Fabulous movie. (Hello - another reason to go see it! I love the AbFab team!) The movie is already out in the UK and comes to the US on July 22.

[JUL 3] Giorgio Moroder fans - according to Billboard, he is back on Casablanca and hopes to release some new stuff this summer. You can read the article here.

[JUL 3] And I think that brings us to YouTube. So let's pick some songs appropriate for the weekend. We have Livin' In America, God Bless America, The Star Spangled Banner, State Of Independence, I'm Free, Freedom, and Happy Birthday (to the Canada and the USA).

[JUN 26] Happy Sunday all! And Happy Pride to all of you who had your parades this weekend. I don't know about everywhere else, but it was a gorgeous day for a parade today. In fact it was perfect weather for a few (okay, A LOT of) Summer tunes.  ;-)

[JUN 26] Speaking of tunes, has an article on I'm A Rainbow, calling it the best album ever rejected by a major label.

[JUN 26] A video from the Donna Summer Memorial Roller Disco Party has turned up. This one has Mimi phoning into the event with a message for the fans. Then there is another much longer clip showing people dancing and singing along to the music. (Seriously, Donna would have loved that!) You can also see O'Mega Red perform Angel with his sister Taihisha, and then the whole family took the stage to sing along with State Of Independence.  :-)

[JUN 26] I mentioned last week that many of you probably have vouchers for free tickets in your Ticketmaster account. Well, they have finally posted a list of events you can use them on. (Don't forget to click change location so you can see events close to you.) Check that page periodically as new events will be added (and old ones will go away).

[JUN 26] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up we have a live clip of Sand On My Feet. Then we have an audio clip of Whispering Waves, a live video of Hot Stuff from the 1980 TV special that's been edited a bit, WEN!NG's mix of Summer Fever, Bad Girls from The Tonight Show, an audio clip of Driving Down Brazil, and Stor Dubine's video for I Got Your Love.

[JUN 19] Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

[JUN 19] Let's start off with something that's not Donna related but that affects many of you who have attended concerts over the years. If you bought tickets through Ticketmaster any time between October 21, 1999 and February 27, 2013, well you may have a voucher for some free tickets waiting in your Ticketmaster account. Apparently a class action suit was recently settled and this is the result.  Now so far they aren't saying which shows you can use your vouchers for, but since the  vouchers are good until 2020, we have plenty of time for them to decide.  There is more info here, but I recommend that you all check your Ticketmaster accounts and see what's waiting for you.

[JUN 19] Boston held the 3rd annual Donna Summer Roller Disco Party the other night. I saw a couple of videos on Facebook and it looks like the place was PACKED! It also looked like people were having a blast.  :-) (Well, how could they not have fun with all those Donna tunes playing?) They also included a moment of silence for the victims of the Orlando Pulse tragedy. I thought that was a nice touch. I expect in the coming days there will be photos and videos off Facebook that I can share.

[JUN 19] Paste Magazine has compiles a list of 10 disco records for people who don't like disco. Bad Girls made the list - along with Giorgio Moroder's From Here To Eternity.

[JUN 19] According to a recent article on, Thalia is working on the Donna Summer Project musical.

[JUN 19] I think that brings us to YouTube. In honor of the Tonys last weekend - let's check out Donna and some showtunes.  First up we have Donna with the cast of Haare in Germany with Flesh Failures. And then a 2009 performance of Der Wasserman in Berlin. Then we have a cover of Don't Rain On My Parade, a cover of The Impossible Dream, and a cover of Send In The Clowns. Then there is My Life, and I Will Live For Love, both from musicals Donna was working on. And then finally, this last one isn't from a Broadway musical, but it is from a movie musical and it's very fitting for Father's Day.






Quote Of The Week:

[AUG 20]

"It is a different time. I am older. The crowd is probably older, some of them. But I think it has a different vibe. It is almost emotional now for me and the audience. I think that now a lot of the songs are mixed with memories of their youth and are poignant and even sad, so when they come to the concert, the expression on people's faces is different."

- Donna Summer, Entertainment Tonight Online, August 30, 2005

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