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Last update: February 7, 2016

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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

{FEB 7] Happy Sunday every one!  Let's start off with a little Donna. There is apparently a new magazine out in spuermarkets called "The 70s". I haven't run into it yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was a special edition or one of the various weekly or monthly magazines. Anyway, Donna is on the cover (along with some other 70s icons) so it should be easy to spot. (You know I'll be looking next time I hit the supermarket!) Dona's part inside the magazine consists of a 2 page photo from the  Live & More album and a nice article about Donna's contributions to 70s music. And then of course the rest of the magazine is about all the other stuff going on in the 70s.

[FEB 7]  Bruce Sudano fans - check out his new song and video called Analyzing Stars.  It's just Bruce, his guitar and a very pretty song.

[FEB 7] Johnnyswim fans - check them out on There is a short article along with the video for Don't Let It Get You Down. And don't forget that their live album came out Friday. You can grab a download at places like, or get the CD/DVD at the Johnnyswim website.

[FEB 7]  I think that brings us to YouTube. It is Super Bowl Sunday here in the US, so let's go with a collection of sports themed clips - well, sort of sports themed.  LOL  First up we have the Star Spangled Banner from the 1999 All- Star baseball game,  God Bless America from the 2004 baseball World Series,  Stor Dubine's video for Stamp Your Feet (with Donna as a cheerleader/coach), and then there is an audio only clip of One Of A Kind which I remember hearing in the post game show of some sporting event once a long time ago. Let's see, there is also From A Distance from a 1996 Olympic CD called One Voice, and finally, Donna with a whole bunch of world class figure skaters for Art On Ice.

[JAN 31] Greetings all! Since tomorrow is the start of a new month, it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick. This month it's back to the beginning with Lady Of The Night.

[JAN 31] If you are in Mexico, check out Looking Back with Donna's Bad Girls album. Now this audio file is region restricted so it won't work for everyone. It's not playing for me here in the USA. The file was made in Mexico so it should play there, and everyone else can try your luck.  :-)

[JAN 31] Don't forget,, it's only 5 days until the new Johnnyswim live album (and DVD)  are released. Downloads of the album are available at places like, and the CD/DVD is available from the Johnnyswim website. And if you can - catch the pair on tour. New dates have been announced, including the makeup date for the Virginia concert that was cancelled due to snow. All dates are posted on the Johnnyswim website.

[JAN 31] I think that brings us to YouTube. Looking Back did Bad Girls, so why don't we? We have Hot Stuff from the Dinah Shore Show, Bad Girls live in 1979, a slideshow set to the long version of Walk Away, Dim All The Lights from 1995, a fan video for Journey To The Center Of Your Heart, a fan video for One Night In A Lifetime, Jendry -Wen!ng's Insomnia mix of Can't Get To Sleep At Night All Through The Night set to clips from the movie Casablanca, Our Love accompanied by the Soul Train dancers,   Glenn Rivera's restructured mix of Lucky, and finally Sunset People from the  1980 TV Special.

[JAN 24] Happy Sunday everyone. Let's start off with some Johnnyswim news. Their live album is due on February 5 and as a nice little tease for the album, Palladia ran a half hour of footage from the concert. It debuted last night but will be repeated Tuesday January 6 at 3PM, Thursday January 28 at 8:30 PM, Saturday January 20 at 12 PM, and Friday February 5 at 2 AM. (All times listed are Eastern.) Check the Palladia website to find out where to watch in your area. And if you don't get Palladia - well just be patient. Video from the concert will be available for sale too - both as an iTunes download, or as a DVD from the Johnnyswim website.

[JAN 24] Speaking of Johnnyswim live performances, they were scheduled to play at the January Jams series in Virginia. Thanks to the big  winter storm, that show was canceled. The promoters are  working to reschedule the performances and will contact ticketholders when they have more info. So if you had tickets to that show, just hold on to them and be patient. Or if you prefer, you can contact the box office for a refund.

[JAN 24] And one more Johnnyswim item - they have a new interview on to promote an upcoming show at Key West.

[JAN 24] Bruce Sudano fans, Bruce will be performing at this year's SXSW festival in Austin, TX. The festival takes place March 15 to 20, but the exact performance schedule has not been announced yet.

[JAN 24] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's  start with our friend Suecase Hall's video tribute in art to Donna and David Bowie. Then we have  a mix of Donna vs. David Bowie on Fame, which leads me to the clip I was looking for - David Bowie talking about I Feel Love. (Actually the clip is the full interview, but the link should bring you right to the start of his I Feel Love comments.) Then we have  the video for Work That Magic,  Donna singing Bad Girls on the Tonight Show, the video for Whenever There Is Love,  and of course, I Feel Love.

[JAN 18] Happy Monday everyone! Let's start off with a blast from the past - a 1978 article from the Washington Post.

[JAN 18] Bruce Sudano fans - his new single is One Beautiful Life (from The Burbank Sessions of course!) It's been sent out to radio, so keep  your ears open for it. And if you'd like to see Bruce perform the song, well, he's posted a live clip filmed on the beach in Mexico.

[JAN 18] Johnnyswim fans, as you know their live album drops February 5 (although you can pre-order it now). But did you also know that they are currently editing the video from that concert? The whole concert will be available as a video download on iTunes.   :-)

[JAN 18] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's do some duets this week. So first up is Donna with Seal, then we have Donna and the Brooklyn Dreams with a medley of Motown hits. (Although can it really be a duet if she's singing with 3 guys?  LOL) Then there is Donna with Tina Arena in the Live & More Encore rehearsal, Donna with Kenny Rogers with a medley of Grammy nominees, Donna with Bruce Roberts, Donna with Mary Bernard on Enough Is Enough, and of course my favorite - Donna with Barry Manilow. (Could they have had any more fun?  LOL)

[JAN 9] Happy Saturday everyone! I hope your New Year is off to a good start.  :-) Let's start off with Mary Bernard. She's got a new website set up with photos from her concert, a mailing list you can join (joining will get you a free copy of her song You Made It), AND.... a really great video of Mary's performance of  Friends Unknown along with a touching introduction.  You don't want to miss it! And if you are on Facebook, don't forget to look up Mary over there too.

[JAN 9]  Bruce Sudano fans - you can now stream his music on Spotify. And you can read a little bit about The Burbank Sessions on

[JAN 9] That brings us to YouTube (yes, already.)  Let's start off with Donna's version of Friends Unknown and see where YouTube takes us.  Next up is Donna on Divas 2000 with a little fan editing thrown in, and then behind the scenes at Divas 2000 part 1 and part 2. It's focused on Diana Ross, but it's a fun peek at the making of the show. Then we have the Divas 2000 rehearsal/interview  promo piece,  Donna on The View in 1999,  Donna on Regis and Kathie Lee 1994, and finally an interview with Donna's parents.

[JAN 3] Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all got the year off to the right start with a little Donna Summer.   :-) (And how did it get to be 2016 already?) I have posted the new Summer Fever Pick. This month we look back at one of my favorites, Crayons.  :-)

[JAN 3] So I know you are all wondering - how did Mary's concert go? And to that I saw, what concert? What are you talking about?  LOL  Only kidding.  I wasn't there but all the  comments I have heard have been extremely positive. And the clips I have seen have blown me away.  :-)  They are just further proof that the Gaines family has hogged more than their fair share of the talent genes.  ;-)  The line up included MacArthur Park, I Feel Love, I Love You, Heaven Knows, This Time I Know It's For Real, Enough Is Enough, Sand On My Feet, Friends Unknown, On The Radio, Happy Birthday, She Works Hard For The Money, Bad Girls, Hot Stuff, My Life and of course Last Dance. (Just once I want someone to OPEN a show with that just to confuse the audience.  LOL)  Mary used Donna's  original arrangements and she brought out a special surprise guest - Dara!  Dara dueted with Mary on Enough Is Enough and Sand On My Feet and the two of them got to share some Donna stories with the audience.  One of the more interesting comments I heard about the show was that it was healing. And that , I think, was partly what Mary was going for.  Now there are a few short clips from the show, but they are only on Facebook so far and I don't think they will work unless you are on Facebook.  Sorry.  :-(  But I will include the links here anyway:

Hot Stuff

MacArthur park (intro)

Love To Love You

Last Dance

MacArthur Park

I Love You

Also on Facebook - photos posted by Mary, photos posted by Alex (who also provided some of the videos above), and photos posted by Patrick (who provided some of the above videos as well). I'll see if I can work on getting some of that stuff off Facebook and onto the site during the week.  :-)

[JAN 3] And as long as we are talking about Facebook - Donna was a trending topic there worldwide on Thursday. It was reported as "Donna Summer: Fans mark late singer's birthday on December 31." So apparently we can still make noise when we want to.  :-)

[JAN 3] Bruce Sudano fans - he has posted a couple of videos for your listening pleasure.  First up is a repost of Alone for New Year's Eve on YouTube, and the other is a Facebook video of his cover of Blowin' In The Wind.

[JAN 3] Vienna Dohler fans - she has posted an original song on YouTube called Bruise.

[JAN 3] On a side note - Antenna TV has just started repeating the old episodes of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. Looking at this week's listings, they are airing in no particular order every day at 10 PM on weekends and 11 PM on weekdays (ET). Now Donna is not on any of the episodes on this week, but she did do the show a number of times over the years, so keep an eye on your local listings!  These are full episodes with interviews and performances so they are worth seeing again.   :-)

[JAN 3] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's pick some random stuff that's been floating in my brain this week. There is Donna's cover of Natural Woman, her cover of Nights In White Satin, Andy's Upper Mix 2006 of Looking Up,  the club remix of Stamp Your Feet, an Sunset People from her 1980 TV Special.

[JAN 3] And let me just add this last clip of Miss You Like Crazy  by Natalie Cole.  While we Donna fans were celebrating Donna's birthday and celebrating her legacy, Natalie Cole fans were experiencing that jolt of sudden loss that we all know so well. So my condolences go out to the Natalie Cole fans. I dedicate this clip to Natalie, Donna, and all the other icons we have lost too soon.

[DEC 27] Greetings everyone! I hope Santa was good to all of you.  :-) If you are in Europe, I have good news for you. The Another Place And Time UK 12" singles collection and The Vinyl Collection are both on sale in the official Donna Summer Store.  Unfortunately there are distribution restrictions so those of us outside of Europe can't order.  :-(

[DEC 27] Johnnyswim fans - check out their performance on And then run over to iTunes to preorder their new live CD recorded  at Rockwood Music Hall in New York. The actual release date is February 5, so if you don't like iTunes for any reason, it will probably be available at Amazon by then. And don't forget that the never-ending Johnnyswim tour resumes January 7 and continues (at least) all month long.  :-)

[DEC 27] Mary Bernard fans - Thursday is  the night! The big concert to celebrate her big sister Donna.  :-)  There are still some tickets available, so if you didn't get yours yet, do it now.  And don't forget that Mary is carrying on the family tradition - you are to sing if you want to sing and dance if you want to dance.  :-)  And I will be carrying on a long standing tradition of fan reports. If you are going to the show and want to write something, I'll post it here on the site.  :-)

[DEC 27] And if you would like to contribute to Mary's fundraiser so that she can bring the show on the road, use this link here.

[DEC 27] I think that brings us to YouTube.  The New Year is coming so let's party!  Let's start with Sue Casehall's awesome tribute video, then we have Could It Be Magic from Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve 1976-77, I Feel Love from Night Of The Proms 2005, Love Is The Healer from Divas 2000, Hot Stuff/Bad Girls from the Nobel Peace Prize concert 2009, and MacArthur Park from the Live & More Encore special from 1999. And f inally we can't end the year without a little Last Dance, and a final Happy Birthday tribute to Donna.

[DEC 27] Have a very happy and safe New Year's Eve (and Donna's birthday!) I hope 2016 brings you all health, happiness and love! And let me leave you with this quote from Mary:

When we leave 2015 and go into 2016 let's roll the New Year in to a Donna Summer song. Choose your favorite one. One that makes you happy. One that makes you dance. One that makes you feel glad to be alive, and let's all bring in this new year in singing to Donna's music. And guess what? We will all be together.  - MGB

Merry Christmas!

[DEC 19] Happy Saturday everyone!  This will be the last update before Christmas - well, unless something big happens.  :-) So let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry and safe Christmas!  (And if you don't celebrate - then have a great Friday!)

[DEC 19] OK Mary Bernard fans - she was on the radio again this week and I have a recording of it for you on Soundcloud. She was on for the whole hour so there is a lot to listen to (including a little singing!) but let me share a couple of highlights now. First of all, Mary is once again promising really cool surprises - ones that are apparently making the show run longer.  The other highlight is a contest. She is giving away a pair of tickets to her show New Year's Eve. How do you win? Well it's really easy. Send an email to with a subject line that says something like "I want those tickets". Mary and her team will pick a winner from the entries and announce the winner on her Facebook page on Christmas Day.

[DEC 19] Also, Delray Beach has a bunch of holiday discounts and Mary's concert is one of those.  For a limited time you can buy (or even gift) tickets for only half their usual cost. (Well not counting the service fees.) It ONLY works with this link though. The regular link gets you the regular prices. Act faast though because the venue is selling out. The balcony is almost gone already and a good chunck of the orchestra section is gone too.

[DEC 19] Let's move on to Bruce Sudano. He did a nice long interview for Deep Dish Radio with Tim Powers. Wanna hear it? (What a stupid question - of course you do.)  The nice folks at Deep Dish Radio gave me a code to embed the interview here for you:

[DEC 19] Also  in Bruce news, his song Common Sense, is a featured track on

[DEC 19] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's go with a holiday theme this week. (I know - so predictable!  LOL) So we have The Christmas Song from Good Morning America, O Holy Night  and O Come All Ye Faithful from Solid Gold, a Christmas Medley from American Bandstand (see if you can spot a young Mimi in the crowd), an audio clip of Breath Of Heaven, a fan video for I'll Be Home For Christmas, a fan video for Rosie Christmas, a video for Winter Melody, and of course a fan video Christmas Spirit.

[DEC 14] Breaking news for Mary Bernard fans - she will be on WBZT radio tomorrow (Tuesday December 15) for the whole hour from 9 AM to 10 AM ET. You can listen online on the radio station's website. (And I will try to get a recording for you too.) I'm sure there will be lots of Donna talk and who knows, Maybe Mary will sing a little for us too. (Begging on her Facebook page might help with that.  ;-) ) Hey, and if you tune in don't  forget to thank the radio show for having Mary on. (Positive feedback is always a good thing.)

[DEC 13] Happy Sunday everyone! It's only 2 weeks until Christmas. Can you believe that? (Excuse me while I run around the room in a blind panic about all the stuff I still have to do!  LOL) That means it's only 3 weeks until New Year's Eve, aka Donna's birthday aka the night of Mary's concert. Now I have been saying - get those tickets while you can. Well, now they are starting to sell pretty quickly. AT a quick glance, I'd say about half the theater is sold out already. So if you want to see the show and didn't get your tickets yet, you better get them now while there still are some. Now if you are geographically challenged like me and would like to see Mary's show go on the road, well then why not toss a couple of bucks into her  Indiegogo fundraiser?

[DEC 13] And speaking of Mary,  she's got another new interview out there on This one is interesting because.. how can I explain it? Most interviews (including mine) start with the point of view that we are getting to know Mary through her connection to Donna. This one comes from the perspective that they already know Mary through her work with the church and now they are exploring the whole Donna side to her music. Does that make sense? Read it, it's good.  :-)

[DEC 13] Johnnyswim fans - you know that Amanda and Abner practically live on the road.  LOL They are currently on their Christmas tour so if you have the chance to see them - go for it! Grab tickets fast because they consistently sell out. And if you do social media, follow Johnnyswim on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter for exclusive behind the scenes photos and videos. (Not to mention the cute baby photos too!  ;-)  )

[DEC 13] And if you are looking for a Johnnyswim fix - catch their performance  of Christmas Day on WCL from the other day.

[DEC 13] Bruce Sudano fans - check out his new performance video of These Shoes. And while you are there, check out his performance of Common Sense that was posted a couple of weeks ago.

[DEC 13] For those of you still doing your holiday shopping, don't forget that Mimi has her own shop on Etsy where she sells her handmade jewelry.

[DEC 13] And finally - yes I do have some Donna news too.  LOL LA Weekly came up with their list of Top 10 Classic Disco Songs For  People Who Don't Know Sh*t About Disco. I was a little annoyed at first that Donna only made the list once, but since they picked the entire MacArthur Park Suite and that includes 3 songs, I can forgive them  ;-)

[DEC 13] Ok, so YouTube. What do we want to do this week? How about something a little different? Donna singing in languages other than English. Let's start with From A Distance (with Nanci Griffith and Raul Malo), the Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Italian Uptempo mix of I Will Go With You, Donna with the cast of Haare on Der Wasserman, the French version of Whenever There Is Love, and the Spanish version of the same song.  And this last one is probably cheating because Donna only sings a few lines in Portuguese: Driving Down Brazil.

[DEC 6] Happy Sunday everybody! And Happy Hanukkah to everybody who is celebrating!  I finally changed the Summer Fever Pick. Do I really need to tell you which album is in the spotlight? Hint - Mary Bernard likes it a lot too.   ;-)

[DEC 6] Johnnyswim fans - the pair has embarked on their Christmas tour. For a list of dates, links to buy tickets, and other exclusive content, check out their Christmas tour site. And if you do Facebook,  follow them over there to watch exclusive videos from the road.

[DEC 6] Bruce Sudano fans - check out his latest interview, this time from Marilu Henner's podcast. You can listen to the MP3 here. (Jump to 28:30 if you want to only hear Bruce's segment.) There is an interesting story about Donna's performance of Starting Over Again on the Tonight Show. You can also hear Bruce's performance of These Shoes from his recent European tour on YouTube.

[DEC 6] Mary Bernard fans - don't forget that The Real Diva (TM) is performing New Year's Eve in Florida to celebrate Donna's life and career. Tickets are still on sale! So if you are in the Boca Raton area (or will be on New Year's Eve) well, why not party with Mary? And if you would like to see Mary's show hit the road, why not toss a couple of bucks in her Indiegogo fundraiser. All money raised will be put toward making Mary's show mobile. She's got $1800 out of $10000 as of this writing. Let's see if we can get her all the way to the top.   :-)

[DEC 6] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's start with a 1994 UK performance of I Feel Love/Bad Girls/Hot Stuff that surfaced on Facebook recently, then we have the Tonight Show performance of Starting Over Again that Bruce talked about, Mimi's Song also from the Tonight Show (a very special clip for me), and what the heck, let's toss in an interview from The Tonight Show too, a 1984 performance of Forgive Me, the 2008 season finale of American Idol, and finally Last Dance live in Miami.

[NOV 29] Greetings all! I hope you enjoyed the holiday (or non-holiday) weekend.   :-)

[NOV 29] First up for Bruce Sudano fans - a new song! It's was recorded live on tour and it's called Common Sense. And quite frankly, I can think of a few (billion lol) people who should hear it and take the message to heart.

[NOV 29] Mary Bernard fans - she's got her very own billboard on I95 in Delray to promote her December 31 concert. (Tickets are still available.)  And don't forget - she is still trying to raise money so that hopefully she can take her show out on the road.  If you have a couple of bucks to spare, why not contribute?

[NOV 29] Johnnyswim fans, they posted a video on Facebook of them live on the air at Nashville's Lightning 100 radio. The show includes an interview and a live performance. One of the things they mentioned is that the live album is coming out in February, and they will have a special on Palladia in January. And they are starting work on their next  studio album. (Seriously - how many hours are in a Johnnyswim day? It has to be more than 24!) And if you are looking for some Johnnyswim swag, head over to their store. They have a code for 25% off - but I'm not sure how long it will be valid. It's  JOHNNY25OFF.

[NOV 29] I think that brings us to YouTube.  And since most of the Americans spent the weekend eating, I think it's time to work off all those calories. So let's dance! We'll start off with a little Hot Stuff live in 1980 Bad Girls from Queen Latifah's show,  Crayons live from 2008, This Time I Know It's For Real live in 1990,  Once Upon A Time live  in 1979, I Feel Love (and yes, you MUST do the robot dance with Donna  LOL), Could It Be Magic with Barry Manilow, and of course we can't end this list with anything other than Last Dance - this time from SiriusXM's Artist Confidential.

[NOV 25] Breaking Donna news! The official store has a special sale on the CD Box set from now until November 30 only. AND for this sale, they will ship to  the USA and Canada.  Go grab a copy!

[NOV 22] Greetings all! I changed to my Christmas theme a little earlier than I planned since I was finding the last theme a little difficult to read.  This should be better for all of us.

[NOV 22] Mary Bernard fans - guess what? She's got a new interview out and it is (currently) exclusive to this site.  Check it out right here. And guys, please feel free to share it where ever you think it's appropriate.

[NOV 22] Also, Mary is doing a fundraiser with Indiegogo.  I know some of you are wondering what that's about. Well, Mary really wants the New Year's Eve show to be the first of many. She definitely wants to do one every December 31, but she also wants to take it out on the road in between so that more people can get a chance to see the show. Now taking show on the road costs money. The money she is trying to raise will be used to create a sort of template for a road show. She needs to get the music professionally arranged so that they have something that local musicians can work with. They need sets, lighting, sound, and even the most basic setup costs money and everything that is raised will go towards making the show mobile.  :-) If you would like to donate, just go to Indiegogo. And please feel free to share the link anywhere you feel there will be interest.  And I would also like to say that Mary is EXTREMELY appreciative of all your support. The word she uses most is "blessed."  She feels very blessed to have the love and support of the Donna community. (Of course she does - you guys are awesome!)

[NOV 22] Bruce Sudano fans - he has a new interview on It's a very interesting read and the interview was conducted shortly before Bruce started his European tour.

[NOV 22] Johnnyswim fans: The duo are hitting the road for their Christmas tour. Now here is the even cooler thing - they want to go caroling along the way. So if you hit them up on social media ( @Johnnyswim on Facebook or Twitter) and tell them why they should stop at your place, you may get a shot of them coming to your place. Use the hashtag #singatmyplace. And if yo check out t heir Facebook page, there are videos of  the Christmas tour rehearsals.

[NOV 22] Ok all you chart fans. There is a blog out there with a whole bunch of chart info for Donna from a number of different countries. You can find it right here.

[NOV 22] That brings us to YouTube. Let's see, to night is the American Music Awards, so let's check out Donna on some awards shows. We have Hot Stuff from the AMAs, a tribute to Stevie Wonder on the AMAs, She Works Hard For The Money from the Grammys, a medley of songs with Kenny Rogers from the Grammys,  Last Dance from the Oscars,  and Papa Can You Hear Me from the Oscars.

[NOV 22] Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Yes everyone, I'm sharing the holiday with the world - tell all your bosses you are taking the day off.  ;-) )

[NOV 16] Greetings all. Before I get to the news, I'd just like to give my condolences to the city of Paris. Stay strong, and know that you have the support of civilized people everywhere.

[NOV 16] Let's see, where should I start? Maybe the vault is a good place? (THAT got your attention!  LOL)  There is a magazine called Classic Rock Italia and in the November issue there is an interview with Giorgio Moroder by Andrea Bufalini. Now the magazine is in Italian. But I was given a translation for a VERY interesting part of the interview:

AB: Musically speaking, you've always been "in the future." What are your future plans?

GM: I'm thinking about a big Las Vegas style musical about Disco. And then in my vaults I have a beautiful unreleased track sung by Donna that I particularly care for. It's called "Africa." It was meant for the South Africa Football World Championship back in 2010. For some reason it was not released, but now Universal would like to include it as an exclusive bonus track in a Donna anthology scheduled for 2016 which should list some of her less popular songs, like "Domino" for example, one of my favorite Donna pre-Love To Love You Baby songs.

OK - go read that again. Apparently Uni is putting out an anthology next year with some lesser-known songs AND they want to include this unreleased track called Africa.  Should we start dancing now?  :-)

[NOV 16] Moving on... Billboard ranked their top 100 Artists of All Time and Donna came in at #29. Then if you peek at the Top 100 Singles - you can find Hot Stuff at #84.  :-)

[NOV 16] In Mary news, she did a radio interview last week to promote her upcoming concert. I got most of it up on Soundcloud. Give it a listen when you get a chance. (And stay tuned because we're working on something for the site.  :-)  )

[NOV 16] Bruce Sudano fans - he is still on tour in Europe. (The Paris show was cancelled for obvious reasons, but you can still catch him in Germany and The Netherlands.) There is also a new interview with Bruce posted on

[NOV 16] Johnnyswim fans - you may have heard their music on The Voice last week. Team Adam performed Diamonds (love that song!) Johnnyswim posted a little clip on Instagram. And don't forget they will be performing all over the US throughout December and January, so catch them if you can.

[NOV 16] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up, a couple of clips everyone has been playing this weekend, To Paris With Love and Let There Be Peace. Then we have Take Heart, a live clip of Smile, and a live clip of Amazing Grace. And finally for something on the lighter side a fan video featuring Donna and her sisters  to promote Mary's upcoming Once Upon A Time concert.






Quote Of The Week:

[FEB 7]

On figure skating:

"I've tried many times and I've never managed to stay up very long. So it's not my gift."

-Donna Summer, February 4, 2011

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