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Last update: May 22, 2016

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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

[MAY 22] Happy Sunday all! My MS Walk was  yesterday and it was a big success, so thank you all for your support! All but 2 of my thank you gifts have been mailed out (and those were from late donations and will go out sometime during the week.) So if you didn't get yours yet, it's on the way.

[MAY 22] If you are in Vancouver (or will be on May 28) check out the Reinvention Of Disco event at the Edgewater Casino. It will be a live multimedia stage event celebrating the music of Donna Summer. For more info and to see the promo video, check out the Reinvention Of Disco website.

[MAY 22] The deluxe edition of Crayons is out on Amazon UK now. The word from a fan who has it is that  the book and essay are great. He also says the sound quality is fantastic.

[MAY 22] If you want to have a little fun with Google, try this search. You will get a bunch of classic photos, a bunch of outtakes from various photo shoots, and then some super rare photos where Donna looks just like Diana Ross,  Cher, Charo, Loni Anderson, Jane Fonda, etc.  LOL (Gotta love search results! They can  be so random sometimes!) Don't forget if you are in the Nashville area, catch Bruce at the City Winery on May 27.

[MAY 22] Bruce Sudano fans - check out his recent interview promoting his NYC show at Rockwood Hall. If you are on Facebook, you can check out a short clip of the NYC Show. And those of you who didn't go to the show are gonna kick yourselves - at the end of the concert Bruce invited Joe Esposito and Eddie Hokenson to join him on stage. (You might recognize those names as the other 2 members of the Brooklyn Dreams.)  The 3 of them did a nice impromptu version of Bad Girls to close the show.

[MAY 22] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's start with the alternate version of People Talk. This version has a little "rap" section that didn't appear in the released version. Then we have the original demo of True Love Survives, the demo of Bad Girls, a demo of Addiction, a short clip of Half The Battle, a short clip of Donna singing La Dolce Vida, a clip of the studio version of My Life being played in a club, and finally the studio version of La Vie En Rose with the live version for comparison.

[MAY 15] Happy Sunday all! First of all, let's get this out of the way right away.  You guys all know what Tuesday is. It's so hard to believe it's been 4 years since Donna left us. (Add all the others who have left us recently and all I can say is there must be one heck of a music festival going on in Heaven!)  Tom over at the Fan Club has a page set up for anyone who wants to share their memories or thoughts of Donna at this time. And of course all the Facebook pages and groups will be very active with... well just about anything Donna related that people care to share.

[MAY 15] Moving on from memories to something more current, has been updated a bit. AND in an interview in Billboard, Bruce confirmed that we will be hearing some unreleased Donna tracks. (Take a breath.... he didn't say WHEN, so don't hound the guy every day!  LOL) He also mentioned the Broadway play that was announced in Playbill a couple of weeks ago.  Bruce is one of the producers, along with Dodger Theatricals - the guys behind Jersey Boys.   :-)

[MAY 15] And as long as I mentioned Bruce's interview, you might want to go take a look at it.  He also talks about the music business, touring with the Zombies, and just putting his back in order the past few years.

[MAY 15] In Johnnyswim news, the duo will be spotted this summer in Macy's American Icons campaign.

[MAY 15] And I think that brings us to YouTube. I know a lot of you will be sad on Tuesday, but last year I made the decision to remember the fun side of being a Donna Summer fan instead of focusing on her loss. That worked for me because I'd really rather remember Donna with a smile than with tears. (And please note, this is what works for ME - you guys have to do what works for YOU. Grieving and healing very personal things.) So with that in mind, I thought I'd post some fun clips.  First up, the red Ferrari story (not my favorite telling of that story, but videos of it are hard to come by.) Then we have Donna having fun with a late night interview,  the video for When Love Takes Over You (with a little classing mugging for the camera), an audio clip of Donna hamming it up on Happy Birthday, a little between songs silliness from the Hot Summer Night  concert, and Donna with Prince Poppycock. My favorite ever fun Donna clip is her with Barry Manilow on Could It Be Magic, but the video seems to have been pulled from YouTube. :-(  The audio is still there though. And I do have one silly one on Vimeo posted by the diva herself (with the help of Nathan Digesare) 7 years ago. It defies description so just go see it.  LOL EDIT:  Wait I found Donna and Barry on Daily Motion! Whew! I'd hate to see that one lost forever!

[MAY 15] And finally - my MS Walk is Saturday and I will be wearing my Donna gear.  :-) Thanks to all who have contributed! You guys are amazing! A couple of years ago I posted some PSAs Donna recorded for an MS event, along with my own very dorky video. If you want to check those out, they are here.

[MAY 8] Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! I hope your kids were all good to you.  :-) In honor of the occasion, I have 2 video clips for you. The first is a song Bruce wrote for his mother called Santa Margarita In The Clouds. The other is a video by our YouTube friend Suecase Hall. It's Martina McBride's In My Daughter's Eyes set to  clips of Donna and her daughters.

[MAY 8] In the Donna's music is everywhere, last Monday's Dancing With The Stars had an icon show, where everybody danced to the music of an icon. They opened the show with Last Dance. I LOVE that someone finally used Last Dance to open a show!  LOL And then the song as used again last week on Ellen, where she introduced a new game called Last Dance.

[MAY 8] In Johnnyswim news - New Music Monday is back! The latest entry is a song called In My Arms and the previous one (that I forgot to mention last week) is Summer Time Romance.

[MAY 8] In other Johnnyswim mews, there is a nice article on And there is another article about Home being used as the theme song for Fixer Upper on

[MAY 8] In Bruce Sudano news, The Burbank Sessions got a nice review from dcrocklive.

[MAY 8] I'm in the final weeks of my MS Walk fundraiser. So far you guys have generously contributed over $1200. You are awesome!! There are still 2 more weeks to go if anybody else wants to toss in a couple of bucks. I still have plenty of photos to give out that are unspoken for.  :-)

[MAY 8] And that brings us to YouTube. See if you can guess the theme this time. (It's not hard.  LOL) The first video up is Mimi's Song from the Music For Unicef Concert. (And there is a little bonus duet before that.) Then we have State Of Independence from the Hot Summer Night concert, the official video for This Time I Know It's For Real, Hot Stuff from the Sharon Osbourne Show, and Fairy Tale High from the 1980 TV Special (the link is to the whole show, but it should start you at the 8 minute mark.) And for the casual fans who may not have figured out the theme - every one of those clips features Donna with one or more of her girls.

[MAY 1] Happy May everyone! It's a new month so it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick. This time we look at Four Seasons Of Love.

[MAY 1] He's an odd little surprise from the world of iTunes. Dance music fans have rediscovered On The Radio and as I write this, the album is currently #4 on iTunes Dance Music Album chart. It was Number 1 earlier this week!  :-)

[MAY 1] Here's something interesting. reports that there will be a workshop of a new musical currently titled The Donna Summer Project.  It will be directed by Des McAnuff, choreographed by Sergio Trujillo and musical direction will be by Ron Melrose. The workshop is scheduled for June 22 to August 6, so hopefully we will hear more then. Among the roles they will be casting: 3 actors to play Donna (at different ages),  and actors to play a whole bunch of other key players in Donna's life. Hmmm.....I'd really like to see a song list for this show. Ideas are starting to form in my head...

[MAY 1] Fans of the song MacArthur Park will want to check out this article on It has lots of Giorgio Moroder's  thoughts on the creation of the track. I will bet money that you can't resist playing the Suite after reading the article.  :-)

[MAY 1] And in the Donna is everywhere category, there is a new book coming out soon called Imagine Me Gone.  One of the main characters is obsessed with Donna Summer songs (among other things.) Sounds like my kind of character!  LOL

[MAY 1] Don't forget we have Crayons Deluxe coming out on May 20 in the UK and then as an import in the US a week later. Don't forget that Amazon UK will ship to the US, so keep an eye on currency conversion and shipping rates to see which store will give you the better price in the end.  :-)

[MAY 1] I think that brings us to YouTube and I'm in the mood for a MacArthur Park party!  :-)  So we have the 1978 video, then there is a live performance which I think was from one of the Night Of Proms shows she did, there is the 1999 Today Show performance (ok East Coast guys - look for yourselves!  LOL), and finally the  Hot Summer Night performance. And then just so the rest of the Suite gets a little love, here is a great performance of Heaven Knows by Donna with the Brooklyn Dreams.

[APR 24] Happy Sunday all! Let me start off by saying that 2016 has claimed yet another icon. Prince has left us. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and fans. You know, Donna and Prince once worked together (well sort of.) In 1997, Donna did a 3 Divas concert with  Chaka Khan and Gloria Estefan. Who showed up to jam on Turn The Beat Around? Yes, it was Prince. According to Billboard, "Without uttering a syllable or lowering his dark ornate shades, he nearly upstaged the singers when he picked up a guitar and cranked out a few fluid funk licks. His shy smile at the crowd's noisy reception was as charming as the kneeling bow of respect he offered Estefan, Summer, and Khan."

[APR 24] Moving on to Donna, in London the Sadler's Wells BalletBoyz production uses Last Dance in the whole second half of the show. Here in New York , the Broadway Show disaster uses Hot Stuff, and I found out that they almost included Heaven Knows as well. (They replaced Heaven Knows with Never Can Say Goodbye at almost the last minute.)

[APR 24] In Johnnyswim news, we have a new article promoting one of the recent concerts. AND they are back with New Music Monday and a song called Let It Matter. And don't forget that Johnnyswim is still on tour. (Seriously, why do they even have a house? They are never home to live in it!  LOL)

[APR 24] Also touring next month is Bruce Sudano.  He's hanging out on the East Coast for right now, the venue list is here.

[APR 24] I think that brings us to YouTube. Since it was 3 years ago last week that Donna was FINALLY inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame, I figures we'd go with  some Hall Of Fame stuff.  We have Kelly Rowland inducting Donna, Jennifer Hudson singing Last Dance at the ceremony, Bruce's acceptance speech, and then 2 videos by Suecase Hall. The first is Donna's journey to the Hall Of Fame, and the second is why Donna belongs there. ANd just in case there are some casual fans out there who need another reminder of Donna's impact on the  music scene, allow me to present a couple of hits: I Feel Love, Bad Girls, Hot Stuff, and Last Dance.

[APR 24] And on a final note, I am still collecting for my MS walk is you want to donate. If you have already donated - THANK YOU!!! And my team thanks you too! (And I will eventually start mailing out the photos and wristbands - don't worry, I haven't forgotten you.  :-) )

[APR 17] Greetings all. Sorry I missed last week's update. As some of you know, I was caring for a sick cat again who ended up passing away. Squeaky as my little Donna Summer fan. I remember one time when he was younger, I as playing some videos on YouTube, Squeaky was sitting here with me. When I started playing a Donna video, he got up and went over to the speakers trying to find the source of the sound. He never did that with any other video I ever played.  So when I took him for his final vet trip, we played Donna tunes the whole way there for him, and the whole way back for me.

[APR 17] On to more cheerful things Someone notices that if you searched for Donna Summer, you could find some rare photos for sale. So I tried the same thing at Amazon. They have a ton of photos and posters over there. Some are photos we've seen a million times before and some are rare. A few are even signed. So if you have some extra wall space to fill, go check it out.

[APR 17] If you are looking for a blast from the past, there is a nice tribute to Donna by Felipe Rose of Village People (from 2012 of course) posted on Indian Country Today.

[APR 17] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's do some interviews this time. We haven't done those for awhile. We have a short and silly 90s interview with Eric Allen,  then we have an interview in German (yes with Donna speaking German as well) from 2009, and another one in German from maybe 1976 or 77. Going back to English, we have  a 1986 Good Morning America appearance with Dick Clark, A clip of Living In America at Reagan's inauguration with a tiny interview clip to promote her appearance, a 1993 interview on Regis & KathieLee, and a nice CNN interview which is on Facebook instead of YouTube. I hope non-Facebookers can see it too.  And finally for my Squeaky, a clip of Last Dance from David Foster & Friends.

[APR 4] And now for the REAL Summer Fever Pick - A Love Trilogy.  :-)

[APR 4] And just a side note about my MS fundraiser. First of all, even if you donated before I announced that I was handing out pictures as a thank you, you will still get them.  :-) Second - any donation you see on my page from LST DNCE is a matching contribution for donations that were previously made - even if it doesn't actually say that in his screen name every time.  :-) And can I just say - you guys are all awesome!

[APR 1 again!] I have some free time, so I thought I'd do the update a little early.  :-) First up is Crayons, the Deluxe Edition. Our friends at Crimson are remastering Crayons and putting it out as a 3 disk set - the original album plus a ton of remixes. And as always there will be extras in the packaging. This time it is liner notes from our own Christian John Wikane and new interviews with Evan Bogart and Sebastian Arocha Morton. They are even going to toss in the interview Christian did with Donna when Crayons came out.  Disk 1 will be the original Crayons album (including It's Only Love). Disk 2 is a collection of I'm A Fire, and disk 2 is a collection of mixes of Stamp Your Feet and Fame (The Game). The Crayons Deluxe Edition comes out May 20 on Amazon UK.  There is no US release date at this time, but keep in mind that Amazon UK does ship to the US (and other places).

[APR 1] Mary Gaines Bernard fans - as you know she performed in LA for the Calvary Chapel South Bay Easter Service. The entire service is available on Livestream for your viewing pleasure. If you only want to hear Mary's part of the service (3 songs), just jump to the 34 minute mark.

[APR 1] Bruce Sudano fans - he was recently interviewed for the How Did I Get Here podcast. You can listen online here.

[APR 1] I mentioned last week that I am doing my MS walk again this May and that I have someone who has generously offered to match donations.  Well I have other incentives as well. First of all, some of you saw the Fame picture of Donna I posted on Facebook recently. Well, I ordered a whole stack of 4x6 prints of it and will be sending those out to my donors.   :-)

Fame Print

And I still have some wristbands left from last year that I'll send out while supplies last.


They aren't much - just my way of saying thanks for your support.  :-)

[APR 1] And that brings us to YouTube.  Let's go with some Crayons stuff this week.  Let's start with Nathan's video for Fame (The Game), Stor's video for Stamp Your Feet, the promo video for The Queen Is Back, the ET interview to support Crayons, Be Myself Again from NH, Science Of Love from Artist Confidential, a 2008 radio interview, and finally a whole 2008 concert.

[APR 1] It's a new month, so it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick. This time in honor of the upcoming Crayons Deluxe edition, we put Crayons back in the spotlight. (More on the deluxe release in the next update which may be as soon as later tonight.)

[MAR 28] Happy Monday everyone!  I hope the Easter Bunny was good to all those who celebrate. For those who have been following my cat saga - Squeaky went back to kitty hospital last week and is coming home again this afternoon. I gotta get that boy a job with health insurance!  LOL

[MAR 28] Some of you may remember that back in the day, Donna used to have a young comedian named Gary Shandling opening for her shows when she toured. Well, unfortunately he passed away just the other day from an apparent heart attack. He was just 66. My condolences to his family, friends and fans. I can't believe we've lost another one so soon. This has been a seriously bad year to be a celebrities.   :-(

[MAR 28] Moving on to something more cheerful... Bandwidth Daily  has a short interview with Bruce Sudano. In it, he mentions that he has some new songs written (which should be no surprise to anyone), he's starting to make plans for his next recording, and FedEx will be using one of his songs in their marketing campaign starting in June. Very cool!

[MAR 28]  Johnnyswim fans, if you were planning to see the dup in Columbus, OH, well guess what? They had to switch to a bigger venue! (I guess a lot of you were planning to see them.  LOL) So if you need tickets and were unable to get them before, well now there are more seats available.

[MAR 28] I think that brings us to YouTube. Since Spring is here, let's start off with a little Spring Affair (from Soul Train),  then we have a video for Try Me, I Know We Can Make It, the video for Winter Melody, the video for I Remember Yesterday, a performance of Love's Unkind,  a performance of Come With Me, and finally, one of the first live performances of Last Dance.

[MAR 28] And that brings me to a personal request. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I will be once again walking for a cure for MS. It's a cause that's been near to my heart ever since a friend was diagnosed with the disease a few years ago. She's doing well, but others are not so lucky.  Anyway, if you would like to donate, the page is right here. As always, if I make $517 I can ditch the hideous orange MS colors for some cool Donna gear to walk in.  :-)  And I have some other incentives as well.  The first being our old friend lstdnce who will be  matching donations again this year.  For every $20 and $50 donation, he will match the donation dollar for dollar.  For every $100 donation, he will match it  by 1 and a half dollars, and if you donate $517, he will double that donation.  (Of course there is a limit to his generosity because - hey the guy has a mortgage and stuff too, so if he hits the 2k mark then the matches will stop.  Now my own personal incentive sounds lame in comparison, but I  have wristbands to give out to all my donors and I am working on another incentive as well.  :-) My walk is May 21 and I am looking forward to donning my Donna gear for the day!

[MAR 25] Hi guys - I just have a quick update for Mary Bernard fans who will be in the Los Angeles area this Sunday.  Mary will be performing at the Easter service for Calvary Chapel South Bay at the Stub Hub Tennis  Stadium at Cal State. The doors open at 7:30 AM and service starts at 9 AM. It's free, so if you are in that area and Easter is your thing, go check it out. Details and directions are here. For those who can't be in LA, Calvary Chapel often broadcasts services on the web and archives them for later viewing. With any luck, they will do the same for the Easter service.

[MAR 20] Happy Sunday all! I'm still dealing with a sick cat, but at least he's home for now and I can write this while he sulks upstairs. (He hates it when I give him his medicine!  LOL)

[MAR 20] Let's start off with  the new compilation by Ben Liebrand called Grand 12-Inches Vol. 14. It comes out April 1 (in the UK or April 8 in the US) and includes the 8:29 version of Walk Away. (In comparison - the version on the Dance Collection clocks in at 7:15.) You can grab it at Amazon US, Amazon UK and other vendors.

[MAR 20] If you are going to be in Antwerp next month, there will be a ABBA Gold vs. Donna Summer Tribute show on April 23.

[MAR 20] Bruce Sudano fans he is about to be on the Mo'Kelly show on KFI Radio tonight. The show will be posted on the blog archive of the KFI website soon, so you will be able to catch it on demand.  (As I write this, the show has been on about an hour and Bruce hasn't been on yet, so skip ahead if you want.) There is another interview you can also catch from Fox7 to promote the SXSW performances.

[MAR 20] I think that brings us to YouTube. I'm in the mood for some duets.  Let's start with Stor Dubine's video for Does  He Love You (duet with Liza Minnelli), the Midnight Special performance Heaven Knows (duet with the Brooklyn Dreams), a VH1 performance of Try A Little Tenderness (duet with Joss Stone), an America's Got Talent performance with Prince Poppycock, an audio clip of When I Look Up (duet with Darwin Hobbs), and an acoustic performance of On The Radio (duet with Bruce's guitar).

[MAR 15] Greetings all! Sorry I'm late, but I've been dealing with a sick cat. He's still at the vet while I write this, so I'm hoping he'll be okay soon.

[MAR 15] First up today - the new musical on Broadway called Disaster. It's a spoof of all the disaster films of the 70s (Earthquake, The Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, etc) and as such it uses music from the 70s. One of the songs they use is Hot Stuff. And I believe that's the second time Hot Stuff has been heard on the Great White Way. It was also used in Priscilla Queen Of The Desert. You can hear a little of it in the cast's performance on The Today Show.

[MAR 15] Moving on to Bruce Sudano news... see if you can spot Bruce's cameo in this Hollis Brown video. (Don't blink!) He was also on BBC Radio Northampton recently. You can check that out  here. If you don't want to listen to the whole show, jump to 1:38 to hear Donna's  On The Radio followed by the interview with Bruce. And don't forget that Bruce is on tour, so catch him along the way somewhere.

[MAR 15] Brooklyn Sudano fans - great news! She has been cast as a regular in the NBC drama series, Taken. More on that when more details come out.  :-)

[MAR 15] Johnnyswim fans - don't forget that they are on tour through the month of April (so far anyway - knowing them, more dates will be announced for the summer.  I swear they actually live on the road!  LOL)

[MAR 15] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's do some live stuff this week.  We have On The Radio from 2009, La Vie En Rose from the same show (love the intro! LOL), I'm A Fire from the LA County Fair, Be Myself Again from 2008,  a few songs from Night Of Proms 2007, and  finally a bunch of songs with the Nashville Symphony including that killer symphonic clip of I Will Live For Love.  :-)

[MAR 6] Greetings all! First up (a few days late - sorry) the new Summer Fever Pick. This month it's all about Love To Love You Baby.

[MAR 6]  Boston fans - the open air roller-disco party celebrating Donna Summer will be back again on Friday June 17.  Mark your calendars!  (And for those who have been at the previous events - they are working to get the DJ that was at the first one back again. :-) )

[MAR 6] Bruce Sudano fans (and Donna fans) - catch him on BBC2 Radio on Johnnie Walker's Sounds Of The 70s.  The show has already aired (today actually) but you can play it on demand on the BBC website for the next 29 days. (And BBC Radio clips are not region restricted like the video clips are, so everyone should be able to play it.) It's a 2 hour show, but Bruce doesn't turn up until about the 1:18:00 mark talking about Bad Girls. And then a few random songs later, Bruce comes back to talk about other things.

[MAR 6] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's start with a medley of early songs (including Love To Love You)  from a 2006 concert, a 1975 skit and a performance of the same song from Discohoek, then we have a 1976 appearance on American Bandstand Could It Be Magic from 1976, and again live in 2009 (once you get past the added intro), and finally an entire 1977 concert from Italy.

[MAR 6] And on a final note, I will be walking for MS again this May. I only just reactivated my account for this year, so I don't have everything 100% set up yet, but if you would like to donate, my page is here. And when we get a little closer, I have someone who is interested in doing some sort of matching donation deal so we'll announce that when we have that all set up.  I will keep you posted.  :-)

[FEB 28] Happy Sunday all!  Bruce Sudano fans - he will be at SXSW on Friday March 18. He'll be at Freedman's at 5:10 PM and at Intercontinental Stephen F Austin at 11 PM. For more information, check out the SXSW website. Bruce will also be in New York City at Rockwood Music Hall on May 19. Tickets are available now.

[FEB 28] Johnnyswim fans - there is a nice interview on (There are even nice mentions of Amanda's parents included.)

[FEB 28] And that brings us to YouTube.  It's Oscar night so let's continue with a movie theme. First up is Hot Stuff which was heard in a few films including The Full Monty and The Martian.  Then there is I Feel Love which was heard in Behind The Candelabra, and With Your Love which was heard in Thank God It's Friday. And On The Radio was heard in Foxes, while an alternate version of Hollywood Knights by the Brooklyn Dreams (with Donna) was featured in Hollywood Knights. (OK that last one is cheating since it's on Soundcloud instead of YouTube.  LOL)  And finally for you trivia buffs, Love To Love You was in Thank God It's Friday even though it didn't make the soundtrack album. I couldn't find the movie clip on YouTube, but if you watch the film, check out the part where Donna's character is annoying the DJ and knocking over his records and stuff. She commandeers his mic to sing a couple of lyrics before he takes her away from the mic.

[FEB 21] Happy Sunday all! Let's start off with an article on Buzzfeed called "22 Photos That Prove Black Girls Have Been Magic For A Long Time." They have a whole bunch of iconic women posted including someone named Donna Summer. I wonder who she is?  LOL

[FEB 21] Bruce Sudano fans: Don't forget he will be playing at SXSW this year. The event runs from March 11  to  20 in Austin, TX but Bruce will only be performing on Friday at 11 PM.  For more details, check the SXSW website.

[FEB 21] Johnnyswim fans: The duo is on tour currently, but here is the even more cool thing. They have partnered with Feed The Children to help improve the lives of children around the world.So look for your chance to help the cause at future shows.  :-) And if you are looking for VIP tickets to one of their shows - head over th the Johnnyswim website to grab tickets there.

[FEB 21] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Since the Oscars are coming up soon, let's go to the movies this week.  We have Donna's cover of Papa Can You Hear Me from Yentl, Donna and Dave Koz covering A Whole New World from Aladdin, Donna's cover of Someday from Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The Power Of One from Pokemon The Movie, Theme From The Deep from The Deep, Romeo from Flashdance,  Ordinary Miracle from Let It Be Me,  and Whenever There Is Love from Daylight. Oh, and obviously we can't forget the Oscar winning song, Last Dance.

[FEB 14] Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Let's start off with  They are collecting fan concert photos for use in a book that they will  publish next year.  If you have something you would like to submit, head over to the website, but make sure you read both the rules and FAQs.  There are certain technical and legal requirements you will have to meet for your entry to be considered. For those who just want to buy the book - it should be available for pre-order in the Spring.

[FEB 14] In the Donna is everywhere category, she (well specifically her version of MacArthur Park) gets mentioned in an article about author Colson Whitehead.

[FEB 14] Johnnyswim fans - the duo is still on tour and if you are heading to one of the upcoming shows and you are on Facebook, you can request a song and they might just add it to their set. Just head over to this post and comment with the show you are attending and the name of the song you want to hear.  ANd don't forget, the live album is out now and available at retailers like, and of course at the Johnnyswim website.

[FEB 14] Bruce Sudano fans - he is hitting the road again with the Zombies this Spring . He's got a couple of nights in various places in Maryland, and a date in Pennsylvania listed so far. Check the full list here.

[FEB 14] I think that brings us to YouTube. It's Valentine's Day so let's go with the theme of love.  We have Love Is The Healer Love Is In Control, Love On And On, I Got Your Love, Love's About To Change My Heart, I Love You, and of course I Feel Love and Love To Love You Baby. (As if I could skip those two!  LOL)

{FEB 7] Happy Sunday every one!  Let's start off with a little Donna. There is apparently a new magazine out in supermarkets called "The 70s". I haven't run into it yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was a special edition or one of the various weekly or monthly magazines. Anyway, Donna is on the cover (along with some other 70s icons) so it should be easy to spot. (You know I'll be looking next time I hit the supermarket!) Dona's part inside the magazine consists of a 2 page photo from the  Live & More album and a nice article about Donna's contributions to 70s music. And then of course the rest of the magazine is about all the other stuff going on in the 70s.

[FEB 7]  Bruce Sudano fans - check out his new song and video called Analyzing Stars.  It's just Bruce, his guitar and a very pretty song.

[FEB 7] Johnnyswim fans - check them out on There is a short article along with the video for Don't Let It Get You Down. And don't forget that their live album came out Friday. You can grab a download at places like, or get the CD/DVD at the Johnnyswim website.

[FEB 7]  I think that brings us to YouTube. It is Super Bowl Sunday here in the US, so let's go with a collection of sports themed clips - well, sort of sports themed.  LOL  First up we have the Star Spangled Banner from the 1999 All- Star baseball game,  God Bless America from the 2004 baseball World Series,  Stor Dubine's video for Stamp Your Feet (with Donna as a cheerleader/coach), and then there is an audio only clip of One Of A Kind which I remember hearing in the post game show of some sporting event once a long time ago. Let's see, there is also From A Distance from a 1996 Olympic CD called One Voice, and finally, Donna with a whole bunch of world class figure skaters for Art On Ice.






Quote Of The Week:

[MAY 22]

“One of my fondest childhood memories is of watching my parents dance. Mummy was very light on her feet, and let me tell you, Daddy was no slouch either! Whenever they did the lindy hop, which was often, he would grab my mother, fling her between his legs, roll her through, and hoist her in the air. All the kids would gather around whenever they dances their fast, twirling routines. Years later I wrote a song with my sisters called Watchin' Daddy Dance, recalling those moments of spontaneous love that filled our home.”

-Donna Summer, Ordinary Girl: The Journey, page 7 (Villard, 2004)

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