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Last update: October 14,  2018

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[OCT 14] Happy  Sunday all!  I guess we can start with the musical again. First up, there is a new ad for the show. Hopefully I'll catch it on TV one of these days. Looking at the grosses for the week of October 7, sales were down to $576,927. Ouch.  Here's hoping next week is better!

[OCT 14] Moving on to the real Donna, On The Radio is STILL  doing well on the iTunes Dance chart. As I write this, it's at #6. And in the land of old news, the NY Times has a review of Donna's 1979 show at Forest Hills posted in its archives. It might bring back memories for some of you. :-)

[OCT 14] Giorgio Moroder fans - he has announced his first ever live tour in Europe. The tour starts April 1 in Birmingham and ends May 22 in Paris.  For more info and tickets, check out Giorgio's website.

[OCT 14] Bruce Sudano fans, catch him Live On The Couch on Facebook with Things Are Changing.

[OCT 14] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up, a live performance of Worth The Wait,  a live ballad version of I Will Live For Love, an audio only clip of Dreamcatcher,  an audio clip of Are You Brave,  the rehearsal clip of I Don't Wanna Work That Hard,  and an audio clip of So This Is Lonely.

[OCT 7] Greetings all!  Let's start with the musical this week.  Grosses for the week of September 30 were down a little to $665,020. There is also a RUMOR (haven't heard it from any of the official sources yet) that they are working on a touring production of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical. :-)

[OCT 7] Diva Donna, Ariana DeBose, is in the October issue of Gay Times. They have a nice interview with here where she talks about being an out queer black woman, and of course about the musical. You can read the article here if you can't find a copy at your local newsstand.

[OCT 7] Bruce Sudano fans - he's Live From The Couch again on Facebook. This time it's a new song called The Mountain. ("Don't look at the mountain if you are reaching for the sky." "If you think too long you can talk yourself out of anything.")

[OCT 7] That brings us to YouTube I think. Let's make the theme, "stuff to make me forget about politics for an evening".  LOL  So let's start with Stamp Your Feet live on Letterman, a liveandmore video for Freedom, Love Is The Healer live on The View, an audio file of Begin Again, and The Impossible Dream live.

[SEP 30] Happy Sunday all! Tomorrow is a new month, so we have a new Summer Fever pick! This month She Works Hard For The Money.  :-)

[SEP 30]  Let's start with Summer: The Musical. For the week of September 23, grosses were down to $685,362.  :-(  I'm sure the numbers will come up again soon.

[SEP 30] The CT Post has a short interview with "Diva Donna" LaChanze in which she talks about her life and career in general.

[SEP 30] Moving on to the real Donna,  On The Radio is still rocking the iTunes Dance chart. Tonight it is at #6 which is the lowest I've seen it in weeks I think.  Who would have thought back when it came out that it would still be selling.  :-)

[SEP 30] And that brings us to YouTube.  Let's do some clips inspired by the new Summer Fever Pick. So we have Donna (and friends) performing She Works Hard For The Money at Disneyland,  Unconditional Love also at Disney, Woman live in Costa Mesa, a UK interview talking about filming the Unconditional Love video (among other things), and an audio only clip of Musical Youth (with a special guest vocal appearance by Donna) of Incommunicado.

[SEP 22] We also have the final episode of Ariana Debose's Hot Stuff vlog this week.  This week features more backstage shenanigans, some footage from Ariana's reading for 12 Angry Men,  and various members of the Summer crew showing off their dance moves.

[SEP 22] If you have SiriusXM, the OnBroadway channel has been playing She Works Hard For The Money from the cast album. I've heard it at least twice this past week or so and that's with me not having the radio on that much.  :-)

[SEP 22] Over on ITunes, On The Radio is still doing well on the Dance chart - as I write this it's #3.

[SEP 22] Bruce fans - check out his latest Facebook video. This is Bruce rehearsing for  a Crosby Stills Nash & Young radio tribute in Milan.

[SEP 22] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's do something a little different today. Let's focus on Donna and her paintings.  So first up is a news report on a San Diego exhibit of Donna's work,  Donna showing off her work on Regis & Kathie Lee,  Donna on Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous,  and Donna Up Close,

[SEP 16] Happy Sunday all! Let's start off with Summer: The Musical. If you are planning to see the show this month - if you have the option, try to go September 26. The reason why is that the 7PM show is a special performance to benefit The Actor's Fund.  (If you don't know, the Actor's Fund provides assistance and resources to those who work in the performing arts.) So if you go that night, you can have a good time while helping people.

[SEP 16]  Moving on to the grosses for the week, Summer took in $749,340 for the week ending September 9, which is up  over $42000 from the previous week. It is one of only 6 shows with increases for that week! (even better - it was the second highest increase for the week.  :-) )

[SEP 16] We also have another episode of Ariana DeBose's vlog, Hot Stuff.  This week is packed full of backstage silliness with Desperate Donna, Storm Lever and company.  You also get to see the lift in action from below stage.

[SEP 16] Moving on to Donna - On The Radio is STILL hanging around the iTunes Top Dance albums chart. As I write this, it's back up to #4.

[SEP 16] I think that brings us to YouTube.  I think since we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Live & More, we should do some clips related to that.  Let's start with the 2 minute promo for the album (with lots of clips from the show! Somebody needs to find the footage and release the whole thing!)  Then we have he actual commercial as it aired on TV. And then there is the full 1979 tv concert from Japan, MacArthur Park live, Mimi's Song from the Tonight Show, and Last Dance live.

[SEP 8] Greetings all!  I guess we can start with Summer: The Musical today.  Grosses for the week of September 2 are up to $706,901.  :-) The show is also al over the internet this week.  Jared Zirilli (who plays Bruce) is on the Broadwaysted podcast, Jenny Laroche (dance captain for Summer) has a video showing you how to do some of the popular dance moves you see on stage, and Ariana Debose is back with episode 7 of her vlog.  This episode features more behind the scenes shenanigans,  talk about her vacation and the injury she sustained before the Tonys,  cast members' favorite lines, and a rare appearance by LaChanze.  :-)

[SEP 8] Moving on to Donna, On The Radio is STILL hanging around on the iTunes Dance charts. As I write this it's #11 which I think is the lowest I've seen it in a long time.  And remix fans will want to check out this YouTube clip (audio only) for the Tom Moulton mix of Last Dance.  You will want to hear that one for sure.  :-)

[SEP 8] Bruce Sudano fans - as you know, Bruce did a live stream for Paste Music on Tuesday. That stream is available for you to watch on YouTube.  In it, Bruce preforms 3 songs - the new single, Forbidden Fruit, Walking Down The Road, and The Promise.  All of those are from Bruce's upcoming album, True.  It's an album of true stories about real lives and we can expect to see that out early next year.  :-)

[SEP 8] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's do some interviews this week. We have On Time TV from 2008, Donna on  Johnny Carson from about 1978,  Donna on Oprah 1999, Donna with Rona Barrett in 1978,  and Donna on TVam from 1991. For something completely bizarre there is the Celebrity Ghost Box interview.  The interviewer tries to reach people who have passed on to the other realm and in this particular episode he tries to reach Donna. I'm no expert in the paranormal, but I think he managed to reach snippets of FM radio stations.  LOL And finally, since I am off to see Flashdance the musical tonight, here is the official video for Romeo which is sadly not in the stage production... sigh.

[SEP 2] Where did the summer go? How did we get to September already?  Well you know a new month means a new Summer Fever Pick, so this time we turn the spotlight on the Donna Summer album.

[SEP 2] Let me start with Bruce Sudano news since this is time sensitive.  On Tuesday September 4 at 2:30 EST, Bruce will be doing a live stream with Paste Music & Daytrotter.  He'll be playing some songs and answering some questions. Check out Bruce's announcement (and a little sample tune) on Bruce's Facebook page.

[SEP 2] Moving on to other news, I guess we can start with Summer: The Donna Summer Musical.  Grosses for the week of August 26 were down a little to $679,069 - which is not bad at all looking at everyone else's numbers. There were only 6 shows that were up for the week, and 22 whose grosses  dropped more than Summer's.  Also if you are looking for last minute deals to see Summer, check the TKTS booths in New York (or I think they even have an app now.) You can get last minute deals on various shows that way and Summer has ben one of the shows available at times.

[SEP 2] Moving on to Donna herself, On The Radio is STILL  doing well on the iTunes charts. As I write this, it's #2 on the Top 40 US Dance albums chart.

[SEP 2] Johnnyswim fans - don't forget the duo is still on tour through October. Seriously - if you have the chance to see them live - GO. They put on one heck of a show.  (I saw them last night and I'm still humming the tunes.  :-) )  Also, look for the September/October issue of Relevant Magazine - you will find Amanda and Abner right there on the cover!  (Or if you can't find it, just read it online here.) There is also a podcast that goes with it.

[SEP 2] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's looks at some clips that go with the Summer Fever Pick.  So let's start with the Love Is In Control video.  See if you can spot Amanda in it. (Hint: Look at Donna's belly.  LOL) Then we have The Woman In Me video, and State of Independence live. See if you can spot Mimi in that one. (Hint: You really cannot miss her!  LOL) Then there is State Of Independence from Solid Gold, a German interview piece with clips from the making of the State Of Independence video, and a short piece with the all star choir from the song. And finally, some of you may remember that Quincy did a rather uh, interesting interview awhile ago where (among other things) he said that Michael Jackson stole the bass line from State Of Independence for Billie Jean.  Here is a video comparing them. See what you think.

[SEP 2] And finally - I have a lot of stuff going on next weekend, so I might have to do the update early or it might end up being a little late. I'll have to play that by ear and see how it goes. So don't freak out if you don't see me here Sunday night.  :-)






Quote Of The Week:

[OCT 14]

"When you are writing songs, it's all about connecting to your mental imagery and projecting that into a song and onto a musical palette."

- Donna Summer,  Bravo's Platinum Hit, June 2011

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