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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

[APR 20] Happy Easter, Passover, Earth Day, 4/20 and Sunday everyone.   :-)

[APR 20] Calling all you crazy voters out there -  Pop Icons Weekly is polling people to determine the best 70s icon. Right now, Donna is in 6th place. We only have until April 27 to vote, so let's see how high we can take her.  :-)

[APR 20] Get ready for the parody musical I Know What You Did Last (Donna) Summer.  It is said to be a parody of the Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer franchises, set of course, to Donna's music.  It opens on May 2 at the Cavern CLub Theater in Silver Lake, CA. 

[APR 20] Johnnyswim fans - catch them on VH1's Morning Buzz TOMORROW (April 21) playing songs from the upcoming album Diamonds.  I would tell you all to run out and buy Diamonds on April 29, but I am SURE you all already pre-ordered your copies. (But don't forget to go download your pre-ordered copy on that date!)  :-)  And don't forget to check out their tour schedule. New dates get added from time to time - including one on June 3 in Los Angeles. 

[APR 20] Bruce Sudano fans - he's posted a new song on YouTube called These Shoes. That's his Candyman Band backing him up.  And don't forget - if you are (or will be) in the New York area, you can catch him live at The Bitter End on May 2. 

[APR 20]  As you all know, I am walking to fight MS next month. Those of you on Facebook may have seen this already, but I am 3/4 of the way to my goal of $2012. And so, I have made the third of 4 of Donna's MS PSA's available on YouTube.  Some of you may remember she did a concert with VH1 to support Rock To Erase MS, and she recorded he PSAs to air during the broadcast.  I gave you the first 2 when I got half way to my goal. Now you have #3, and I think you can guess when I will post #4.  :-) 

[APR 20] And speaking of YouTube, time to check out what's there. First up is  the song When I Look Up by Darren Hobbs (featuring Donna), En 10 Minutos: Donna Summer, Patrice's video for Jandry's mix of Be Myself Again, a winter slideshow set to Winter Melody, and She Works Hard For The Money from the Hot Summer Night Special.

[APR 13] Happy Sunday everyone. I have great news about the Donna mural project. They have reached their fundraising goal and surpassed it. I knew we could do it! Thank you all for supporting the project and of course for supporting Donna's legacy.  :-)

[APR 13] As you know, last week on Bravo's Flipping Out, one of Donna's former homes made an appearance (not that she'd lived in it since the 90s.) The episode title is "Flipping Nashville" and the house you are looking for is the one the client ends up buying. The episode is available for sale at Amazon.com. (You'll have to sit through a lot of reality show drama between houses, so keep your finger on the fast forward button if that's not your thing.)

[APR 13] In the Donna is everywhere category, she "appears" on the latest episode of Family Guy. A giraffe bursts into a restaurant and asks a woman at the table if she is Donna Summer. The woman says yes. I should probably mention that this is a cartoon - for those of you who are unfamiliar with the program.

[APR 13] For those of us who love MacArthur Park, there is an interview with the songwriter specifically about the song. Yes, he addresses the cake.  :-)

[APR 13] The land of covers, there is an interesting Salsa cover of On The Radio that is sung partly in Spanish. It's not Donna of course, but it's not bad. :-)

[APR 13] Moving on to Johnnyswim. They did a live online event for SerialBox.com and you can catch it here. And check out the interview they also did for SerialBox. And don't forget the pair are currently on tour in support of their upcoming album, Diamonds available for pre-order at Amazon or iTunes.

[APR 13] And then we have Vienna Dohler - she and her friend Camille and doing a fundraiser for childhood cancer.  Check out the details here

[APR 13] That brings us to YouTube. First up is a promo for On The Radio, the State Of Independence video, Glenn Rivera's Restructured I Feel Love mix, the All Systems Go video,and  I Feel Love from the Midnight Special.

[APR 13] And finally, I took a break from plugging my MS Walk because I didn't want to compete with the mural project, but if you happen to have a couple of bucks left over and are looking for a cause to give them to, well here is my MS page.  I'm still forking towards my goal of $2012.  :-)

[APR 6] This week we start with some sad news. Legendary DJ/remixer Frankie Knuckles passed away last week at the far too young age of 59. If you are a fan of dance music, then you have probably heard dozens and dozens of his remixes.  If you are someone who doesn't follow the remix scene and aren't sure if you have heard any of his mixes - just dig out your copy of Love To Love You Donna and play Hot Stuff.  My condolences go out to his family, friends and admirers.

[APR 6] Moving on to happier news,  this Wednesday April 9 is the premiere of the Nashville episode of Bravo's Flipping Out which should include one of Donna's former homes. 

[APR 6] There are only 6 more days to donate to the Donna Summer mural.  They only need $621 more. Surely between us we can do that?

[APR 6] NeverUndressed.com posted a photo gallery of women who they consider the beauty icons of the 70s. Donna si there on the list.  :-)

[APR 6] Here's one of those things that make you go hmmmm...  a blogger claims he saw Donna sing karaoke in a bar in Boston. Not he admits that it could have been just an impersonator, but whatever the truth is, at least he has a nice memory.  :-)

[APR 6] Johnnyswim fans, they sneaked in an appearance on the David Letterman Show last week. You can see it here.  (It may be region-restricted because it's the network's website. In any case, if you have an ad-blocker, you need to disable it for that page.)

[APR 6] Also catch Johnnyswim Tuesday April 8 at 1 PM (Eastern) for a live streaming event at SerialBoxPresents.com. There will be live performances, interviews and more.

[APR 6] And don't forget you can pre-order their new album Diamonds at Amazon or iTunes. (If you buy it at iTunes, you get 2 tracks now to listen to.)  And if you are looking for a live Johnnyswim fix, check out their tour schedule.

[APR 6] Bruce fans, don't forget he is FINALLY coming back to play New York at The Bitter End on May 2.

[APR 6] I think that brings us to YouTube.  First up if Giorgio Moroder playing I Feel Love in one of his DJ sets, then there is the entire 1979 concert from JapanLove To Love You from a 1976 TV appearance, and finally an audio only clip of the Hot Stuff mix by Eric Kupper and the late Frankie Knuckles.

[APR 2] And now for the real Summer Fever Page!  :-)

[APR 1] Since it's April 1 (almost) it's time for the new Summer Fever Pick. If you've been keeping track, we are finally up to Crayons

[APR 1] And while I'm here I have 2 reminders. Johnnyswim's Diamonds is available for pre-order at Amazon now and at iTunes either now or later on tonight depending on when you read this. It's actually only 11 PM on March 31 EDT as I write this.)

[APR 1] Also - don't forget about the Donna Summer mural. They still need $1900 more to reach their goal and time is ticking away.....

[MAR 30] Happy Sunday everyone!  :-) I'm going to harass you again about the Donna mural at her old high school. They only need about $1900 more (as of this writing) but there are only 13 more days to contribute. Of you have an extra dollar or two (or 1900 LOL) please consider donating it to the cause. They have a number of cool perks available to donors too. The Boston Globe has a short article about the mural project. You can see it here.

[MAR 30] Johnnyswim fans: You will be able to pre-order the new album, Diamonds starting April 1. (The release date is April 29.)  The pair are promising all kinds of fun for April 1. They will be streaming something "top secret" and live tweeting about it.

[MAR 30] In other Johnnyswim news, they have joined the lineup for Lollapalooza 2014 to be held in Chicago. Johnnyswim take the stage Saturday August 2. 

[MAR 30] And just in case you need a little something to tide you over until Tuesday's fun.... check out this new Billboard interview with Johnnyswim where we get yet ANOTHER version of how the band got its name.   :-)  You can hear the song Home on the Billboard page too.

[MAR 30] In Bruce Sudano news, he's posted a new clip to his Soundcloud page. He says they start every rehearsal with a jam and he's posted one that's about 9 minutes of jazz.  It's got a nice groove to it - it's good music for updating a website to...   ;-)

[MAR 30] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up is a tribute video by Suecase Hall set to The Impossible Dream,  then a brief overview of Donna's career -  in Spanish, the video for When Love Takes Over You, On The Radio from 1981, an interview from Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous, and a cover of Always Something There To Remind Me

[MAR 23] Happy Spring everyone!  Let's start off with the Donna mural again. As of right now, they only need another $2500 to make the mural a reality. But there are only 20 more days to contribute, so we've got to act fast.  Let me share an email that our friend LST DNCE sent to his friends and family. (I edited it only enough to protect his privacy and the privacy of his family.)

This is a legit email from your friend/family LST DNCE. First off, I'm asking you to consider donating to this cause. If you're first answer is no then delete this and I'm sorry I bothered you and I hope all is well with you.

Now that you have kept reading....Many of you know my Donna history...Donna Summer has always been a HUGE passion in my life since 1975 and this fundraising cause will leverage Donna's Legacy to inspire others to be successful just as Donna is. This cause is funding a mural in Donna's Boston High School, the Jeremiah E. Burke High School, so that today's youth are encouraged to stay on a path towards achievement and building on their dreams. As a Boston Public School graduate I was inspired by others before me who made is possible to achieve a Harvard Masters Degree and a very successful and enjoyable career. I'm committed to help others who grow up in the same circumstances to become all they can be and feel confident about taking on challenges as they become the future of our society. They can't do this alone unless they are inspired by others who prove that they can grow beyond their means to become whatever and whoever they desire.

On a more personal note, my sister went to this high school with Donna and can you imagine my awe when I realized that my muse rubbed elbows with my sister! On top of that, another family friend was Donna's banker in her early years of success and I was just about to explode wondering how I was missing out on such close contact with Donna!!!! Needless to say when I first met Donna on Friday, July 2, 1999 at the Today Show I had years of built up desire to just spend the day with her catching up on this history as if she was a known friend. Of course, Donna, being the pleasant person she is, was chatting with me as if we were friends, even if it wasn't for the whole day. But those precious 30 or so minutes will stay with me as if they were the whole day.


So these two brief stories lead me to my request that you consider donating what you can to achieve the goal so the Donna Summer Mural can become a reality for so many other inner city kids like yours truly. Sadly, Donna has left us to join the Disco in Heaven and her passing was on Thursday, May 17, 2012. So if you contribute $5.17 or $51.72 or $517.12, that would be a memorable amount building on this mural to make it a reality.....or any amount in between that is possible will surely achieve the goal and trust me, when the Donna Summer Mural is complete I will be there and send each of you a photo of that wonderful event.

In closing, yes, I am and always will be a Donna Summer diehard fan! And who can ask for anything more than having a lifelong passion who will always provide enjoyment, guidance, comfort and inspiration in a talent such as Donna Summer who has no boundaries and reminds us that you can always carry on until your LAST DANCE!!!!

Thank you and at this time of year you should find a way to play/hear Donna singing "SPRING AFFAIR"

[MAR 23] Ok you guys all know Donna lived in Nashville. She had different  houses there at different times and the one she had in the early 90s is going to be featured on the show, Flipping Out. The house has been recently purchased and the episode will feature before and after pictures of the place. According to Wikipedia, the airdate will be April 9, but keep an eye on the show's website for confirmation of that.

[MAR 23] How about something silly? A NASCAR reporter met Donna at a race today. Well, at least he thought  he did.  LOL  The poor guy is probably ready to crawl under a rock now that places like TMZ are pointing out that Donna passed away almost 2 years ago.  You can see the video here.  

[MAR 23] And here's another silly thing that isn't Donna related - thank god!  LOL  There is an article called Who Killed Disco? 7 Suspects Revealed. I have to say.... there are some scary things on that list!  LOL The Disco Polka album really sounds like something we made up  on the forum, but apparently it was real. 

[MAR 23] Bruce Sudano fans - he is FINALLY coming to New York to play The Bitter End on May 2. (It's about time you came East again Bruce!  LOL)  You can see his billboard in Times Square here. (It's a Facebook link, hopefully it works for everyone.)

[MAR 23] As most of you know, Bruce performed  in LA the other night and he debuted a new song called Alone. Someone did get video and they put it on Facebook. Here is the link, I hope it works for everyone. (It's not something I'll be able to download and share by alternate means if Facebook won't work for you. I already tried... )

[MAR 23] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up is Sal's really cool video for the Knuckles & Kupper Hot Stuff mix, ten there is This Time I Know It's For Real, from an Italian TV Show I think, a slideshow set to the vaulted track, Walk Hand In Hand, and a sassy clip of Hot Stuff/Bad Girls from the UK. 

[MAR 16] Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! (Well, almost anyway. :-) ) There's not a lot of Donna news at the moment, so let me just remind you that the kids at Donna's old high school are still trying to raise money for that mural they are doing to honor her legacy. At this moment they only have 19 days left and they aren't even half way to their goal yet. This is about honoring Donna's legacy and about inspiring the younger generation. If you have a couple of bucks to spare, think about tossing it their way.  :-) 

[MAR 16] That brings me to the family, now where should I start? I guess we should start with the oldest and work out way down the list.  :-)  So... Bruce fans will be happy to hear that he has been interviewed yet again - this time for Elmore Magazine. In it, Bruce talks about With Angels On A Carousel and about songwriting in general.  Also if you are in the LA area (or will be) - Bruce and the Candyman Band will be playing at Genghis Cohen on March 21.  Be there! :-)

[MAR 16] In the land of Johnnyswim, they are currently on tour and are gearing up for the release of their first full length album, Diamonds, due out on April 29. Part of that tour placed the pair at the SXSW Festival where VH1 recorded these comments on the keynote address. If you check out their Instagram feed, you can see some of the recent photos they posted from SXSW (and other things.) AND for those of you who haven't seen it yet, the Johnnyswim episode of Live At Daryl's House is now live on the Live From Daryl's House website

[MAR 16] And that brings us to the next generation... Vienna Dohler.  She's Mimi's oldest, and quite a singer/songwriter in her own right already. Vienna has a whole bunch of songs posted on ReverbNation.com for sale with half the proceeds going to the charity Keep A Child Alive. (So that makes her talented AND a good kid! They are doing something right in that family.  :-) )  So after you get over feeling old because the little kid on the Live & More album cover is old enough to have a kid who is old enough to be recording (where did the time go?) then head over to ReverbNation and grab some tracks.  :-)

[MAR 16] And one more thing before I get to this week's YouTube list... As many of you know, I've been begging for money for my MS Walk on May 17. I am a little more than half way to my goal of $2012, so I thought  a little token of my appreciation was in order. Many of you may remember that in 2001 Donna performed on a VH1 special that also raised money for MS. In addition to performing, Donna recorded 4 Public Service Announcements to air during the special. I have those PSAs on a DVD and I have uploaded 2 of them to YouTube in honor of hitting half my goal. I'll leave it to your imagination as to when I will post the last 2.  :-)  I should warn you though that the quality isn't as good as I would have liked. My DVD got corrupted and it was all I could do to get it to play on anything. So instead of ripping the video, I ended up having to record my TV screen with a camcorder.  So here is PSA #1 and PSA #2

[MAR 16] That brings us to YouTube. This week look for Donna on The Word in 1991, the FULL Japanese concert from 1979, the FULL Italian concert from 1977, Bad Girls/Hot Stuff from the Nobel Peace Prize concert, and a live performance of The Impossible Dream

[MAR 9] Happy Sunday everyone! Did you all survive the time change this morning? (Well, those of you had to switch to Daylight Savings Time...)

[MAR 9] Let's start with the mural the kids in Boston are  making at Donna's old high school. They are still trying to raise money for the project, and with only 26 days left to raise money, they still need just about $4000. They have various perks available for different contribution amounts, but really - you can toss in as little as $1 if that's all you can spare. It's just important that the kids make their goal so that the mural can be completed!  :-)

[MAR 9] The other night a concert was taped at the White House honoring the Women Of Soul. (It will be broadcast on PBS starting April 7 as "In Performance At The White House: Women Of Soul" - check your local listings.) They had a bunch of cool people there like Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Jill Scott, Melissa Etheridge, and a young lady named Tessane Chin who did a really good cover of Last Dance. I believe she may be one of us!  ;-)

[MAR 9] Bruce Sudano fans: Catch him live at Genghis Cohen in LA on March 21. And if you need a little something to tide you over until then... check out this NEW song called No Surprise that Bruce put up on his Soundcloud this weekend. 

[MAR 9] Johnnyswim fans: Keep an eye on this page on NPR.org. The pair are performing tonight for a special event for Generation Listen and video highlights will be posted there when they are available.  Also, Broadwayworld.com has an article to promote the upcoming album, Diamonds, and the tour that goes along with it. 

[MAR 9] I think that brings us to YouTube.  First up is the video for Fame The Game, then there is the Queens Of Pop special, the ENTIRE Hot Summer Night With Donna special, and Donna with Joss Stone on Try A Little Tenderness.

[MAR 9] And finally - if you have a dollar or two left after donating to Donna's mural, I am about half way to my goal of $2012 for the MS Walk this year. If I hit that, I have someone who will be happy to toss me another $517.  My walk is on $517 at Jones Beach and I will be thinking of every Donna concert I've ever seen there. Any little bit you can throw in is greatly appreciated.  :-)

[MAR 1] Well, it's March 1 so you guys know what that means... time for a new Summer Fever Pick. This month it's Live & More Encore.  I expect you all to spend the month saying things like "Sorry Rod", and "unplucked section."  :-) What are you laughing at? It works for Barbra...

[MAR 1]  I know we have some remix fans out there. If you have ever wondered how a remixer works his or her magic on a song, check out this video about the making of the Hot Chip mix of Sunset People.

[MAR 1]  The blog, My Fabulous Disease, has reposted a very nice tribute to Donna that was originally published in May 2012. If you missed it back then, go read it now. And if you did see it then, go back and reread it.

[MAR 1] In the Donna is everywhere category, Pop Matters has an article on Kylie Minogue and Madonna that talks about how their music carries on where Donna left off in the early 80s. (The article is actually much better than I just made it sound.  LOL)

[MAR 1] Bruce Sudano fans: catch him at Genghis Cohen on LA on Friday March 21 at 8:30. Be there!  Also, Bruce has released his new video for Neighborhood Of My Dreams - shot in his old Brooklyn stomping ground. 

[MAR 1] Johnnyswim fans: Their episode of Live From Daryl's House is streaming now on VH1.com. For those of you wondering about the name "Johnnyswim"... well, the pair has yet another story on where they got the name.  ;-) 

[MAR 1] If you need a little more Johnnyswim, check out their interview on QCTimes.com.

[MAR 1] I think that brings us to YouTube.  In honor of the Summer Fever Pick, let's start with part 1 and part 2 of the interview Donna did to promote the VH1 special.  Then there is Donna's performance of I Will Go With You (and the interview) from the Rosie O'Donnell Show, Enough Is Enough from the same show, Donna and fans on The View, another appearance on The View,  Donna on Queen Latifah part 1 and part 2, and finally, Donna on Oprah.

[FEB 23] I have a challenge for my MS Walk. We have a generous Donna fan who said that if I make $2000 he will thrown in another $517. I am amazed! And my team captain may have fainted when I told her.  In fact, since I am now officially walking in my Donna gear, she would like to do something too to thank the Donna community if I hit $2000. I have t-shirts I could loan her to wear on the walk, we could get a boombox  and play some Donna tunes while we walk... actually, we are open to suggestions. (But the first person who says we should play I Will Survive will be ridiculed publicly!  LOL) If we hit $2000 what would you like to see my team captain do? (And keep it clean guys - we have some young children on our team.  Some are so young they can't even walk yet!  LOL)  Let me take this opportunity to thank those who have donated so far - you guys are awesome! And for those of you who haven't - we'll you are awesome too. And if any of you are worried that you don't have big bucks to donate, that's totally cool. Even $1 is helpful, or even just your well-wishes are very welcome. 

[FEB 23] While I'm begging for money, I might as well also take this opportunity to remind you that the Dreambuilder's Youth Project is still accepting donations to fund the Donna Summer mural they are creating to honor her legacy.  They offer a few perks for various dollar amounts, so be sure to check that out. And keep in mind their deadline for donations if April 4.

[FEB 23] In the Donna is everywhere category, she was the subject of Beauty World News' Throwback Thursday feature. 

[FEB 23] Johnnyswim fans - their appearance on Live From  Daryl's House debuted on Palladia just the other night. It will repeat a few more times before they switch to the next episode, and it will be on the show's website starting March 15.  And don't forget to check out Johnnyswim's tour page - they have a ton of dates coming up all over the place and you WILL hate yourself if you miss out.  ;-)

[FEB 23] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up is an old video from Stampyurfeet that combines footage of Barbra Streisand's Kennedy Center Honors with Donna's vocals. I have to say it's kind of funny to see Barbra's mouth move on Papa Can You Hear Me while you hear Donna's voice singing.  Then there is a video that starts with some other divas singing Last Dance, and then ends with a separate clip of Donna singing it herself. (You will have NO DOUBTS as to who the real diva is!  LOL) Then we have a cool video for the MAW mix of Last Dance that combines footage from several different things, Hot Stuff live on the Dinah Shore Show,  and Donna's awesome cover of Nights In White Satin.

[FEB 18] It has come to my attention that I messed up my MS Walk link. Apparently I stick in a link for She Works Hard For The Money instead.  Oops.  LOL  This is the right one

[FEB 17] Sorry - I was tired last night, so my update is a little late.  First up today... the new video by Stor Dubine.  :-)  It's his vision of the Laidback Luke mix of MacArthur Park.  (And yes there is a cake, and rain - but the cake isn't actually out in the rain.  LOL) 

[FEB 17]  Last week I mentioned the Dreambuilder's Youth Project at Donna's old high school. They are  creating a mural to honor Donna's legacy, and now they have a way for people to contribute to the project. They have a fundraising page - it's kind of like Kickstarter only this is hosted by another company. If you would like to contribute, there are 47 more days left to do so.

[FEB 17] In release news, remember that Casablanca box set? Well the Dutch retailer I mentioned last time still has a release date of February 7, but apparently they were counting on building a time machine because the real release date is now September 27. LOL  I guess we can wait - it's not like that's a new concept to us.  ;-)

[FEB 17]  The Advocate has an article about what happens when the gay community feels betrayed by someone they've made an icon. Unfortunately Donna is in there because she was accused of making  certain statements, but thankfully the article does say she denied making comments. And really the thrust of the article is not so much about what various divas did or didn't do, but how the gay community reacted to whatever was done/said/accused/whatever. And Donna is only one of several divas they talked about.  (By the way, I am aware of recent online "celebs you didn't know were homophobes" articles. I don't generally comment on them because I don't want to give any more page views to their garbage, but anyone looking to respond to one of those articles may find ammunition here and here.)

[FEB 17] OfficialCharts.com has picked This Time I Know It's For Real as their Pop Gem for Valentine's Day.

[FEB 17] Bruce Sudano fans - don't miss his interview with Dave Marsh posted here on Soundcloud. It's a pretty extensive one focused mainly on With Angels On A Carousel.

[FEB 17] Johnnyswim fans - catch them on Palladia this Thursday night at 11 for  Live From Daryl's House.  If you miss it (shame on you!)  it usually repeats a few times AND they post the shows online. Also check out their tour page - more dates have been added.  :-)

[FEB 17] I think that brings us to YouTube. Look for the Work That Magic video, the Romeo video (Donna's not in that one, it's just movie clips), Last Dance from the Midnight Special, She Works Hard For The Money from a TV appearance, and Donna with Joss Stone on Try A Little Tenderness.

[FEB 9] Greetings all! Let's start with a special upcoming valentine from our own Stor Dubine.  If the name doesn't sing a bell, let me remind you that he is the guy who makes cool animated videos like this one for I Got Your Love.   Well on February 14 (Velentine's Day  :-) )  he will be releasing his latest video through the fan club site. It will be a video for the Laidback Luke mix of MacArthur Park.  Personally, I cannot wait! I love his videos!  :-)

[FEB 9] There is a program called the Dreambuilders Youth Project operating out of the Jeremiah E Burke High School in Boston.  (If that school sounds familiar, it's because that's where Donna attended school.) Basically, it's an after school program designed to help give kids the inspiration  and encouragement they need to succeed in their chosen fields of interest. The project they will be working on is a mural to honor the legacy of Donna Summer.  You can watch their PSA here, or follow their Facebook page to keep up with announcements on how you can help support the mural project. 

[FEB 9] NME.com has published their 500 best songs of all time. I Feel Love comes in at #3!!  :-) (Personally I would have put it up higher, but they didn't ask my opinion.  LOL)

[FEB 9] Bruce Sudano fans - keep an eye out for his upcoming video, The Neighborhood Of My Dreams. He has promised on Facebook that it's coming "soon". (And it can't be too soon for me - that's one of my favorite tracks off the album!)

[FEB 9] I think that brings us to YouTube. This week we have Dim All The Lights live (preceded by a short interview), a 2003 interview, a recent Giorgio Moroder interview, MacArthur Park live,  and She Works Hard For The Money at Disney.

[FEB 9] And finally, as many of you know I have done the local MS Walk for the last couple of years. I will be doing it again this year and as I did last year (and as I have been doing  with all my charitable endeavors since 2012), I do it in Donna's memory to celebrate her humanitarian legacy.  This year the walk takes place at Jones Beach again (last year it was too wrecked by Superstorm Sandy for it to be ready in time.) And this year by pure coincidence, it takes place on a very special day: May 17.  If you would like to contribute, here is the link. There is no pressure.... but if I hit my $500 goal, then I will once again ditch my team t-shirt and instead dress in my Donna gear.  :-)  My team captain was totally cool with that last year.  (Please help me wear my Donna gear - I hate wearing the color orange!  LOL)

[FEB 5] Mary Bernard fans - go see "The Real Diva" (sorry Donna  LOL) sing in Delray Beach Florida at the Garlic Festival this Sunday February 9.  Mary will be there all day and she's even gonna hit the stage with Andy Child for a couple of songs. She very specifically said that she would LOVE to see everyone, so if you are in that area (or will be) go catch her performance, and then go say hi. (I promise - she doesn't bite!  Well....  maybe if you asked her really nicely to, she might...   LOL)

[FEB 2] Happy Groundhog's Day! That darn groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, so I might be eating groundhog stew for dinner this week.  ;-)  Fortunately in here it's always SUMMER.  And that brings me to the Summer Fever Pick for the month. If you've been keeping track, we are now up to Mistaken Identity by some blonde chick.  :-)

[FEB 2] Some of you may remember a couple of months ago that  a  an 8 CD Donna Summer Casablanca box set was announced for European release. That should be released Friday February 7 according to this Dutch retailer. There is still no definitive word about this collection - other than it seems to be 8 CDs in a cute box. They haven't said if there is any new remastering, or if all the original art is included or anything. I suspect we won't know much more until one of us grabs a copy.

[FEB 2] 2 of the stars of the Broadway musical Kinky Boots were asked by Playbill to pick their favorite disco songs. Can you guess which artist made the list 5 times? (Hint: She is blonde in this month's Summer Fever Pick.  LOL) 

[FEB 2] Johnnyswim fans - mark your calendars for April 29. That is Abner's birthday and I strongly suspect he would just love it if you would celebrate by grabbing a copy of Johnyswim's first full length album - coming out April 29. Woot!!

[FEB 2] And that brings us to YouTube.  First up is a commercial for Live & More that will make you yearn to have the whole concert on DVD. Then there is the There Goes My Baby video,  Forgive Me live from a telethon, and an AMAZING playlist from the 2008 tour that kicks off with Be Myself Again.






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“I am really into nature. I love the sky. I love the sun. I marvel at all the beautiful things that God has created. When I just stand and look up at the sky, that gives me utter pleasure.”

- Donna Summer, PS May 2004 

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April 2014:

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Ken's Korner

[JAN 12]

Reflections on Remixes…………..

First and foremost I trust that everyone had a Happy Holiday Season, and I wish everyone the best for 2014. I know that some of our own have been going through health issues, and as someone who is dealing with a number of on going health issues I know 
all too well the meaning of that saying, when you have your health, you have everything.

The Love, to Love, You, Donna Remix album has been making news, and is doing very well. The remix of MacArthur Park has topped the dance charts, and the album as a whole is turning a whole new generation of fans onto Donna’s body of work. The recent impact of Daft Punk has also benefited Donna as their work has the genius of Niles Rogers and Giorgio Moroder behind it.

That said, I have mixed feelings about the remixes (pun intended), and as you all know I am not shy about letting these opinions be known. I guess my love for Donna’s original body of work does cloud my judgment of any and all remixes, and in fact when I think of my favorite 12 inch singles I most enjoyed the ones that extended these great songs without altering them all that much. 

For me, I can’t wait until Verve releases some of Donna last recordings, and possibly some gems from the vault (after all Donna co-wrote Silver Girl *with David Foster).
As for Donna’s vast released body of work, for me, there is nothing like the originals.

*One last note for this Ken’s Korner, I have a whole bunch of Facebook friends with a Donna connection, one of them being the comedienne Louise DuArt. If you don’t know the story of the song Silver Girl, ask Louise. Cathy and I, along with others also know the story, but we’ll charge you for the information, major credit cards accepted ! 


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