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Fan Reviews of Beautiful

As many of you know, Donna's track, Beautiful, has leaked to several clubs here in the US and in the UK. A couple of fans have been lucky enough to hear it and have sent in their reviews. I originally posted these reviews on the news page, but have decided that it was time to archive them on their own page. As more reviews come in, I will add them to this page.

John's first review:

[FEB 8, 2003] "[The DJ] did however say that it should be out this summer! Your mention in the news section that the remix is very 'Hex Hector-ish' is a right comparison. Very high energy/loud & clear vocals/very anthemic. When the chorus comes on and she starts to belt out 'Beautiful' you can't help but feel the power of her voice. This is definitely a song/remix of the caliber that 'I WILL GO WITH YOU', 'LOVE IS THE HEALER' proved to be. Hope this will add to the few news tidbits that are trickling in on this track."

John's second review:

[MAR 1, 2003] "DJ David Knapp from NYC guest dj'd at BLU (local dance club)on Sat night 2/23 & played it. I pretty sure it was the same mix that DJ Don Bishop (from Palm Beach, CA) played a few weeks back (Tony Moran mix). I was able to listen to the entire song/mix this time. It appears to be around 8 minutes? long and is very energetic, anthemic- but something I didn't notice last time is that its a bit trancey & less house circuit (like Love is the Healer/Thunderpuss mix). Its has less a bass line & more of a slight trance/airy feel... One thing I noticed this time was a slight lacking of emphasis on her vocals during the verses. The music is a bit more prevalent than her vocals in the verse and then when the vocals in the chorus come on they "take over" - vibrant and amazing. I really like this mix but can't wait for others."

Kevin's review:

[MAR 1, 2003] The DJ (DJ David Knapp) was spinning when I got there so I went into the booth and asked him if he had the song and if he could play it. He said sure and put it on within 3 songs later...  Anyway, you know me, I don't usually hold back or flower it up so I have to say that after hearing the song for myself I am not so sure it is a hit. Sorry to disappoint some but at least this first version seems a bit over produced and kind of repetitious. The vocals appear to be lost in all the Dance Beats and undertones. To be perfectly honest if I had not know it was coming on and was not listening as closely as I was I am not sure I would have known it was Donna even. The beginning starts off with her softly saying something like you're mystical, inspirational, you are Beautiful. The word Beautiful is also way over used throughout the song. Sorry but this is one guys opinion. I actually hope it is a hit and maybe with a different production and a better pressing done it will be!!!!

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