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October 15, 2003


Disco queen DONNA SUMMER tried to commit suicide at the height of her fame - and her life was only saved by a tangled curtain and a quick-thinking maid.

The depressed HOT STUFF singer - who reveals the shocking episode for the first time in a new book - decided to end her life in 1976 by jumping from a New York hotel window.

In ORDINARY GIRL: THE JOURNEY, she writes, "I didn't want to live, not another minute. It just kept getting worse and worse for me. I hoped the weight of my loneliness would send me crashing eleven stories (sic) to the sidewalk below.

"I was trying to shake the curtain off my leg when the door to the room swung open and in walked the maid."

The maid talked her out of committing suicide and suggested she seek help, and Summer later discovered she was suffering from a chemical imbalance that sent her spiraling into depression.

She adds, "Without my medication I'd be back at that window."

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