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BBC News - June 17, 2004

The mid seventies heralded the start of the disco scene and a whole generation of new music was born.

One of the artists at the forefront of the disco phenomenon was Donna Summer.

In 1975 she had a hit with 'Love to Love You Baby' which was to hit the headlines for another reason.

'Love to Love You' was banned in the United Kingdom, its lyrics were considered to raunchy for radio fans.

But that didn't stop the track going gold, and it was also noted for being extremely long at 17 minutes.

The single was also credited by Rocking Roll magazine as being one of the top 50 defining moments in music.

Success continued for the woman who always believed it was God's will for her to famous - Summer covered Barry Manilow's 'Could it be Magic' which made it into the R&B top 40.

A stream of hits followed with 'I Feel Love', 'I Love You' and 'Last Dance' from the film 'Thank God it's Friday'.

As well as appearing in the film, the song won an Oscar and the first of many Grammies.

But it wasn't only her singles that added to her growing fame, she also had three number one albums in a row.

Donna Summer had a quiet spell between 1983 and 1989 but the hit producing machine that was Stock Aitken and Waterman were to give her career a massive boost with 'This Time I Know it's for Real'


Donna Summer is in the UK to promote her new album 'The Journey: the Very Best of Donna Summer' which came out on 14 June.

The double CD sees her reunited with dance music producer Giorgio Moroder - the pair haven't worked together for more than 20 years.

The new collection includes all 14 of her top 10 hits.

There are 18 tracks in total including two platinum and six gold singles.

Rumour has it that Donna Summer sang in church when she was a child and made such an impression on the audience that it was reduced to tears.

The young girl claims she heard the voice of God telling her she would be famous.

It doesn't matter whether that particular story is fact or urban myth, she certainly has achieved her dream of mega star status. 

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