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June 15, 2004


Disco diva Donna Summer is lamenting her dramatic weight loss now R&B beauty Beyonce Knowles' has inspired a revival of the hour-glass figure.

The star has endured a brutal diet and training schedule to lose weight but admires Knowles -- who recently sampled her "Love to Love You, Baby" hit -- for challenging society's obsession with slinky bodies and prompting a renewed appreciation of "sexy curves."

Summer explains, "It's much more difficult to shift weight now. It's impossible to stick to a diet if you're touring -- there are only so many salads a girl can take!

"I have a personal trainer who comes for an hour and a half and we do weights and aerobic exercise. But look at Beyonce, I think she's gorgeous and she's inspired the curve revival. She's one sexy lady who knows exactly what she wants!" 

[Webmaster's note: The misspelling "Summers" has been corrected by me. Shame on you SFGate!  ;-) ]

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