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Just a quick warning for those of you who have a limited amount of time to read the page (before the boss catches you goofing off!  LOL) - this is a LONG page! 


Jools Holland


Attended the taping last night, Donna made a short but very sweet appearance. She looked great - the best I've seen her in her recent appearances - Long wavy dark brown /red wig, usual black trouser suit (better fitting than IDOL) - she looked a lot slimmer in the flesh.

She gave a short interview of the usual stuff (the book, LTLYB, Hair, Giorgio, Songwriting, the first time she sang) Then Jools asks her about what she listened to back then. She answered Joni Mitchell and The Beatles. Then he asked her to sing some Beatles with him - she obliged with 'LET IT BE'!! SIMPLY GORGEOUS just her sitting with Jools playing, side by side at the piano!

I had a great view as they were facing us as we were right by the camera shooting them. I'm so glad she performed and that it wasn't one of usual Hits! I hope they keep everything in the editing.

[And his follow-up after the broadcast...]

I was at the taping on Tuesday - The broadcast was severely edited.

A verse of 'Let it be' was gone (I'm pissed at that because it was so beautiful) and some of the interview, particularly a funny bit where Jools had an anecdote about going to see 'Hair' and something about a naked man, she laughed and said that was disgusting. And she spoke about the book too.

She looked better in the flesh! The TV lighting never does her justice - those who saw the TV monitors at Discomania will testify how different the lighting made her look (less flattering).

- Parlypangi (Endless Summer board)





Long rambling post alert!

OK I'll start with the "spoilers" for Friday, for those that are lucky enough to go today. Friday's show will have V (new boyband), Girls Aloud, Rachael Stevens and Coronation Street girls including Sarah Lou and Candice. The latter are singing Lady Marmalade, no ideas what the others are doing. You might get to see more of Donna that I did. She did the finale last night, so you guys will get the see the introduction and hopefully a song :-)

I had such fun at the taping. The line was really long. Me and my partner go there well over an hour before the doors were due to open as there was already quite a queue (and I was anxious about getting in!). We got chatting to the pair in front of us who were dressed out in disco wear - feather boa, sparkly tops, ruffled shirt and so on. One of the researchers asked if they wanted to be on camera, so they said yes. They asked if we were with them and we said yes - well you'd want to be on camera too right!?! ;-) What it meant was that we got to go on the balcony right behind the stage area so we were really close to all the acts, even if we didn't get to see a lot of the front of them!!!

Donna was first out to do the introduction to the finale, which is Enough is Enough with Westlife. An interesting choice - a famous 2 female duet with 1 woman and 4 guys :-) They went through the song twice, Donna in fine form. I noticed that she actually has microphone technique, taking the mic away from her so she doesn't overpower it on the big notes. Donna looked very trim and also very, very pretty. Between takes she had her make-up artist come out to retouch her, as well as an assistant with a bottle of coke with a straw in (so she didn't mess up her lipstick). At first she seemed a bit nervous, but really came out of herself once into the performance. I mean there were 99% Westlife fans in there, all screaming at them!

I felt somewhat old because some of the teenage girls nearby were saying "What's this song, I've never heard it before?" about Enough Is Enough - oh I'm only 26. I'm still too young to feel old LOL

As she left the stage, my partner shouted a big "Donna we love you!". Actually he doesn't, but I do and I'm just too shy to shout! So she turned round and we got a big smile and a thank you :-)

There will be a CD released to tie in with the show. The show itself goes out in the UK next Saturday - 19th June, then the CD is out on Monday 21st. My assumption is that the Donna/Westlife "duet" should feature on the CD.

The other acts that night were Liberty X with Kool and the Gang who were OK, but nothing great. They sang "Fresh". The last act was Jamelia who did "If I can't Have you". She was stunning looking with a great voice. She got a great reception from the audience and came across as being very, very sweet :-)

To all those going to tonight's taping - have a fab time and get lined up early!

- Andrew (Endless Summer board)

Thursday and Friday

Last night's taping of DISCOMANIA was absolutely fantastic! And much better than Thursday's taping, but I think that was because Donna performed 3 (6) times instead of once (twice)!

Thursday's taping had Donna first to arrive on stage to a huge standing ovation, to perform in the opening number of an absolutely brilliant version of 'No More Tears' with Westlife which set the pace for the evening. Then she did a couple of links and that was the last the audience saw of her!!!

So with last nights' taping I wasn't expecting too much, but it turned out to be quite an exhilarating experience! And one of the best nights ever. Donna was as usual on top form with her singing and her wit, and she chatted to the audience in the front row between takes.(she also mentioned that her high heels were killing her!)

The taping was opened by Rachel Stevens (ex S Club 7 ) performing 'Knock On Wood' and then Donna came on stage, again to an earsplitting standing ovation, to perform a medley - 'Hot Stuff / I Feel Love / Bad Girls' to an all new, very up to date backing track. Then she did a couple of links with co-presenter Neil Fox (Capital Radio).She fluffed her lines a couple of times by introducing the Kool & The Gang hit 'Fresh' as 'Flesh'!! She had everyone in fits of laughter and at one point couldn't do right, for laughing herself! Neil Fox passed a comment to her (all in good fun, of course) and she replied 'Well, my job is singing!!' - which raised a huge cheer from the audience! After the next act, Donna returned to perform 'MacArthur Park' and again to an all new '00s backing track. There was two more acts before Donna returned for the last time to do a couple more links and then go on to perform 'Last Dance' She then did one more link with Neil Fox, both in big afro hair '70s wigs! (of course, Donna looked the best! LOL)

All of the songs performed were performed twice so we got to see Donna sing 6 times last night. There were many fans from all over the world - a friend of mine came over from Sweden and he knew 2 Norwegians that were in the queue! There were also more Europeans and I'm sure I heard an American accent a couple of times!

The producer once again assured the audience of the airing of the show on 19th June & the CD release on 21st June. A member of the audience begged for a DVD release to the cry of many others too to which the producer replied 'You want a DVD too?' - so who knows?!! A couple of the audience members (from the production invitations) had PROMO CDs, but I couldn't get hold of one myself!

I chatted to a few people after the show and they all said what a brilliant evening it had been and how much they had enjoyed Donna's performances.

I was still on a high when I finally got home, only to find that my VCR had only taped the last TEN minutes of the 'Jools Holland Show' and I had missed Donna!!!!

Still, I thought that I had had the best evening!!!

Here's to next Saturday when I will stay in and make sure that VCR works hard!

I think I've remembered all of last night! LOL

- Paul from Surrey


Oh my God Cathy, I have finally gotten to see Donna Summer and what a night it was. I screamed myself hoarse!

I was at the Friday taping with my cousin. I must add that every act that 'performed' mimed, but not Donna.

She appeared in 2 outfits. A black leather cape with inner red lining and silver chains hanging from the sides, a black lacy bustier with red trimmings, and black leather pants with really high, pointed shoes, long hair, and she was beautiful! This was the outfit she wore to perform 'Hot stuff' and 'Bad girls' (with 4 very attractive cops strutting and soliciting Donna) with a few bars of 'I feel love' connecting them.

She then wore a black long sleeved baby doll top with a belt with a large silver buckle pushed up high with some huge black flowery thing attached at the back, atop black pants. She wore this for 'MacArthur Park' and 'Last dance', the latter, she was joined by all the other performers and dancers.

It was a magical night. The studio was designed to recreate the interior of Studio 54 and Donna said it was a very good copy.

- Nse from Nigeria


I've just got home from the recording of the DISCOMANIA TV show featuring DONNA and I'm still buzzing from it all.

I got there early to ensure a good seat. The crowd was varied, young and older, a mix of straight men and women , and a health sprinkling of gay men of a certain age, who were there for one reason only: to see the DIVA: Donna Summer.

We were eventually allowed into the studio, and my friend and I got FRONT ROW SEATS (!!!!) right in front of the raised stage.

As many of you are aware, TV shows and films are shot out of sequence to the actual show that is transmitted, and this show was no exception.

The show included many UK pop stars and boy bands and stars from soaps etc who MIMED to their songs. I really can't be bothered to report on them, because I want to get to the Donna bits.

Donna's first appearance was to sing a Donna medley. Dressed in a floor length black leather coat over black leather trousers (pants, to you US fans!!!) and a black basque with red trim, she sang (LIVE!!!!!!!!) a medley of Hot Stuff with a few bars of I Feel Love, before going into Bad Girls.

She looked fantastic, with a long black/brown shoulder length wig to finish the look. There were four sexy male dancers dressed as NY cops, who danced behind Donna as she sang Hot Stuff. Then four blonde girls joined them, dressed as hookers, as Donna went into Bad Girls.

Donna was singing live, belting the songs into her mike. She has never sounded better. Her voice was strong, powerful and on perfect pitch. It put to shame all the others who mimed!!!!!

She did the medley twice, as she made a slight error, and there were problems with Donna not being able to hear the backing track through her ear pieces. (These were hidden by her wig.)

Her next musical number was Mac Arthur Park. Again, singing live. This time Donna was dressed in a black outfit of trousers (pants!) and a low cut top. Again Donna had to sing it twice after she made a slight error, and again a few technical problems. In fact as we were so close to the stage, I heard Donna ask if she could do the last refrain again, but the floor manager said the director was happy. The ending of the song had been changed. The song started off slowly as usual, then went into the disco part, but seemed to end really abruptly.

Bruce was sat behind me on a spare seat, tapping the beat with his foot, and making sure Donna was looking good. I caught his eye a few times, and he smiled at
me. He was in the studio all the time Donna was there, to keep an eye on what Donna sounded and looked like. After every take she had hair and make up people making sure she looked stunning under the hot studio lights.

Donna then had to do a few links to the other acts, with Neil Fox, who is a radio DJ, TV presenter, and a judge on the UK version of Pop Idol. I have to say, Donna did have to do these a few times as she got her lines wrong, but she laughed it all off well, and the audience laughed at her goofy faces that she pulled when she got her words wrong.

The next track she did was Last Dance, which although shot out of sequence, was the end of the show. Again Perfect, and she only had to do it once.

She will also sing Enough Is Enough, with Westlife (Irish Boy Band), but that item had been recorded the night before.

There were LOTS of cries of WE LOVE YOU, DONNA from the BOYS in the audience (me included).

It all seems a blur. I can't get over her voice, although I should know better, being a huge fan of hers from the very start!!

Her final link with Neil was funny. It was a piece about the fashions of the 70s. He wore a huge afro wig, and Donna had a massive brown frizzy wig on (very big like a Diana Ross wig) The audience loved it!!!!

The show will air Saturday 19th June on ITV.

I can't believe I got such a good seat and got to see my icon again!!

I can't believe she is doing a signing in HMV next week!! I won't be able to make it!! So if any other London/UK fans feel like getting a spare copy of the CD signed, get in touch. But I did get to see her, so I can't be greedy!

A brilliant HOT SUMMER NIGHT in London Town.

Love to Cathy, and all DONNA fans everywhere.

- Christopher from London


Not only was I there on the Friday night but as my partner and I dressed up in Afro wigs and 70s shirts (not forgetting the obligatory medallions!) and queued from 1630 (5th in the queue) we got seats in the centre of the 2nd row and were, at times, no more than 2 metres away from Donna. It was actually quite disappointing to see how few people made the effort to dress for the occasion! The camera kept turning to us, usually while I was singing along to every word with Donna, so I guess I'll be there in the finished edit! The only people who got in earlier were those with "reserved" seats who I'm told got given them because they were turned away on Thursday. Spoke to someone who managed to get to both performances and was told Friday's was longer (finished around 2220 as opposed to 2120) and much better for Donna fans as she sang more numbers and did all of her links. 

My report may be a bit dis-jointed but that's as I remember each detail and recover from the shock and delight at attending such an incredible event.

Some of the audience were picked out to stand on a steel "balcony" at the back of the stage. Wasn't watching them during the Donna numbers so no idea how well they danced and how much they will feature.

First up in the important Donna recording order was the Hot Stuff and Bad Girls Medley - rightly reported as having a few bars of I Feel Love in the middle. Donna was wearing a black full length leather coat with a red lining and cuffs. Underneath was a black and red "basque" style top and black leather trousers. She also had a shoulder length dark straight wig (it WAS a wig as she complained to the woman in the row in front of me about how we women suffer under our wigs! The funny thing was that this woman's Afro was real!). The wig looked much better than the one she wore on Jools Holland which was redder and curlier. For Hot Stuff she had male policemen (fairly skinny and not especially hunky actually) dancing around her and then the scantily clad females appeared for Bad Girls. The later numbers she changed outfits for and although still black, wore cotton trousers with a shorter black jacket which had "looped ties" at the back. She wore this for the other 2 numbers AND all of the links. Macarthur Park was fabulous and for Last Dance she was joined by all of the other performers from Friday (but not Thursday's performers so not sure how that will look in the finished edit!). Our Donna was the only performer who sang live whilst all of the others were lip-synching. As ever, she sang beautifully and perfectly. Great treat too as each number (except Last Dance) was performed and recorded twice. She had to stop the 2nd medley recording at the beginning as her earpiece wasn't working so they took her to the back of the stage and "adjusted" her, then started again.

For me this was better than a live concert as Donna had time between numbers to chat to people at the front of the audience. She soon linked up with the lady in front of me who had the REAL afro, and her friend who had on the greatest biggest platforms I've seen in years. But the highlight had to be when Donna looked across to me, directly into my star shaped glasses (yes really) and said - I love you. 27 years of waiting but oh was it worth the wait. As the Granada head of entertainment said to us, you couldn't PAY for a ticket that would get you this close and this intimate with Donna. He was clearly a fan and said that seeing her perform in the USA last year had given him the idea for the programme.

The audience were entertained between numbers by a comedy presenter called Andy Collins. The show itself is co-hosted by a UK DJ & Pop Idol Judge Neil "Foxy" Fox. He and Donna were giving each other plenty of cheek, especially when either off them fluffed their lines (which they both did on a number of occasions). Donna blamed nerves but I'm surprised considering what a small audience it was (around 500 max!) Instead of introducing Liberty X and Kool & the Gang singing "Fresh", Donna introduced it as "Flesh". Wonder what she was thinking about! Surprised that references were made in the links to Love to Love You Baby (as I thought she had disassociated herself with it) but it didn't seem to phase Donna. In fact, I noticed she was also happy to talk about it on Jools Holland. Perhaps a new era? In one link, both her and Foxy were wearing Afro Wigs and there is a strong hint that the wigs and make up weren't just the girls! Foxy also told the audience that what we couldn't see but he could was that he had a great view of Donna's bright blue contact lenses! It was clear that a substantial number of the audience were gay fans so it was good to see so many staying loyal to her despite the ancient history! Loads of shouts came from the audience in the breaks, usually things like "We love you Donna" - to which she replied "I love you all too". One guy asked when she would be touring the UK to which she smartly replied, "I'm here aren't I?".

Of the other acts, amazingly the best performance for me was the "Coronation Street Girls" (3 young actresses from the UK soap). The boyband V singing Can You Feel It were popular with the younger members of the audience, whilst the least inspiring for me were Girls Aloud singing Lady Marmalade. Rachel Stevens (former S club 7) did a good version of Knock on Wood to start the evening, but there is no doubt this is Donna's show. I just hope that it gets the plugs and tv audience it deserves - at the moment it look like it airs at 2200 so seems a bit late to catch a big audience! Would be much better at 2000 but then it would be competing with Euro 2004 footie.

Donna had stiletto (tall & thin) type heels so was helped up and down the many stairs and was attended on stage for make-up and hair(?) between each number. None of the other acts were getting this level of treatment, although drinks were usually supplied between recordings.

Stood around after the performance for an hour or so at the main entrance in the hopes of getting another glimpse and maybe even a signature but no sign so not sure how or when she left.

I also went to see the ABBA based stage show Mamma Mia (for the 5th time) the next day, so my hands still hurt from so much clapping and my voice has gone from so much singing and yelling. All of the dancing has helped the middle aged waistline!

And now..........? Beautiful memories, a dream fulfilled, and Saturday night can't come quickly enough. Donna, I love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Keith from the UK


I'm pleased to tell you that I had a great time at ' Discomania'. As we looked the part, I was asked if I would like to be a dancer on the stage along with my friends Giovanni & Andrea from Rome who I believe you've met.  I quickly said ' Yes' as I was game for a laugh. Cathy, it was hard work as we had to dance for over 3 hours with just some short breaks. Everything was filmed twice & I presume the best take will be used. At the end of it we were hot & exhausted but we got to see Donna. She was shocked to see me & even more so to see the other two. In between the filming she kept blowing kisses, waving, smiling etc to us. She was in a good mood. She was a little nervous when she started but soon warmed up when she saw us & as the taping went on. The funniest moment was when she kept getting one of the links wrong. Instead of saying' Fresh' ie Kool & The Gang, she kept saying FLESH!!! Everybody was in hysterics!! What was she thinking about!!! We also managed to call out to Bruce who was equally surprised & pleased to see us especially on stage. We could not have been in a better position. I'm not sure if the Italians have forgiven me as I'm the one who said' Yes' to the Researcher who spotted us.

- Hassan  [tired unpaid backing dancer]


Yesterday was soooo good. 28years I've waited to see Donna live in the UK having missed out on the two previous occasion and I was not disappointed! We got to see and hear lots and lots of Donna and she looked fabulous.

We queued from 5.30 to ensure we got a place as they over allocate each event to ensure the get a full audience. About 6.15 the checked our tickets and when I showed them ours they said "hey you've got a reserved ticket, you need to be over here". A guy from Granda TV said you must be special if you've got a reserved ticket! There was about 50 of us can only presume because I responded quickly from Cathy's website before it went official - don't know - but we had fantastic seats right in front of the stage about half way back. The studio had recreated the look for Studio 54, the sound, lights and staging were great.

When Donna came on she got a standing ovation - the producer had to shut us up "save it for later guys". The atmosphere was great, she looked great in leather trousers, long leather jacket. The cops were on the stage and female dancers and she launched into a new mix of Hot Stuff - I feel love - Bad Girls - Hot Stuff. It was fantastic!

Everyone was up dancing, singing, screaming. And you know what she did it twice! Later on in the evening she was back in a different outfit to do MacArthur Park - again performed twice (it was the short version without the break unfortunately) and then she did Last Dance for the big finish with all the other performers on.

It was a brilliant night and one I will always remember - for those of you there too I was the poor guy Craig Allen kept picking on because of my bright orange shirt and the fact I was wearing a big 70@s tie.  <snip>

We saw lots of Donna filming the links between the acts with Foxy (from UK Pop Idol). She was laughing, having fun, talking to the front of the audience a lot. Best bit was when she introduced kool and the gang with their song call "Flesh" instead of Fresh. She got it wrong it twice and was laughing with foxy about it.

So I am sure they will be other reports but this is mine for the moment, must go but will add other stuff later.

Best wishes.

- MarkQS (Endless Summer board)


Here's my take on Friday night. As you may know I don't pull any punches when I say what I feel about Donna her career etc and so I was rather apprehensive about what we were going to see and just HOW much Donna would be on there. Happily I was completely wrong....

Tony and I got to the Studios about 6.45 and were shown to some seats fairly far back but also central so we had an excellent view of the whole stage. In any case, there were probably only about 500 people there so it really had an intimate feeling. Typical for TV land, the show was filmed in pieces no doubt to be edited together later.

The first act we saw was Rachel Stevens (who I have to say, looked stunning). She did a fairly good version of Knock on Wood although her voice will never, ever have the power of Amii Stewart's.

Next was DONNA and the house went wild!!!! They really brought the house down with the welcome they gave her - fantastic! She had to come off and on stage by going up and down some steps and in the darkness of the studio and with her unfeasibly high FABULOUS heels she needed some help up and down the stairs. Yes she is still big but I swear not as big as the Christmas-time TV appearances (or it could be that TV really DOES make you look bigger) but one thing I would say is that at no time did she waddle as she walked across the stage. Even on shows as recent as American Idol I have been worried about the way she seems to waddle but like I said, she definitely didn't this time. So I guess she must have trimmed up a bit.

She had a lovely classy long straight dark brown wig on (IMHO the reddish orange wigs do not do her colouring any favours) and the blue contact lenses (obviously we weren't THAT close to see them LOL but the co-presenter Neil Fox did). She wore a FULL length black leather coat which looked pretty hot (and I don't mean temperature!) For the first song, she started off facing the back of the stage with some hunky good looking dancers dressed as police men in front of her. As the beat of Hot Stuff kicked in, she turned round and walked to the front of the stage through the policemen. She slowly undid the coat to reveal that it was lined with bright scarlet material. (The crowd went bananas at this point! LOL) Underneath she wore long black trousers and the most spectacular black lacy boustier i have ever seen. It was trimmed with red to match the lining of her coat and it looked STUNNING! It was the BEST outfit i have seen her wear in YEARS. It highlights everything that we have said on this forum about larger women still being able to look good. She looked like a voluptuous sexy curvaceous vital woman. 

She did a good slower (not the usual breakneck speed) version of Hot Stuff. This blended into a short blast of I Feel Love where a gaggle of scantily clad girls came on to dance and then into Bad Girls which then blended into a brief reprise of the intro to Hot Stuff and then ended. It was a great medley and worked really well. As with all the performances they filmed two takes of every song and so we got the chance to see Donna doing it all again. Her performance was just as good but she fluffed quite a few of the lines in Bad Girls (i think she switched into automatic pilot for a second and went into her regular live version). But it wasn't too bad and i guess they will easily be able to edit a complete good take from it (the first version together with the audience's reaction was good enough anyway).

Next up was 3 girls from Coronation Street (Sarah, Katie and Candice) who did a respectable version of Lady Marmalade (yes, I know, AGAIN!). Candice has REAL stage presence and charisma and outshone the others by miles. Again they shot the whole song twice. Next (i think I remember the order correctly) was a new boy band V who did a cover of Can You Feel It. These guys were very young, very fit and VERY cute! They also put on a damn good performance - real energy and good vocals! A visual and aural treat.

Next was Donna again this time in a more conservative black trouser suit with a top with a raised waist (ie. just under her boobs) again which was very tasteful and effective. She did a stunning version of MacArthur Park. The slower pace allowed her to really go for the big long notes and she received rapturous applause. The backing track was new although they had clearly sampled in parts of the original music in parts eg. the violin parts in the ballad intro. Again she did this twice and no one was complaining.

In between these takes Donna stayed on stage but either moved to the back or side. She was instantly surrounded by a make up guy (who seemed to do everyone's make up) and a tall slim good-looking black guy who fussed eternally with her hair. There was also a very muscly toned looking mixed race girl who brought her out a drink. I am wondering if she is Donna's new assistant/trainer (or something?). I could be completely wrong. Bruce was also there buzzing around. Sometimes he hung around on stage with Donna but more often he left her to it which I thought was good.

At one point we were informed that they would be filming lots of links for use throughout the show. Neil Fox (Dr Fox) was the host and did most of the links but Donna did a few on her own too and the two of them did several together. As the evening progressed, there seemed to be a real rapport between them as they laughed and joked together.

Donna fluffed SEVERAL of her lines which was actually really funny and she laughed at herself with good grace. 

At one point they were doing the link for Kool and the Gang and LibertyX's performance of Fresh (which no doubt was filmed the night before), Donna said "here is a version of Kool and the Gang's hit FLESH" The audience fell about as did the guys on stage. They did a second take and she did it AGAIN. It was hysterical - she looked so embarrassed and I'm sure blushed! She then apologised and said that she is dyslexic and finds difficulty following autocue. This was the first time I have heard this... is it true (or was it in the book and I've forgotten?) Anyway, she got it right third time. 

While they were setting up the shots, Donna was left alone on stage on more than one occasion and I really got the feeling that she was actually quite nervous doing the speaking parts. She seemed to gather herself together a few times and then when she relaxed a bit, she joked with the audience. (Funnily enough, Tony told me he thought the opposite, that is, that she is so comfortable and sure on-stage that she could just stand there alone without being bothered). I really got the feeling that she can turn on and off the stage presence. I don't mean it in a bad way, but she does not seems to be a naturally extrovert person - its almost as if she has to compose herself and her energy and then projects it in her performance. Throughout the evening, she got on so well with Neil that he even good-naturedly teased her about her mistakes and she replied with "I sing for a living...." to which the crowd went MAD! LOL

Next up were Girl's Aloud with her version of I'm Every Woman. I was shocked, perhaps only 2 of these girls have any thing like any stage presence. The other two were totally wooden and looked utterly uninterested. They couldn't even inject any life in their performance even though they didn't have to sing! I liked the version of Automatic they did a few months ago but looking at them I would say that they have about 2 single's shelf life in them.

The finale was Donna doing Last Dance. All the acts were on stage around her or up on the walk ways erected around the back of the stage. She did this once and I imagine she did this on the Thursday night performance as well. Heaven knows how they will edit it to make it look like ALL the acts are on stage together but I guess that's what they will do.

After this Donna and Neil did a few more links to finish off and in the last one Donna and Neil came on with huge afros on. Neil had a deliberately cheap looking one on (the link was about hairstyles and fashion in the 70s) and Donna walked on stage with this ENORMOUS afro-type wig on. It reminded me of that photo of her in the book from the 60s but was about twice as big. I have to say she looked FANTASTIC in this and I wish she'd wear it again. She just looked really elegant and fun in it.

So to sum up, this evening really restored my faith in Donna. (If I didn't know otherwise, I would even think that she or someone in her camp has been reading this forum and taken on board some of our comments LOL! If so, please tell Donna she was FABULOUS!!!) She was totally professional at all times, very humble and very Diva like but in all the positive senses of the word!

I am devastated that I won't be able to go to the signing next week but as I can only go to one, I think I chose the right thing to go to. I would dearly love to meet her properly one day but I think seeing Donna in an informal setting, with some 'behind the scenes' type things going on, chatting with the audience and laughing at herself and to see her sing 3 songs (well, really 5) and most, twice over, beats meeting her for 5 seconds.

- Victrola (Endless Summer board)


Dear Cathy, here's my review. Where do I start? I guess at the beginning of my holiday.

I was on holiday in the UK for 2 weeks early June. Was actually meant to have gone late April and was booked to go on Alitalia but on the day I was to fly, Alitalia workers went on strike so I had to reschedule my holidays. Talk about divine intervention.

Got to hear about Discomania on your site about a week later, found out it coincided with my UK visit, called a friend to book for me, arrived London and my friend waved 2 tickets under my nose!!!

Friday 11th June arrived and I must have worn everyone around me out with my 'I'm going to see the queen, no not that one, Donna!' refrain. I have been mad about Donna since late 1980.

My cousin, (not a Donna fan mind you) agreed to go with me. He'd joked that he was sure there'd be countless empty seats as he was sure not many people remembered who she was.

Boy was he wrong! The queue was miles long! Lots of people, oldies, middle aged, lots of youngsters, gay, straight, everybody. 

We got in and as it was a TV recording, were told to clap at the introduction of an artist, keep quiet during their performance, then clap and cheer again at the end of the performance.

The studio was designed to recreate the interior of Studio 54, complete with mirrored ball. Donna (later in the show) said it was a good copy.

Rachel Stevens came and mimed to 'Knock on wood' and we did as we were told.

Next, Donna was announced and the audience threw decorum to the wind. The screaming and clapping went on for ages and was real. Then the host said 'that was very good, now do that when she comes on'. Did we need to be told? The most beautiful lady on the face of the earth then gracefully climbed onto the stage, she was wearing dangerously high stilettos, a black leather cape with red inner lining and silver chains hanging at the sides, a black lacy bustier with red trimmings, long, auburn hair and the most beautiful blue contacts (her co presenters words).

She than sang 'Hot stuff' (live by the way) with 4 young guys dressed as cops prancing around her and gyrating suggestively. Oh, and we sang along with her, as well as to every other song she did. Then a few bars of 'I feel love' led to 'Bad girls' where the cops melted away to be replaced by 4 scantily clad beautiful blondes.

Other performances were 'I'm every woman' by Girls Aloud which was horrible (sorry but it was), an ok version of 'Lady Marmalade' by 3 Coronation Street females, a new 5 man boy group called V whom we were told to watch out for did a high energy, very entertaining version of the Jacksons 'Can you feel it'. Oh, every performance was done twice including Donna's, except 'Last Dance'.

Donna then did 'MacArthur Park' which was cut rather too short to my thinking. She flubbed the ending the second time and wanted to do it again but was assured it was fine. 3 guys sitting behind my cousin & I said "did you see that? She's so professional, she wanted to do it again and get it right'.

Last dance was awesome. Even my cynical cousin had to admit she could sing and that she looked too good, she must have had a face lift. Oh, he was really impressed with Donna and said, she's so ordinary, not at all like the diva I expected. I told him that was why she titled her book 'Ordinary Girl'.

In between her performances, stylists rushed to the stage to fuss over her hair, make up, etc. No one else got that treatment.

There was lots of jokes and face pulling by Donna. There was a time her co presenter pointed at her bracelet and said 'Those are real diamonds' Donna replied by calling the name of the shop she got them from and said 'Jealous??' to him. It was so funny.

Then she mistakenly said 'Flesh' twice instead of 'Fresh' when introducing the Kool & the Gang hit. Her co presenter kept at her, she apologized and said she's dyslexic and he said 'That's what they always say'.

Well, my holiday is over, came back to Nigeria before the HMV signing, which I found out about and rushed to tell Cathy about by the way. I am so thrilled that I have finally seen Donna Summer in the flesh. 

Thank you Cathy, and to you out there who have not seen her yet, keep believing, magic happens...

-Nse from Nigeria

[Note: This is Nse's more detailed follow up to the original report he sent me.]


Discomania was such an exciting and funny experience. We stayed at UK fan Hassan’s place, got ready for the night dressed up in our 70’s best outfits, and, while lining up in front of ITV studios, we were asked to join another queue.....only later did we find out that we were about to experience a new role for us....up on a balcony of the stage we had to dance to Donna’s and other artists’ songs all night long (more than 3 hours!!). We can’t describe Donna’s face when she got on the stage for the first time, heard someone call her, turned up, saw us and, after recognizing the three of us, was literally shocked, her mouth opened, smiling, waving and sending kisses, and asking “what are YOU doing here ?”, adding “ tonight you’re gonna be on TV all night long, so YOU are the stars”.

After a while Bruce had the same reaction...Then the show started and she was fantastic: her voice on top form, she sang a great version of MacArthur Park and a medley of Hot Stuff and Bad Girls intermixed with a short instrumental part of I Feel Love. Last Dance, used as a finale, saw all the other guests join her on stage. She was the only star of the evening to sing live and repeat each song twice. (wow! Two MacArthur Parks in a row is a unique experience!!). Bruce was in the audience all the time clapping, singing and encouraging her...what a couple, they’re so sweet together.

The funniest parts of the show consisted of Donna hosting with Neil Fox : she was in a good mood, showed her versatility, incredible sense of humour of the hugest afro-wigs ever seen!!

What a night.!!

Unfortunately we had to fly back to Italy before Wednesday so we missed the signing at HMV, but...on Monday, before leaving, while purchasing the just released UK version of The Journey, we heard someone call our names...that was Bruce, who had just arrived there on the spot to get everything organized for Donna’s meeting with her fans. We had a short but interesting chat with him about Donna and her future plans.

Thank you Hassan for putting us up and sharing such a great event with us!!

- Giovanni & Andrea from Rome


Just a few words about Discomania recording.

I went to the recording early to make sure I got in, and needn't have worried coz I had reserved tickets (Thanks Cathy for reporting the event so soon). I was ready to go in "Dress" I had a great costume, really authentic from the seventies era, wig and medallion included. But I made the mistake of telephoning the studio prior to arrival and the girl on the phone recommended smart & casual. THANKS whoever you were. 

Anyway to get to the Show, I ,like many others were there for one thing and that was to see Donna and she didn't disappoint us, she was fabulous as any other time I have seen her in the flesh. I was lucky enough to see her 3 times in UK 1977,1987, and 1996. Anyway what a great reception she got from the audience as she prepared to sing a medley of Bad Girls & Hot Stuff. She did the songs twice which was great for us. As one can never get enough of Donna. The audience were up on their feet (Me & My Friend Sheila included) Next she did a couple of links with Neil Fox (Capitol) and even though she fluffed her lines a couple of times she was charming and witty about it, never losing her cool. 

The next song, which she also did twice was the great Anthem 'MacArthur Park' with a really nice and up to date backing track her voice is and always will be incredible and She of course seemed to be the only one singing live on the night. The Finale (Which was recorded before the end (LOL) was 'Last Dance' with all the guests on the show joining her on stage and once again she was great. To finish she had another couple of links to do and that was it. I can't wait to see the end result on Sat 19th. And get the album also. 'The Journey' has just been released here also so plenty Donna for the fans old and new. 

I'm just sorry I didn't go there in the 'Outfit' I had coz, I just may have had chance to say hello to her as the producers seemed to group all the 'Dressed' members of the audience near or on the front rows. But I had great seats for viewing  right opposite centre stage about half way back. Donna has just this morning (15th) done some early morning TV appearances with 2 of the Breakfast TV Shows and I got to see one of them before I went to work. She was calm and relaxed but made a joke about the early hour. But looked so gorgeous. She mentioned the Discomania Show and the programme played a little clip of her and Westlife, and also played a few clips of her career to date. She said jokingly that she couldn't watch it on the monitor. Anyway I'm looking forward to Saturdays Show and hope to get a glimpse of myself (LOL). 

- Phil from NW UK

[Note: Phil is known to collectors of fan mixes as Klyk - as in Klyk Mix]

FRIDAY - new

I got my tickets for Discomania, for fri, the 11th, me my sister and my 17 year old daughter left Liverpool on Wed 09th, to go to Brighton on the south coast to stay with my son Richard who also had two tickets for him and a friend, on the friday we were running a little late getting to London, I kept ticking my son off as he was the one causing the delay, he could not believe how many people were there when we arrived at the studio, while standing in the long line of people I got chatting to two Donna Fans that were at the recording the night before, when Donna sang with West Life. they told me Donna's vocals were on top form, they also had a look at our tickets and because we had reserved stamped on them in red, we would be moved to the front before we go into the studio, and that's just what happened, I could not believe my luck after arriving a little later than planned, we were moved to the front with only a hand full of people in front of us, we got great seats, a birds eye view ! I got chatting to another Fan, a little older than myself, he loved Donna, I told him my story about meeting her in New York at Barns & Noble ! he told me he had never had the chance to see Donna perform live, I told him he was in for a real treat tonight ! and I was not wrong, Donna was, BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC, MAGIC, I put that in capital as her presents on the stage was HUGE, the fans went wild for her, I could feel my son and my daughter looking at me, I was just hoping they could not see the tear in my eye, they loved her they were up dancing cheering Donna on, singing along, the people in front of us said they were amazed they knew all the words to Donna's songs being so young ! so I told them they have been raised on Donna Summer music, from the day they were born ! my son shouted out to Donna, I Love You Donna ! and she replied, I Love You Too, and blew a kiss, Richard was not close enough for Donna to see him, but he has told everyone in the UK that Donna blew him a kiss, (he even told Donna herself at HMV, in London)
the recording of Discomania was fantastic, it was a great time had by all, and to see Donna perform each song twice, was just magic, we all left walking on air, everyone loved it from the young to the old.

- Rick from Liverpool


Onto 'DISCOMANIA' and it turned out to be a brilliant TV show!! Not as good of course. as watching the actual taping of the show, as it lacked the audience atmosphere! Donna shone through, as always, of showing the youngsters WHY she is THE DIVA!! Watching it on the TV, I can now see that all of the acts did mime except for Donna! Donna opened the show with the 'Hot Stuff/I Feel Love/ Bad Girls' medley, then a couple of the other acts performed, and then Donna was on again with 'MacArthur Park' (of which the editor made a good job of the ending!).I know that after the taping of this ,Donna wasn't too happy with the last few bars, but the producer assured her that it was okay and that they would fix it! I think Donna would be pleased of the job they did!! After a couple more acts, Donna & Westlife closed the show with 'No More Tears'. In between performances there were interviews with some UK celebrities reliving the '70s and news of what happened during the '70s, plus a couple of interviews with disco acts and a short sentence from Donna!

'Last Dance' was missing from the 'DISCOMANIA ' show, and I thought 'What have done with it?'!!! - but it turned up in the closing section of 'DISCOMANIA: and the beat goes on'

'DISCOMANIA: and the beat goes on' was just more or less an extended repeat of 'DISCOMANIA' with more and extended interviews with UK celebrities telling us what they got up to during the '70s and disco era - plus Donna performing 'Last Dance'

- Paul from Surrey




Let me start off by explaining one about the HMV signing. The way it was set up, it was very difficult for fans to get pictures  while they were near Donna. But there were screens set up throughout the store so that people in line could see what Donna was doing. So when you look at the photos below, you will see that some were taken of the screens. That's why you might see weird lines or distortions.

On to the reports.....

I got there about 6, already there was quite a queue ahead of me. Some people had brought LPs and other goodies for her to sign, but staff were being quite strict that Donna was NOT signing anything old. She was only signing the book and CD. The bad attitude of some of the staff was a bit of a downer - they were tough! Photos were limited - you had to stand in the right places. Despite pleading there were no photos allowed *with* the diva! They were giving out post-it notes for you to put your name on. 

Donna looked fabulous today. I've heard other people say this before, and I'd like to repeat it, that she looks much better in person than on TV. She's very, very pretty. Today she had a quite fetching dark red wig. Bruce was with her today, as well as an older lady - was this Susan M*, I'm not sure? I said hi to Donna and that I enjoyed the taping on Thursday. I asked what Barbara would think about that famous diva duet being sung with 4 guys. Donna said something like she was sure Barbara would like it - LOL. I asked Donna if I could take a photo, which I did. So it was all quite brief and my head's still in a spin! My signed Ordinary Girl and The Journey CD are now holy relics in my house ;-)

I talked to a few people at the signing. It was a blast to meet real life fans - rather than virtual online ones. Nice to know I'm *not* the only one. It reminded me just how big a part Donna's played in other people's lives and how well thought of she is.

- Andrew from the UK

*Susan M is Susan Munao who was Donna's manager for many years and who is now helping out with all the Journey and Ordinary Girl stuff.

dear cathy and fans

this is gareth from southampton. i travelled to london this afternoon by train to meet donna and get my book signed.

i arrived early and there was already a queue down the side of hmv in oxford street.i waited for a friend so started talking to a guy who travelled from leicester.just before 5pm we started going in to the shop then there were 3 lines all waiting for donna to appear.

when she did there was applause and cheers and several people shouted donna donna.the camera men started flashing away and were later told that was enough pictures.

the first queue went up onto the stage, all with record sleeves, books, the journey cds. i was in the second queue so i waited patiently and looked at the video screen of donna smiling and i could lip read her saying thank you to each fan.

after 20 minutes it was our go. i wrote my name on a post-it from the bouncer and was told by a lady where donna would sign the book. on the stage i recognized a lady. could it be susan munao? yes it was wearing a white jacket to donna's left. my god!

someone said you are on and there i was in front of the diva and bruce on donna's right. i gave her the book and said i travelled all the way to see her
last august in toronto. donna replied all that way? was it good? did you enjoy it? i said it was fantastic and bruce said yeah it was a good show.

that was it. i said thank you to her and to bruce then took some pictures of her at the side of the stage.

my friend and i then went to the pub where we met 2 very loyal devoted fans(i thought i knew a lot about her but my god they were experts and had everything of her from cds to show appearances).it was so good to talk about the diva for a few hours. when i talk to my friends they think i am mad and living in a time-warp but i was buzzing on leaving them in the pub(and 2 glasses of wine later)!

it was a magical summer night and i'm still on a high writing this. to see donna, bruce and susan brought back all of those memories of the past. donna looked younger than on the front cover of ordinary girl. she seemed a lot thinner than on american idol and her skin was fantastic.

i hope you enjoy reading this.

- Gareth Davies from Southampton

HMV was FANTASTIC. I got there about 10 minutes before Donna arrived and was placed in line - nobody checked my wrist tag - it's still in my bag LOL I got talking to a some of the guys near me and of course the conversation was ALL Donna, nobody could believe that she was actually here in London and that we’d get to see her up close and personal. 

Susan Munao came out wearing a white suit with her hair piled up on her head and fussed around the table. There were a lot of heads to see over so I couldn't really see what she was doing. Behind the table was a massive screen and all around HMV there were screens, which was great because you could see what Donna was doing all the time

They then played I Feel Love and before we knew it Donna and Bruce both came out and the crowd went mad. There were a lot of press cameras in the way and I made a mental note to remember to catch the morning and weekend papers. The crowds went wild and were calling for Donna and waving.. including me!!

As Donna sat down and started to sign.. shock horror ... L2LUB came on. My immediate thought was OMG, but Donna was unphased and there was no reaction.

The initial excitement died down and the conversation immediately turned to Donna's appearance and everyone agreed that she looked great and had appeared to have lost weight since American Idol. As I Love You played in the background people were also talking about her performance on Jools which had a big thumbs up – if you get to read this Donna the fans want more “Donna unplugged”!! There was disappointment about Good Morning and Lorraine because many had missed it but everyone was looking forward to Discomania... although nobody was sure if the duet with Westlife was a good thing or not as most Westlife fans in the UK are between 10 and 15 - although most of the fans agreed that during the Summer drought something was better than NOTHING.

It was impossible to get photos of Donna - there were so many people around her and Susan Munao kept getting in the way of Donna and the camera so at times the big screen was just filled with Susan's bright white suit and no Donna :o( Heaven Knows started and everyone where I was standing was singing along.

The whole thing went so quickly when I actually met Donna, with Hot Stuff playing - I was juggling my Ordinary Girl book, my Journey CD and camera to try to take photos and Susan was trying to make sure I had everything ready and all I wanted to do was snap away to have something to share with the fans that couldn’t make it. I think it would have been better if they had made people stand back a little and file past one at a time - there were always so many people around the table that it was impossible to get a clear shot... maybe Donna prefers it that way LOL

Susan was very warm and chatty and then I was in front of Donna with Bruce watching my every move. Donna smiled and looked up at me with her contacts! She looked radiant and was the make up was immaculate - the first thing that struck me was her nose and her lips - if I was to draw a caricature of Donna that's what I'd concentrate on and for the first time I was seeing those famous features up close.

Before I knew it I was giving Bruce a quick flirty glance and then I was off down the stairs. I turned for one last glance and then I was off to the sound of She Works Hard for the Money... just to remind me my place in life and tomorrow Donna will be shopping in Knightsbridge and I'll be slaving over a hot computer!!

Over and out from Summer, working hard for the money in London, England ;o)

- Summer, London


As it was a Wednesday, I had to take my 6 year old daughter, Hannah with me straight after school! We rushed home and changed into nice outfits as we were meeting Donna! Then it was all systems go to the train station to catch a train to Waterloo, and then the underground into London. We arrived at HMV around 4.50 pm and I asked the security guy where we had to go for the Donna Summer signing. He told me to go out the shop and turn left, go along to an alley just after Burger King, go down the alley to the side entrance of HMV and another guard will meet us there. WE got there and there were 2 people in the queue, and I thought where is everyone and how lucky I was to be 3rd in the queue!!! Then the guy at the door showed us into the store, through the middle of the shop to about 6 metres from where we were just a few minutes ago! Then I saw that they had sectioned off the last half of the store into 3 queues, and that there was a load of fans there already!! We got into halfway down the second queue (the first queue being full!). Everyone was talking about Donna and some fans mentioned the DISCOMANIA taping. I saw a friend of mine, Nik, 3 places behind me.

Then just after 5pm Donna came out!! There was loads of fans and press there all snapping away at Donna!! Everyone was shouting and cheering and clapping!! Donna was wearing a cap and had reddish sreaks in her hair, trademark black outfit with an aqua blue blouse and looking stunning as usual!! She seemed very calm and also to be enjoying herself! I had my camera with me but there was so many people there that it was practically impossible to get any photo's. There was a huge screen behind Donna so we could watch what she was doing. I did take some photos but they are all disappointing!! There is no clear photo of Donna!! Hannah sat on my shoulders to take a photo but even that was a bit blurry!! (sorry Guys!) Donna then sat down and the first of the fans were ushered onto the small stage to begin the signing. HMV were playing a compilation CD in the background, although it was turned up quite loud, and I think it was 'Endless Summer' CD rather than 'The Journey' CD?!!? We waited about 45 mins before we got to the front of my queue to join another queue of about 10 waiting to go onto the small stage for the signing. As I got to the stage I was juggling a rucksack,1 book, 1 CD a camera and Hannah's hand!! I turned to Nik to hand him my camera to take a photo of Donna and me, but the Guys in HMV were very strict and abrupt and ushered me onto the stage in a hurry so I didn't get the chance to give Nik my camera! I handed my CD and Book to (who I now know could be) Susan Munao, and then......

Then there I was in front of Donna!

I gave her a smile, but I was dumbstruck for a few seconds then I thought 'get on with it, speak, before it's too late!'

I told her that she was absolutely brilliant on DISCOMANIA and she gave me huge smile and said 'thank you'

I also said that I had waited 27 years for this moment and she said 'Wow, really?' and gave me another huge smile!

I then told Donna that Cathy says 'Hi' and she replied 'Ooh ,that girl! She certainly gets about! She knows more about me that I do!!'

She then looked at Hannah and said 'Hi Pumpkin, what's your name?' and Hannah said 'Hannah' (thankfully!!)

I then said to Donna 'I have something for you, if you'll accept it' and I gave her a copy of 'FANFARE' CD!! She said 'Thank you'

I was then given my CD and book and turned away from the stage, and Bruce looked at me and said 'Thank you, Paul'

I glanced back at the stage at Donna but she was once again surrounded by a crowd.

It was an absolutely overwhelming experience, to finally come face to face with a person who has been part of your life for so many years, it is a moment that I will treasure forever.


- Paul from Surrey


The signing was short but sweet. She emerged after 5pm to huge applause & cheers from the crowd. She then posed with her book & CD for the Press who were busy vying to get her attention for their cameras. Donna looked immaculate in a black trousers suit with a green blouse. Her hair was long, brown & straight topped off with a black cap back to front. The event was very well organised & I'm guessing that the aim was to get as much signed as possible so you had your stuff signed had a few words with her then you had to go. As always Donna was very kind to me. She signed a couple of CDS for me & a fan who could not make the event due to work plus a 'Journey' poster. As we chatted she inquired about the poster. I told her that my house is sold & I hope to be moving next month to a new house so the poster would be framed & hung there. She is so sweet. I shook Bruce's hand & we chatted briefly as he was standing right beside Donna. He told me that he bumped into my friends Andrea & Giovanni while he was in HMV on Wednesday afternoon by chance & they spoke. I told him that they were staying with me before they returned to Rome. I handed him a card & present from me to both of them plus a card that Andrea & Giovanni had left me. I left happy with loads more fans waiting for their turn to meet & get their items signed.

All the Best

- Hassan from London


I got my son to come with me on the Wednesday to HMV, we got there for, 3:00pm, there was not many there, I got chatting again to more Fans, and they wanted to know how I had so much info about Donna, so I directed them to your website, spent a lot of time writing it down for them on there purchase receipts, so expect a few more hits on the Donna-tribute, There was one girl there saying she only wants one recording but cant get it, I asked her what the song was, and she told me Mimi's song, I told her to go back into HMV and ask for Donna's Live&More cd, 1978, so off she went got the cd, I could not believe it they gave her another wristband, I just thought those Donna fans that telephoned HMV from France and Germany, who must have been told like I was that they would all be gone by monday afternoon, could have took there chance and come over to the UK, and may have got wristbands. 

[Editor's note: Rick had called HMV from his home asking to purchase a CD over the phone by credit card in the hopes they would be willing to hold his purchase and a wristband at the store for him. Apparently Rick was not the only fan to make that request - and all such requests were turned down by the store.]

The next thing we were all in HMV waiting for Donna, and when she came out with Bruce she looked Stunning, as you know she posed for the press, standing there with that fantastic smile of hers she looked so much like her daughter Mimi, then she moved behind the desk ready for us, they let us go up to the desk 15, people at a time, that was five from each line, this was to many so it felt rushed it was not as intimate as it was in New York, not organised very well, all the fans had come along with there old Donna posters and LP covers, and Donna started off putting her mark on everything ( I am also a little guilty of that I got a DVD while in hmv, a shortened down version of Live&more encore, with a new cover) and Donna put her name on it for me, I was so pleased when I stood in front of Donna again, I told her I last seen her in New York and she told me, I know I remember you! I could not believe it, while Donna was signing my stuff ! I shook Bruce's hand and told him it was nice to see him again, I don't think he was very happy with the way things had been organised, he was trying to tell the organisers to have the books open, and the cd covers ready, he also said Donna should have a silver pen for signing the cd covers, she was using a black one, I Love mine, but it is not as clear as my New York cd, I was going to say to Bruce the organiser who is writing the fans names on slips of paper before they come up has the silver pen. but I never, Donna and Bruce thanked me, then it was my sons turn, I stayed next to him while he chatted to Donna, We seen you at Discomania, he said, Oh was you there, did you enjoy it Donna asked ! yes we loved it, I shouted to you, I love you Donna! and you said back, I love you too! and blew me a kiss, Donna moved back on her seat, with that great smile on her face, and said Did I, giving him one of her looks, both Donna and Bruce thought this was funny, I said to Donna this is my son, and he believes you blew that kiss just for him, when she was signing Richard's cd covers, she said to him, I see you are named after your dad, he shook Donna's hand and Bruce's, he asked Bruce if he could take a photo of Donna, Bruce asked him if he would move away to take one, as the flash freaks Donna out, so he moved down off the stage to take his photo, we had a great time my son said he will never forget it, he thought Donna was lovely! 

- Rick from Liverpool

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