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Celebrity Fight Night 

April 2, 2005

The evening's entertainment kicked off with Gloria Estefan (w/the Miami Sound Machine) in tow doing 5 songs. Then REUBEN Studdard came out and did 1 song God Bless America at which time they released an American eagle who flew around the room twice which was really pretty cool !!! Then Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. did a great set of 4 or 5 of their hits from the 5th Dimension days! After that David Foster called REUBEN back up on stage to do his one hit Flying Without Wings then Alice Cooper did School's Out For Summer and it was finally time for you know who!

Donna came out in one of her "classic black tuxedo suits" with a rhinestone corset underneath. Her hair was long and black and very curly (almost like Bad Girls era) which is how I like it best. She began her set with what else MacArthur Park! Then she did On the Radio w/backup singers from the audience. Next it was a rousing version of She Works Hard for the Money. Now it was time for the Bad Girls / Hot Stuff mix for which Donna got a bit frisky doing a shimmy here and there and really playing up to the audience. She then took a moment to reflect on the evening and to give her appreciation to Muhammad Ali for all he's done in his life. At this time she did The Greatest Love of All and dedicated it to him. And finally, she ended the show with a superb version of Last Dance. During the set David Foster who played the piano for her during the whole set just seemed to be amazed with her and kept saying her what a great job she was doing after each song. There is truly a unique bond between them you can tell. It would be really nice to see them team up again (like on the Pokeman 2 CD) for an entire CD of new material for Donna. The only thing missing was that Mary Ellen could not make it but it still was a magical, mystical night as Donna would say!!! 

Kevin O. (Phoenix, AZ) 

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