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Holmdel, NJ 

August 6, 2005

Well..... Jones Beach WAS going to be my last show for the summer.....   and then someone twisted my arm and I found out I could get off of work a couple hours early...  Next time there is a show nearby and I say I'm not going, just tell me to shut up.  LOL

Last night rocked!  The crowd was more responsive than the Jones Beach crowd, but a little less responsive than Boston.... (which makes it sound like a competition.  LOL)  Donna looked like she was having a good time up there last night, and I know the audience was having a good time too. There was a group of people there with silver pom-poms who were dancing and throwing confetti..... You guys were a show all by yourselves!  (And I mean that with a great deal of affection.) 

The set list has been covered about a million times in other reviews, so I'll just say that it was mostly the same as all the other shows.  Donna added a short version of the Joe Cocker song, You Are So Beautiful, and also a cover of the Beatle's A Little Help From My Friends - which was the setup for picking the divas and divos for On The Radio. Once again, I missed out on the Try Me/I Feel Love/ Love To Love You medley.  Five shows and I missed it every time.  You know, if I didn't trust you guys I'd swear the whole putting Love To Love You back into the show thing was an urban legend.  ;-)

There was one minor hitch that proved the adage that is anything can go wrong, it will.  As I'm sure most of you know by now, Donna makes her big entrance by being raised up through Bruce's piano at the beginning of She Works Hard For The Money. If you've seen it then you know it's very cool - and if you haven't seen it yet, well.... you'll see, it's very cool.  ;-)  I had my digital camera last night (shhhhh - don't tell the PNC staff) and I was all set to take pictures of Donna on the piano. Up she comes, and I start snapping pictures. And then....... down she goes.  Oops.  I thought they might try raising her back up again, but a moment later she walked around front.  I suspect maybe the lift was malfunctioning because they didn't even try to use it at the end of Last Dance when Donna left like they usually do.  The perils of a live performance!

One thing I haven't mentioned yet..... there was another song added to the show.  :-)  Donna did part of I Got Your Love (a couple of choruses and a verse) and I have to tell you that the crowd ate that up!  I think we might have a hit on our hands if we can get radio to play it enough.  (That's your not-so-subtle hint to call your local Donna-friendly stations.  ;-) )  It sounds really good live and actually, it more than made up for me missing Love To Love You FIVE times.  ;-)

I have more to say - but I'll just say it in pictures instead.  :-)

- Cathy from Long Guyland and Cyberspace

Donna Rocks!!!

This was my wife & mine 11th time seeing Donna live. The first time was in 1979. I have to say Donna has just gotten even better over the years. She as gotten so much more comfortable with the audience. Donna is a down to earth Diva!! with a powerhouse talent. We are lucky to have seen Donna sing all of her hits over the years but seeing here now, singing some of our favorites with songs that have meaning for her like Smile, Nights in White Satin and Natural Woman is so fantastic, What a voice, just has powerful has 29 years ago. At the end of the show Donna said see you next year! I can't wait. We'll be there! And I can't wait for the new CD. I Got Your Love is great. 

- Vinny from New Jersey!!


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Up she comes...

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You can't tell by this one, but Bruce really did open his eyes a few times.  ;-)
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