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Puerto Rico 

February 24, 2005

As you know, Donna performed for the first time in many years in Puerto Rico. One of the guys who was lucky enough to attend sent me some of his photos and a translation of the review printed in the newspaper, Primera Hora.

Primera Hora Review (English translation by Jordi)


"The Disco Diva Donna Summer, energized the Puerto Rico Coliseum with her presentation last Thursday; proving once again here voice is as it was in here glory days three decades ago.

She was accompanied by a string orchestra, trumpet, sax, a pianist, a guitar set, bass and drums; a three voice chorus, musical director, and of course a huge disco ball! In addition, she was accompanied by an extraordinary musical selection and a huge charisma that left all attendees with happy faces. Donna Summer must have seemed very happy, seeing how all the fans that filled the coliseum did not stop dancing and singing to her beat and remained standing throughout most of all the show. 

Not to categorize those present, but it is impossible not to be fascinated by the amount of face lifts, glimmery clothes and afro wigs worn by a few. The evening was like a time travel to 30yrs ago. The only thing is that most every one there was, of course, 30yrs older. Even those fans who aren't much into this mood, supported the evening in appreciation to the nostalgic event taking place. The arena area was completely covered by them all the way to the back. This made me real happy because it made me realize that the maximum amount of people did get to enjoyed the best concert I have assisted to date. Following the musical intro of the orchestra, Summer encouraged those present by summing up "Dim all the Lights" and "This time I know it's for real". The singer may have gained a few pounds in the last couple of years, but her voice remains "intact". If I would have listened to the concert from another room, I would have thought it was a recording being played. That's how much Donna Summer's voice remains the same. The beloved artist constantly interacted with the audience. Once she had all those present singing and dancing with enthusiasm during "Enough is enough", the singer asked 3 females from the audience to join her on stage to sing along with her "On the radio" as chorus girls. The 3 unknown girls stood behind a microphone and sang. I must admit it was impressing the way the girls played along very well, considering the fact they had not rehearsed. 
Another song that energized the audience was "MacArthur Park". A song to which, apparently no one has really listened to its lyrics. It is about a cake that was left outside to rain on and was ruined by it; which is terrible because she lost the recipe and will not be able to bake it again. (I swear, I am not kidding!). But, besides that, people love it anyway... that's the kind of a great interpreter Donna Summer is.

The talented singer added some variety to her show with an elegant tribute to Ray Charles with "Georgia on my mind" and a touch of rock and roll with "Cold Love". Then the artist returned to her golden era with "Try me", "I feel love" and "Love to Love you baby", with less intense orgasmic moans than when it was played on the radio. Donna Summer presented her band during the singing of "She works hard for the money". Then she proceeded to closure, singing with all her glory, "Bad Girls" and "Hot Stuff"; leaving the audience heightened. But she definitely climaxed with a sensational finale with "Last Dance". Summing it all up, Donna Summer offered a fantastic show that must be repeated without having to wait another 30yrs."

Photos by Jordi and friends
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