The Donna Summer Tribute Site

Atlantic City

July 14-15, 2006

I got a postcard in the mail from Caesars for 2 complimentary tickets to see Donna either Fri. or Sat. What a bargain!!! <snip> Anyway, the show was slightly different than the Westbury show. First of all, the stage was wonderful (and her back was not towards us). Bruce was playing on a very sparkley/glitzy piano which Donna came out singing while standing on. The staircase from the piano to the stage were piano keys. There was excellent lighting and a very psychedelic background. She sounded beautiful, as well as the band, although the crowd was a little lame-mostly until the end when everyone finally started dancing. She did most of the same songs as Westbury (I got to hear Love to Love Ya again!!!!!!!- wow, twice in one month!) She didn't do Pearl nor This time I know Its for real. However, she did do Cold Love. Until her next tour!! 

- Dr. Dave, West Paterson, NJ

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