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Los Angeles 

October 1, 2006

Donna's show was incredible at the LA County Fair. It was wonderful to see such a huge crowd anticipating Donna on stage. The enthusiasm was so strong that Donna fed off the audience the whole night. The show was about 2 hours and they were not any different tracks this evening. She did perform her Try Me/I Feel Love/Love to Love you Baby medley which was a real treat. She hinted about this medley buy saying " Let's go back in time to some of the Old Songs". Donna even gave us some extra moans on Love To Love You. This medley is not always included in the set so I was very happy. She did her usual jokes and banter, which us die-hard fans know by heart. The audience got a kick out of it though. The show flowed flawlessly, but poor Donna stumbled on one part of the lyrics of Last Dance. As a matter of a fact, the band played 3 more instrumentals of Last Dance at the end of the show as the audience were walking out of the fairgrounds. She was very responsive to us fans through the evening, blowing us kisses and flashing that gleaming smile. Can't wait for Donna's new album and her tour to promote it !!!

- Jon W, Studio City CA

It was the experience of a lifetime to sit 5 rows from the stage, right in the middle in front of Donna and have her perform with passion and perfection. Her voice ( as always) is phenomenal. Her looks were flawless, her dresses glittered like stars in the night, shining and illuminating THE ONLY DIVA, the most beautiful voice ever!

The crowd ( sold out, PACKED) was on its feet most of the night and the energy level was incredible.
Thank you Donna for yet another night of fun, passion and flawless performing that only someone of your stature in the music industry could deliver after 30 years of performing!

Please don't ever stop singing!
Donna , you're incredible and we love you baby, for ever!!

Thank you Thank you again, come back soon!

- Jim from Ontario, California


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