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Mohegan Sun

July 12, 2006

I attended the Donna Summer concert with a friend and my dog.

Here is my report for the site.

It was a hot steamy day in CT and I got out of work and headed for the concert. My seats were off to the right of the stage where there was extra room for my dog and my guest. Donna looked great wearing great outfits and she was in a good mood. She spent time to talk with the audience and there were several points in the show where the audience would just scream and yell for several moments. It was like the momentum in the crowd just kept building up and you could tell that people were excited to be there with Donna.
Donna spoke about the "Diva" and the other me. The other me being the Donna that the public doesn't know and the "Diva" being the one we always see. She said that it was hard to get the "Diva" ready but with help from make up etc, the "Diva" was in rare form!. 
She spoke about having to come home when her father was very sick, she did the twins routine and she talked about being married for 25 years.

I thought the pace of the show was great, just enough time for her interaction with the audience etc.
The song list was as follows:
She works hard for the money
Macarthur Park
Once Upon a time/I love you
Could it be Magic
A little help
On the radio
Dim all the lights
Try Me, I feel love, Love to Love you
Cold love
Bad girls/Hot stuff
Last Dance

It was very interesting to note that she only did one verse of She works hard for the money. I couldn't tell if this was a band error or if it was intentional. Her voice was incredible, especially when she sang Pearl and Smile. I also enjoyed hearing Cold love live again and Once Upon a time and I love you.

I forgot to mention Bruce's song, but my guest felt as though that song was not needed in the show and he didn't enjoy it much.
I was surprised at how wonderful my dog was during the performances. The crowd was so loud at some points that I thought the dog would get upset, but she slept during the entire concert.  

When Donna sings the Try Me medley, it seems as though her voice doesn't project well. They should work on her mic during that part of the show. Just my own suggestion.  I loved the show and always feel like seeing Donna Summer live is a wonderful gift.

- Steve in CT

*Editors note:  Before you think Steve is some kind of nut for bringing a dog to a concert, his dog is an assistance animal, so she was on the job. Lucky dog!  I wish I had a job that took me to free concerts.....   ;-)  

I just wanted to share my incredible experience from last night with Donna at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. <snip> I have been a Donna Fan since the first time I heard MacArthur Park on the radio when I was 15 and she has been the soundtrack to my life ever since. I have seen Donna in person I don't know 30-40 times over the years. I saw her the first time at Resorts International in Atlantic City in 1980 and I've seen her at Carnegie Hall, PNC Bank Arts Center, Jones Beach, Radio City, Bethlehem Music Festival, just about every casino in Atlantic City and finally last night at Mohegan Sun. 

We left Paramus, NJ at 3:15 armed with directions that said the trip was 2 hours and 31 minutes. We arrived at Mohegan Sun at 7:20 after sitting in one of the worst traffic jams for 25 miles in Connecticut. Anyway we lucked out, we got to our seats just as the comedian was finishing and twenty minutes later The DIVA took the stage. The place was packed, not sold out but impressive for such a big venue and on a weeknight to boot. Had great seats front row of the mezzanine just to the side of the stage almost directly to Donna's front left. She looked and sounded great. She came out in a beautiful chocolate colored pants suit with sparkles and beautiful beading around the shoulders and cleavage and from the minute she popped up through the piano til she disappeared through it about 2 hours later it was fantastic!!! 

She started with She Works Hard for the Money and then went into MacArthur Park Suite. I don't remember the exact order after that but the song list included, Once Upon A Time, Try Me I Know We Can Make It, I Love You, Could It Be Magic, Smile, A Little Help from My Friends, Natural Woman, Dim All the Lights, On The Radio, Pearls, Hot Stuff, Bad Girls and Last Dance.

By far the highlight of the show was Pearls. When Donna lets out that Hallelujah I turned to my friend and said, When I die, that's the sound I want to hear. It made me cry the song is so powerful and the voice is beyond words. I have never ever been disappointed by Donna and her voice has moved me to tears every time I have seen her. I wish for everyone in the world to feel what I felt last night at least once in their lives. Thanks, Donna for making the world better with that incredible gift. 

The crowd went crazy during the hits and the things they barely knew, it was Donna's crowd, she knew it, she worked it and the girl is still the best around. When she left she said she'd see us next year so I hope that means she'll be back and if she is so will I. Long live and tour the DIVA. and maybe a new album too. 

- Cory B from  Kearny, NJ

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