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Britt Festival, Oregon

July 2, 2006

The wonderful gift of two Donna Summer tickets were given to me by my special loved one. We traveled 500 miles each way to Oregon to see the July 3rd show. The amphitheater was gorgeously tucked up in the mountains. It is an open air amphitheater and the sun was out and it was a warm and balmy evening. All gathered for the start of the show. One lucky young lady actually won back stage passes to meet Donna.

After a comedian performed, the show began. A gorgeous orchestra and full brass section along with Nathan's band and of course our favorite back-up singers. They played out a medley of what seemed to be a section of every Donna song. The audience was standing and the whole arena was shaking.....then she appeared!

Donna was beaming that smile and had long waving hair and a gown that resembled champagne diamonds. She started singing and her voice reverberated everywhere and seemed to lodge itself in my upper chest for the rest of the concert. We were treated to many wonderful songs and she apologized after the first couple as she was still recovering from exposure to elements at a previous engagement. We heard her sing all the standards but also LTLY, Try Me , CIBM, She also sang Pearls and she sang Amazing Grace. Donna's sense of humor and the way she connected with this audience was awesome. As the sun sank behind the mountains NO_ONE was sitting by the middle of the show.

I will never forget this one, (my fourth) and the best! It was a magical mystical night under the stars. I will travel again to see Donna. Her heart and her song and her voice are purely magic. Thank-you Donna for reminding me to count my blessings
everyday, and the years of memories.

- William Y from Seattle

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