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July 20-21, 2007

*Were YOU backstage at Foxwoods?  If so, check out the thumbnail pictures below. If you see yours there (and I haven't already sent it to you), send me an email telling me which photo (use the number underneath it) is yours and I'll send you the original full-sized file, suitable for printing, using as computer wallpaper, or for staring at endlessly.   ;-)   If you don't see your picture there, then sorry.... I just don't have it.


Well, after sulking the last few weeks because my work schedule was not going to allow me to see ANY of the concerts this year, the fates intervened and a last minute change to my schedule combines with a huge stroke of luck threw me in the second row (with the high rollers!) for Friday's show at Foxwoods.  But you guys don't want to hear about that - you want to know about the show......

Well what can I say?  It was amazing! It's the first time I ever heard Donna sing the entire Shout It Out collection live before.  She did an extended version of Little Marie that had the crowd rocking! And the 3 encores of Funstreet just brought down the house.  I thought she'd never be allowed to stop.....

:: Looking around to see if anyone is buying any of that ::   ;-) 

Ok seriously, let me give you the set list. The band started with an overture then Donna came out to Hard For the Money, followed by (in probably completely the wrong order because I didn't write anything down)  Could It Be Magic, MacArthur Park, a medley of Once Upon A Time and I Love You, On The Radio, Smile, Natural Woman, Pearls, Dim All The Lights, a short reprise of Hard For The Money when she introduced the band, Bad Girls, Hot Stuff and Last Dance. And somewhere in the middle Bruce came out to do Lé Imaginé Café.  I feel like I'm forgetting something.  (If I am, I'll sneak in later to edit this and you'll never know!  LOL)

The stage set is the same one she was using last year with Bruce's piano up top and the piano key stairs. And she's still supplementing the regular band with strings and brass. Personally, I think adding the extra instruments was the best thing she's ever done to tweak the show.  So many of the songs benefit from the additional orchestration.  Besides, I'm a string freak so in my opinion you can never go wrong by adding a few violins and things. (Wait, make that almost never. It just occurred to me that there are some genres of music that wouldn't take well to violins - like punk or death metal.  LOL)

Donna was very chatty and funny all night and I know I already said this on the news page, but I'll say it again here just because it makes me happy - the new album is coming out next year and there will be a full tour (with the new songs) to support it. (You know, if I had recorded that I would have made it the ring tone for my phone.  LOL)

I think that's about it for now.  I didn't get any pictures - mostly because security was right there behind me and I thought those guys would make me eat my camera if I tried to use it. Also, I found out that the one I brought is probably the worst one I have for concert pictures anyway.  They did let us take pictures of the divas (and divo) who went up on stage and you can see below how well that worked out for me.  LOL

- Some nut with a website ;-)


This would be the picture I took...... let's pretend I meant for it to come out like that as an artistic statement.  LOL
And here are the Divas/Divo as photographed by someone who knew what they were doing. :-)


Backstage Fan Pictures

(Yeah, I know these are tiny.... but I assure you that the originals are MUCH MUCH bigger.  :-) )

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