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One Mighty Weekend 

Orlando, FL June 2, 2007

Wanted to send a quick report on Donna at the One Mighty Party at Disney. Donna looked great and sounded great! She sang MacArthur Park, On The Radio, SWHFTM, Bad Girls, Hot Stuff and Last Dance. There was occasional light rain / drizzle during her performance. But the rain didn't dampen her performance or the night. Her body guard held a Mickey umbrella over her during a couple of the songs. She said the fans were champions for being there in the rain - and said if we were there in the rain - she was going to be there in the rain with us! It sounded like she had wanted to bring some fans on stage during On The Radio, but wasn't able to due to the wet stage. Bruce, Mary, Yvonne, John and Randy were there. Her band members - and Bruce - all wore red T-shirts in honor of the event. Donna thanked the fans several times. Great show!

- Bob
Wilmington, Delaware

It was a crazy and wild weekend for sure. Saturday night at MGM's One Mighty Party...

DONNA WAS HOT HOT HOT! .... I was front row & center.

It was drizzling rain on and off throughout the night but not bad at all. The crowd eagerly waiting on Donna. A sea of shirtless hot and wet men pushing their way forward towards the stage. It all felt so surreal with smoke machines blowing in the crowd and laser lights everywhere.

I was a bit nervous about her entrance. But there she was, Donna opened with Mac Arthur Park. She was accompanied by her Bodyguard with an umbrella and stayed with her throughout most of the song. I wasn't so sure the bodyguard was only there keep Donna dry? But, after that 1st number it was apparent that this crowd was in a total state of bliss to have her there.

Donna Looked BRILLIANT! The Best I have seen her in recent years! YES guys, Donna did lose weight. It is really starting to show since last year! Keep up the good work Donna. She wore her black wavy wig which I think she looks her best.

After Mac Arthur Park was the only time I think Donna really spoke and met with her audience. She quickly went into her set with "On the Radio, She works hard, Bad Girls/Hot Stuff and of course Last dance". Not too much dancing or walking around the stage tonight. I think it was due to the wet floor. I could see her wanting to do her thing during "Hot Stuff" but resisted.

Yes, the show was brief, but very powerful! A true victory and a feather in her cap from the Gay community.

BRAVO Donna! .. and thanks for showing your support!

- Sal in Florida 


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