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San Francisco's Energy 97's E-Room with Donna 

May 23, 2008

Donna Stamps Her Feet in San Francisco

Before I start, I want to THANK the powers that be (you know who you are) for granting me access to Donna's E-Room meeting. Believe me, I never ever take it for granted and I am deeply honored.

Well, San Francisco's Energy 92.7 FM Dance station organized a special E-room meeting with Donna Summer for Bay Area listeners. Every time they played a Donna song, you had to be caller #9 in order to win a chance to see her live - up close and personal. There were 50 winners selected. They were told to report to the W Hotel at a certain time. In the hotel, we all sat down at a special meeting room (The E-room). There was a small stage up front and chairs facing it. Greg with Energy 92.7FM took the stage first and thanked all of us for being there. He provided a brief but powerful introduction about Donna's career accomplishments. He then proceeded to invite her to the stage.

Donna, Bruce and Scott, her road manager came out from a stage side door. Donna was very cheerful. It did not take her long to start joking around making everyone feel at ease. She joked about how hard it is to be a Diva...

To everyone's surprise, Greg called San Francisco Supervisor Mr. Bevan Duffy who was in the audience to the stage. Mr. Duffy by order of Gavin Newson, Mayor of San Francisco proclaimed this weekend to be Donna Summer's weekend in San Francisco! Everybody screamed, clapped, stamp their feet, it was awesome!!! Hmm, here's a City where the Mayor has very good taste in music, indeed. Needless to say, Donna was moved. After all the excitement, Greg told the audience that Donna would take a few questions before singing her current single. The audience started to raise their hands and here are some of the questions and comments.

a) What is your favorite album?
Donna: This one (Crayons). I feel this one is my favorite.

b) Which is your favorite place to perform?
Donna: Right now, here is my favorite place.

Greg joked: Hmm, it seems that someone wants to run for office in San Francisco. The our Supervisor is here, the Mayor's proclamation.... Donna, you have all these politically correct answers... LOL! The crowd roared as well. And, Donna was laughing.....

c) I raised my hand, stood up and said: Donna, on behalf of all your Bay Area fans, thank you very much for coming to San Francisco. We love you. Thank you very, very much for being here today. (Everyone applauded).

d) How do you keep your voice in check?
Donna: Well, I do not drink except for Champagne every now and then. I do not smoke. I engage in vocal exercises and pretty much try to have a healthy lifestyle.

e) Are you planning to record another album? Greg interrupted: Oh My God! She just released this one what are you talking about?
Donna: As a matter of fact, YES. I am not sure how many of you are aware of the recording process. But I have recorded between 40 to 50 songs. And, I am going to work on another album based on this material and more.

f) Do you consider collaborating with other artists?
Donna: Absolutely, I intend to have several guest appearances and collaborations on my next album.

g) Do you still live in Germany?
Donna: No, I have not lived there in long time.

h) I was able to speak again and said: Donna, I grew up in Brazil listening to your music. I want to congratulate you for writing Drivin' Down Brazil. It is absolutely perfect. You were able to capture the rhythm, the beat and you even added catchy everyday Portuguese words throughout the song. What a treat! I love it. Thank you very much.
Donna smiled and warmly said: Eduardo, I wrote it for you, honey!
I was ecstatic!!!

After a few more questions, Greg asked if Donna was ready to sing. She looked at the audience, invited us all to stand up and her song started playing. In seconds, we were all singing and dancing to Stamp Your Feet with her. Her voice was superb as usual. As soon as she finished singing, I handed her a bouquet of flowers and everyone cheered!

Greg announced that she was then going to pose for pictures and sign autographs. People lined up quickly. Donna, Bruce and Scott were all very gracious, patient and accommodating to everybody.

And, that is it.... Donna's visit to San Francisco was a success! Energy 92.7FM did a wonderful job promoting her for weeks... I spoke to some of their DJs. and I thanked them for their support and asked them to keep on promoting her new album.

- Eduardo Hanke, San Francisco


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