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Prior Lake, MN 

August 31, 2008

Do not read ANY of these fan reports if you want to be surprised when you see the show!

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I just got back from my 4-day weekend from Minneapolis where Donna had her last show. It was AMAZING!!! I took my boyfriend and my sister with me to there first Donna concert and both of them were just speech-less when she started to sing. Her set list was the same as the other venues so I kinda did expect that. she did mention that she was crying for the past two days cuz the first leg of the tour was coming to an end. she also said that she was going to be on Dancing with the Stars?? I know that they've announced who's going to be on the show this season so my guess she is going to perform. The sets looked amazing and the dancers were really trying to get everybody to get up but of course you had your casino crowd who weren't in the mood to get up and have fun. but by the end of the show everybody was on there feet. when Donna was singing Bad Girls one stage crew guy was dressed in drag. when Donna saw him she started laughing that she stopped singing for a bit cuz it caught her off guard. she did mention that since it was the last night there would be surprises but I don't think she knew that was going to happen. My only problem the whole night was that you couldn't take pictures during the show. they had people everywhere looking to see who had a camera also Donna's bodyguard was sitting right next to the stage he was kinda in the way cuz everybody could see him it was kinda distracting. it was a good show lots of people were talking about how great she looked and sang after the show.

- Robert

Mystic Lake Casino-Prior Lake, MN August 31st

The showroom at Mystic Lake is HUGE !! It has stadium style seating and outrageous sound. I had heard it was barely 2 years old and much better that their previous showroom. It was definitely one of the nicest casino venues I have seen in years. The whole casino and property is actually an alcohol free venue. I wondered how the crowd would be ? Especially being a casino venue LOL. Before the lights dimmed, Everyone started to clap and chant Donna-Donna-Donna-Donna !! This was a great sign ! Donna finally arrived and the audience went mad. Everyone gave Donna such a warm welcome that indeed, this was going to be a fantastic show !

Donna had everyone on their feet early on especially when she sang Dim All the Lights. She then spoke about how this was the last show for this part of the tour and "Anything could happen...lets have some fun" and welcomed all to join in. She saw 3 young girls in the audience and asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. One said a singer and they other said a dancer. Donna then said "great, maybe we could all work together someday". It was very cute. She had a blast goofing off and warned the audience we were gonna have some fun tonight. Her dancers wore mop style wigs for Mr. Music. This was hilarious and they had goofy looking faces, just messing around and having some fun. Donna sang her Enough is Enough duet with a talented singer named Lisa. This was a big surprise as Donna has only been singing this track with Mary during this tour and past ones as well. As a matter of fact, Mary and Donna's back up singers all came out in football jerseys, along with the dancers for Stamp your Feet. Another funny part was when some of her stage crew surprised her when she sang Bad Girls. One of her male crew members came out dressed in drag, and another gal walked out strutting on stage .It made Donna laugh so hysterically, she lost her place in the song !!

Donna mentioned how there are many Diva's today. Though she has always been labeled a "Diva", she said she was was ready to take the name "The Empress". Everyone yelled and applauded and she said "YES !! I am old enough to now say I AM THE EMPRESS !! "Donna performed Fame...which was awesome as she had dropped this track from all of her other casino shows this tour. The audience were up on their feet dancing to most all of the tracks, not just the old songs !! Yeah !! Did I mention this Casino was an alcohol free establishment ? LOL. Donna took her time, had fun, worked the crowd and most importantly...made it a magical "mystical" night to be remembered for years to come !!

Jonathan Weitz-Studio City, CA



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