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Casino Rama 

July 22-23, 2008

Do not read ANY of these fan reports if you want to be surprised when you see the show!

You have been warned!  ;-)

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Went to Donna's show at Casino Rama this past Tuesday night, the show was totally OUTSTANDING! As the audience waited for Donna, Giorgio Moroder's " Chase" was played over the loud speakers, and then a notice appeared on one of the large video screens advising that tonight's artist was recording the performance - later there was a camera crew at the front of the stage throughout the show (hmm... TV special?). The show started with the " Intro of the guard" and then as The Queen is Back started playing, one of the partitions revealed what at first looked like a mannequin, but in fact it was Donna. She looked great, dressed in her long purple gown and long gloves. There were a total of 4 costume changes that evening. Even though the audience didn't seem to know her new songs, she got a good response. Sitting fourth row from the stage my friend and I noticed Mary glancing at us a few times, as we knew all the lyrics to the new songs. The entire stage was very colorful, (crayons) and all the background scenes changed with every song. New background singers (except for Mary) different band members, except for Nathan DiGesare and 3 very good male dancers who kept the crowd entertained while Donna did her costume changes. At one point, they went into the crowd dancing up and down the aisles. Noticeably absent this time around is Bruce Sudano. Every performance was top notch, Sand on my feet was terrific live, Mr Music was played with guitar riffs and with a DJ spinning records. When Donna dueted with Mary on No More Tears, that was a powerhouse moment. The most poignant song of the evening was Be Myself Again, which even woke up the unknown sleepy head beside me. There were a few brave seniors attempting to go into the aisles throughout the show, but security quickly stopped them. That wasn't the case with the big Last Dance Finale, as all the semi comatose people in the first 3 rows finally rushed to the stage and the entire theatre was on its feet. This was the kind of show that is too good for a Casino venue, it needs to be in the city, Molson Amphitheater, or Hummingbird Centre. Later, at the end of the show, there was a line up outside buying merchandise, and all the Crayons CD's sold out (which proves people will love it if they hear it). The best Donna Summer show I have seen so far. Here's the song list:

Intro/Changing Of The Guard, The Queen Is Back, I Feel Love, Dim All the Lights, I'M a Fire (the long version, with spanish lyrics, Donna said she had another # 1 with this song, my friend and I yelled out, you had TWO!), Sand on My Feet, Be Myself Again, On the Radio, Mr Music, Crayons (terrific), No More Tears, MacArthur Park, Stamp Your Feet, Slide Over Backwards (with all the background singers and dancers on stage, and Donna making fun at Mary), Selah(?) Mary's solo, She Works Hard.. Bad Girls/ Hot Stuff (no offence to Donna, this needs to be updated a little), Last Dance Finale

- Anthony, Toronto

At the Wednesday nite show Casino Rama (Orillia Ontario Canada) set list was a bit shorter see below.

Intro/Changing Of The Guard

The Queen Is Back (wow great live prefect first song)

I Feel Love (true classic that got the crown going)

Dim All The Lights (great vocals live wow)

I'm A Fire (back in yeah!) – great number with the backdrops and the dancers )

Sand On My Feet
 ( great number with shots from Donna’s home, views of the water – real nice touch)

On The Radio
 (song that has aged well – crowd loved it)

Mr. Music
(inventive and theatrical staging with big neon IDONs…

 (probably a bit extended given no intermission, to give Donna a chance to change for Enough is Enough – dancers worked the crowd.

Enough Is Enough (Duet with Mary)
 - like the pictures dressed in a red raincoat and umbrella ---- awesome vocals…WOW

MacArthur Park
 - Still a crowd favourite ---- room went nuts ……..when the up tempo part started)

Stamp Your Feet
- great song live – a bit cheeky with the dancers dressed up as football players

Slide Over Backwards (as Hattie May) – A big surprise….. great vocals and stage presence for this number, think the crowd who may have never heard the song were impressed by the versatility of the composition and the interpretation

Selah (Mary solo) – sorry a bit ho hum

She Works Hard For The Money
 - electric --- and used as extended musical number to introduce the band ----

Bad Girls
 - Hot Stuff
 - same arrangement as on the Live and More Encore CD-DVD ---- totally hot, electric and the crowd and the band were having a great time

Last Dance – what can I add…. The classic… Donna still sings as it it was the first time, fresh and loads of fun. Would play millions of ‘dime a dance’ to hear the whole show over again.

A great concert… a magical mystical night….. I was out, she was there….all was right in the world….grin.

This was my first Donna Summer concert…. Waited over 30 years and drove 6 hours to finally see her in concert. Great show….worth the wait. All the songs great live. She is a real professional, works the audience well and makes everyone feel like she is singing to them personally. Lot’s of eye contact (have to admit was in the thirst row). To my surprise Sand on my feet was one of my favourites – great song live. Crowd realy had a good time, lot’s of dancing and singing along. Casino only allowed fans to the front of the stage for – Last Dance. 

In the ‘if I ruled the world’ category…. Would add a medley of early hits (e.g Once Upon a Time, Try me, Spring Affair, Rumor Has it, and finish with I love you)…. The songs already work well together as tons of mixes out there already exist.

No Intermission

Songs not included on Wednesday night – Con Tem Partiro, Be Myself Again and Fame (The Game) – needless to say disappointed the three songs were not done but a great show.

General comment wish her management team would opt for a booking agent that does not rely so heavily on Casino venues…. They are more interested in shorter sets to get people into the casino. There are thousands of excellent concert venues here in Canada. (of the 5 shows here in Canada 4 were (will be) at casino venues.

- John in Canada



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