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Seneca Allegany Casino 

July 20, 2008

Do not read ANY of these fan reports if you want to be surprised when you see the show!

You have been warned!  ;-)

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Just wanted to share with you some details from the Salamanca NY show...

Donna started at 7 PM sharp without any warning! All of sudden the band began their "Fifth of Beethoven" and Donna arrived on stage to The Queen is Back. Luckily there were not too many late comers, even with the show starting so promptly. She did the same songs as Jones Beach, but no IWGWY or FAME. Luckily I have seen her perform these in her last 3 shows, but still missed them none the less. Fame has got to be the hottest song Donna performs on this tour! She puts so much power into it! Mary still performed Selah, but there was no intermission.

Audience was a much older crowd, but this was the casino scene with only a few getting up to dance. Everyone seemed to accept Donna's new material well. The crowd broke loose though as more older material was sung (i.e. Enough is Enough and Mac Arthur Park). But once the Bad Girls/Hot Stuff medley started, all of these ladies rushed to the front of the left isle, dancing and waving glow lights. It was so funny! One was even holding up a LTLYB record cover. Donna was in a very relaxed mood, but obviously there was not enough energy from the crowd. I did however find this venue very small and intimate. Sometimes it is nice to enjoy one of Donna's concerts like this. Donna mentioned how beautiful Seneca Casino was and how she has never performed this far up north in NY before. Even though the stage was much smaller then most venues, Donna's elaborate props and dancers were included in this show.

Picture taking was okay, which is very rare at Casino venues. Another excellent show, but not enough energy from the crowd! Donna did her very best and gave it her all. She encouraged everyone to just get up and dance and don't worry...just have fun. Show ended at 8:30 PM. All in all I was very pleased I went to this beautiful venue and experienced Donna's show in such a intimate atmosphere !

- Jonathan Weitz, Studio City-CA.


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