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Donna in New York 

The Today Show - May 30, 2008
CD Launch at Mansion - June 3, 2008

On May 30 Donna played the Today Show Summer Concert Series in New York.   Ironically, while the show was filmed in New York - New York never got to see it on the air. (A crane fell off a building uptown causing death and mayhem - not to mention the still to come accusations and lawsuits.)

Here are the official videos from the show for anyone who missed it, and below are fan photos taken at the show.


interview and Stamp

She Works Hard For The Money

Hot Stuff




reinaldo1.JPG (373801 bytes) From The Today Show -

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and the bottom 3 are mine.
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On June 3 Sony threw a launch party for Crayons that included a hour-long set at Mansion in New York.  Donna sang MacArthur Park, I'm A Fire, Bad Girls, Hot Stuff, Stamp Your Feet, Science Of Love, Smile and Last Dance.

Access Hollywood ran a short piece about the show:

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