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August 29, 2009

Trump Taj Mahal/Mark G. Etess Arena-Atlantic City NJ

Several concert goers were anticipating Donna's arrival. Many were rushing to take their seats once the lights dimmed. Everyone knew there were in for a heavenly night of Donna's magic at the Trump Taj Mahal. After she performed a few songs, she asked her famous question to the audience," Where's everybody from ?"Once again Donna encouraged the audience to have a good time, stand and dance if you want to. Jokingly she said "but don't make me beg for you to do that". Donna then proceeded to sing a bit of Ain't Too Proud to Beg by the Temptations. This was VERY cool and Donna sang it in a bold, soulful Motown voice. She then performed Could it Be Magic, one of my all time favorites of Donna. Whenever she performs this song, she sings it with such extreme passion. The audience actually REALLY got into Could it be Magic and this was the first song in the show that people started to sing and dance to. Donna also performed her tribute to Michael with her beautiful ballad Smile. I saw Donna get a bit more emotional with the song at this show. Perhaps because it was Michael's birthday that day. The crowd stood and applauded afterwards. You can tell how affected the audience was from her performance of this song. Donna did not perform Sand On My Feet at this show. Maybe because the concert started a bit late this evening. A nice thing about this crowd was that it was so diverse. Actually one of the most diverse crowds I have seen at any of Donna's concerts. Security was very strict and they did not allow people to dance in the aisles. This arena also did not have large screens on the sides of the stage. I was shocked as this venue was a very large one. Overall, it was another phenomenal show. Another Hot Summer Night !!...and everyone exited the show with a "smile" on their face !

Jonathan W-Studio City, CA


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