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Chumash Casino Santa Ynez, CA

June 25, 2009

Note to future readers of this fan report: this concert was held the same day that Michael Jackson died.

Chumash Casino-June 25th-Santa Ynez,CA

After a long day of sad news, the concert started and everyone was ready for an amazing night of Donna. The casino showroom was smaller than most, which made it very intimate. She arrived to her signature The Queen is Back looking fabulous with a new "do". After she performed I Feel Love, she tearfully spoke about how it was a difficult day and that this would be a hard show for her to perform. She also spoke of how she wanted everyone to have a good time regardless and everyone cheered her on. You were able to tell it was difficult for Donna, but then she let loose and put her body in motion. She really got down to her next song, I'm a Fire. Donna sang this song more passionately than I ever seen her perform it ! Of course as usual, the crowd really started to get up to dance and cheer once she began singing On The Radio. The show was a about a hour and half, a bit shorter than her shows from last year. I did notice she dropped Dim All the Lights. I do hope she brings back Slide Over Backwards and Fame to her concerts this summer. Donna seemed to be more relaxed with each song she performed. She also took her time in between each one, when she would then kid around with the audience. She explained to everyone that she had several personalities and we all would be seeing her expose them during the show. When Donna came out to perform Last Dance, the roar of the audience was louder than I have heard at any of her concerts. Before she left the stage, she told everyone to say a prayer for Michael. Donna did a fantastic job keeping herself together for this show. I cannot praise her enough for performing such an outstanding concert on such a difficult day. I would also like to note that the legendary percussionist (and writer/producer) Bob Conti was performing with the band this evening !

Jonathan W-Studio City, CA


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