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Hollywood, FL 

May 17, 2009


Hard Rock Live! ~May 17th~ Hollywood, Florida

It was shortly after 7 pm and Donna arrived to "The Queen is Back". She looked absolutely stunning and everyone rapidly took there seats. No worries as they filled up fast and everyone was ready for a sold-out "Magical, Mystical Night".

She sang most of her songs from the Crayons tour except for: Bring Down The Reign, Slide Over Backwards one of my favorites) and Fame. She accidentally announced the title of her CD as "Colors" but quickly corrected herself. The audience was obviously not familiar with her new songs. But as soon as she performed her classics, they were on their feet dancing and yelling. I over heard a person next me saying that Donna was not doing enough of her old songs, just promoting her new stuff. But of course, they went quite ballistic when Donna came out with her red umbrella to the opening of "Enough is Enough". When Donna left the stage at the end of performing Crayons for a wardrobe change, her dancers did an awesome job making sure everyone were on their feet dancing.

Though this concert was shorter than the others from the Crayons tour, Donna was in a fun mood. She told the audience that she felt very much at home, since she has a home "somewhere" in Florida. As always, Donna voice and energy were top notch. There also was a new dancer, replacing Chase Benz...and I happened to see a long time friend of Donna's at this show ~ It was KC of KC and the Sunshine Band !

Jonathan W.-Studio City, CA

(See Jonathan's photos below)

I was at the Hard Rock Concert Sunday. Had a great time. I believe she sang the same songs as she did at the hollywood bowl last august. I thought the audio in the hard rock theatre was far superior to the Bowl. She didn't have the two projection screens off to either side to show the "credits" at the end like before.

It seemed like the concert was shorter, but she sang from the new cd:

Queen is back,
I'm a Fire
Stamp your Feet
Sand on my Feet
this time she didn't sing FAME,
She still isn't singing this time I know its for real.

she sang dim all the lights, on the radio, i feel love, macarthur's, enough is enough, last dance.

she looked and sounded great. again a pity that none of the new stuff gets any airplay here in Florida. 

Ed (West Palm Beach)
The show appeared to be sold out. I assure you everyone was up and singing and dancing. It was NOT at all like last summers show. New sets, costumes etc. much more polished look and 3 young dancers which really helped to give the show a "hipper" vibe. Donna had 4 to 5 costume changes. Opening: long Royal blue dress, sequined, long gloves, changes to Orange and Pink multi colored dress for Sand on My Feet. Changes to Red Leather raincoat and umbrella for Enough is Enough, Changes later to Gold and black Pantsuit (My favorite) and Ends in Another long Blue dress.

Interestingly Donna alluded very quickly to her working on 2 albums and completing one, Crayons. I have not heard anything about a 2nd one in the works if you have please mention it in a post. Donna was in a Great mood and EXCELLENT voice throughout the show. The crowd REALLY loved her!!!!!

Mr. Music was the most theatrical number with opaque cutouts of 2 IPods used with dancers inside the IPods! The IPods them were transformed into boxes of crayons for the Crayons number. The Crayons set was extremely colorful.

About 5 large video screens were used throughout the evening to enhance the songs they were very effective and gave the show a much more polished look than the last to shows in FL.

Also noted husband Bruce was no where to be seen? Whas zup with that????

Set List: Incomplete but as good as I can remember:

Opening The Queen is Back
I Feel Love
Dim All The Lights
I'm A Fire
Sand on My Feet
Mr. Music
Enough Is Enough
McArthur Park
Sister Mary Sings a Gospel song
On the Radio
Hot Stuff
Last Dance

Peter Blalock
South Beach, Fl 
This fan report is actually a series of texts I got right after the show. The mad texter is apparently too shy to write a regular fan report.  LOL

She sang I'm A Fire - no Fame.

Review from my father: She can still belt out the song.

Dolores was chair dancing to all the hits.

The applause after Hot Stuff was thunderous without the band's help at first.

Phil (New Jersey)


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