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September 25, 2009


Now seeing her live for ( I have lost count now) ok, since 1980 Donna still performs with the energy of a 20 year old. Her voice is still flawless, her appearance is still breathtaking and being able to see her perform live and getting to meet her back "stage" after the show was a moment in my life that shall never be forgotten.
She mixed the old and the new, and does it in such a way that for true fans of hers makes an evening of incredible joy! The dancing, the screaming/yelling etc. still echoes in my mind.

I will never get enough of this woman singing, and to hear her voice of perfection live is an experience that no one should ever miss!
Thank you Donna for coming back here again, hope to see you back here in Los Angeles area again soon!
Jim, from Ontario, California
LA County Fair-Pomona CA

It was the End of Summer concert series at the LA County Fair and this was Donna's second time performing in the series. The place was packed from the front to the back. I could tell this was going to be a great audience. Donna arrived on stage around 8:00 pm and everyone went wild. We all stood for The Queen is Back. As a matter of fact most of the audience in the stage front seats continued to stand for the next 4 songs. Wow...this was awesome as usually people sit during the first part of Donna's show. Nice thing also was this was actually a show that people paid to see and there were not the "comped" guests that are usually at casinos. You know the ones who sit with their arms crossed, tell you to sit down and not block their view...etc...etc. Donna performed her tribute to Michael with Smile once again. She mentioned how her daughter Brooklyn was invited onto stage at one of Michael's concerts several years ago in London. The audience was very moved by Donna's tribute and gave her a standing ovation. Donna needed a moment to compose herself as she held back the tears to get through the song. The audience was full of energy the rest of the concert and this was definitely one of Donna's best shows. There was so much enthusiasm from the crowd and Donna mentioned how moved she was to see that so many came out to be at her show. She jokingly said "I would have been happy even if there were only 10 people who showed up". As she ended the show with Last Dance, she was still wearing her pant suit from the Bad Girls/Hot Stuff medley. She either ran out of time or it was just too HOT. Even though the stage was in the middle of the race track and was actually a portable stage, the sound and lighting was phenomenal. Donna performed with such grace and elegance and the whole crowd embraced her through the entire show !

Jonathan W-Studio City, CA


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