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August 2010


Hollywood, FL - August 18

My partner Kenny and I made the trek from San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale to witness yet another magical night with Donna Summer. It was an event to remember. The South Florida crowd -LOVES- Donna and she was in great form. She even had everyone sing happy birthday to a young lady who sang back up with On The Radio. Only Donna can sing a simple song like 
happy birthday and bring a church vibe to the melody. Her surprise was Love to Love You Baby, Could it Be Magic, and Smile.............

Jose, San Francisco

Biloxi - August 20

Donna's show at the IP Casino in Biloxi was hot and not just the weather! I admit when I first arrived there I was expecting it to be the usual casino crowd. I was so wrong. The audience was so welcoming and kept on screaming for her! Even when Donna asked the audience, what do you do here in Biloxi, the crowd said "Donna Summer!" She did not perform To Paris With Love, even though she told the crowd that she has a new song out. She did sing "Love To Love You" like she did at the Fantasy Springs Casino, I wanted to hear "Superstar". Maybe she will perform it at the later dates. She looked beautiful. Here is the set list:

The Queen is Back
Dim All The Lights
I Feel Love
Love To Love You Baby
I'm A Fire
Could It Be Magic
Sand On My Feet
On The Radio
Mr. Music
No More Tears
MacArthur Park
Smile (tribute to Michael)
Stamp Your Feet
She Works Hard For The Money
Bad Girls
Hot Stuff
Last Dance

- Veronica, NJ

Wolftrap - August 29

Not necessarily in the order they were sung:

The Queen is Back
Love to love you baby
I'm a Fire
Stamp your feet
Don't Rain on My Parade - EXCELLENT
To Paris, With Love - EXCELLLENT - "Only second time she has performed it"
She Works Hard For The Money
Enough is Enough
Dim All the LIghts
Mac Arthur Park
Hot Stuff
Bad Girls
Last Dance 

- Angelo

Wolftrap - August 29

Donna's show was ON FIRE at the Wolf Trap Center. One of the major highlights was when she performed "To Paris With Love" for a second time live. Even better than when I saw her perform it in her Boston show two nights earlier. She seemed much more comfortable performing the song. She even had her dancers come out while she sang it. This added a nice ambience to the performance. Afterwards she had spoken about how she had auditioned for a role on Broadway. Donna said that there was a particular singer whose voice she heard when she was young girl. She said she loved the voice so much, she had to have all of her records (Barbra Streisand). That's when she shocked the audience with her first live performance of "Don't Rain On My Parade". Her rendition of this song was TOP NOTCH ! Donna's voice was superb and she belted it out like a true Broadway diva. You could really see how much she enjoyed performing it too. Donna gave a shout out to her relatives in the audience, and her niece Mariah was there too. She had sung on stage previously with Donna in Baltimore (2008) the very first show of the Crayons tour. This was definitely one HOT summer night at Wolf Trap !! Donna's gift of two new songs to the show were PRICELESS !!

Jonathan W.-CA


Photos from Mario
Atlanta August 22
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Photos from Don
Morristown August 25
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Photos from our own DSummerFan1 from the forum
Boston, August 27, 2010
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Photos from Angelo
Wolftrap August 29
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Photos from Jon W
Wolftrap August 29, 2010
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