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Once upon a time, there was a boy, he lived in the land of Honolulu, where he wished that everything real was unreal. But, he believed that everything he dreamed could be real. So he dreamed, and he dreamed, and he dreamed. He carried on and on. He never gave up the hope within in him. Because he believed that once in his lifetime he would see Donna Summer. One day, he did awake and that night he saw her!!!

Dreams do come true. 

In a world often wrought with harsh realities, Donna Summer transported me into a world of fantasy and hope. Her voice, imbued with magic, passion and power, helped me through the challenges and insecurities of "coming out." It was the mid 70's and "Once Upon A Time" was released and it was the perfect album to lift me up and beyond the harshness of a cruel world. Then in 1979, right after the release of Live and More, Donna performed in Honolulu for two nights. I camped out for tickets and managed to get front row seats. When she entered signing Once Upon A time, I knew my fantasy was a reality. I was there for both nights of shows. A year later I saw her in San Francisco where she just added Don't Cry for Me Argentina. I nearly flipped when I heard her sing that song. I was so in love with Patti Lupone and Evita and then my favorite singer - Donna Summer - just belted it out. It was pure magic! Suddenly, I was transported, all over again, to the land of fantasy and having a fairy tale high! 

The most magical evening was when she did a private show for the Sony Open in Honolulu in 2002. It was the first time I heard her sing Could It Be Magic live. That evening was magic... but, when is Donna Summer ever, not magic? Spirits move me every time I see her. There was a low rise stage which allowed me to be totally "up close and personal" with her. She could clearly see that I knew every word to every song and I danced like a mad man in front of her. She sang out, "You got it!" And, I sure did. 
I love Donna Summer and always have. Her voice is deeply imbedded in the deepest depths of my eternal soul. The grace of God is carried on every note she sings. 

- Daniel Peralta


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