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Live from Great Woods in Mansfield, Massachusetts

Open House Party!!! June 5, 1999

[This is a transcript of a radio interview done in Boston. Thanks to SAJoe for writing it all down.]

John Garabedian: Ladies and Gentleman it's Donna Summer!!! The ultimate Diva!

Partiers: Yeah!!!! Applause ! Applause!!!

Donna Summer:All right Mom, All right Mom, It's OK. It's OK.

JG: Donna you were the headliner of tonight's show which has every major artist..I mean we have all the artist on the charts and you were the headliner!

DS: Yes!! LOL...Thank you! This is my hometown, I think (you know) that was very kind of them. I really appreciated it.

JG: I'm going to say you look absolutely fabulous!

DS: Thank you. Thank you! Put your glasses on. LOL This way. I'm just kidding.

JG: You've got a lot of stuff going on. You got a big, huge VH1-Diva special coming up in what three weeks?

DS: Yes, only this is not a Diva special so it's a— THE DIVA special. LOL It's really pretty much me doing it —my show and I have one great guest artist and it's on the 20th of June. The day before Summer, Summer's coming a day earlier this year.

JG: And that's why, of course, Summer and Donna Summer!

DS: Hello! Hello! Knock Knock! Can we talk! TL (Total laughter)

JG: Come on in! (TL) It's better to look good than feel good.(humorously) Now this is going to be recorded and this will be your new album with two new songs on it.

DS: Actually there are four or five new songs on there, there might even be six new songs, but the live version...

JG: O.K. New information

DS:, no, there are two new recorded album studio cuts, and then there are two songs from the play— Ordinary Girl, and then there are two songs that I write, I call them archival home songs that I sing on stage that I don't do live and I don't record. So there's actually about six new songs on the album.

JG: So where do you live now? Last time I talked to you was like nine years ago. You had your album out with all those great songs on it..."Breakaway"..and you were living in L.A. on a farm. So now where do you live?

DS: Oh that was nine years ago. Oh O.K. Well I live now in Nashville and I still have a farm and I bought a new farm in Nashville and I moved off the...before L.A. goes into the ocean, if it should, (TL) I want to have secured a home, (TL) you know, east of the border! So you know, we moved.

JG: What kind of a farm? What do you raise?

DS: Nothing, I raise a lot of grass.


DS: A lot of Grass, not pot, but grass!! (TL) Put your hopes back where they belong. I saw your eyes flip! I know! "Can I visit?" No. Naughty, naughty! (TL)

JG: All right we have your brand new song here, "I Will Go With You" and we play this for a few people, a lot of people are very excited about this song. And they say this is the next song—Believe! Just like Cher's song that took off, and you have this tremendous history of great dance music that you made and this is a great song.

DS: Thank You!

JG: Tell us the story about's Andre Bochelli's...

DS: It's Andrea Boccelli, who did the kinda operatic pop version of it, who's the guy that sings... the Italian man who sings with Celine Dion on their new song, for those of you who don't know him. And I heard the song about 2 1/2 years ago and I fell madly in love with the song...I just though it was the most brilliant song, melodic song I've heard in a long time. I told my husband I wanted to record it on a, the consummate, you know, dance album of the century. I wanted to make an album of all the greatest songs of the century and I wanted that to be one of them. And he said "Why don't you just record it now? " and I did. And so, we've done many versions of this song, there's an Italian version, an English version, they're all coming. There, you know, it's like a tree that keeps blossoming new wings.

JG: Yeah, and New York City, WKTU, the big dance station just started playing it. Whamming it five times a day, it's one of their most requested songs, so here it is right now on Open House Party.

DS: Thank you, Thanks!

JG: National radio premiere. (Music Begins) Thank You Donna Summer!

DS: Where's the drum role?

JG: Dum, ditty, dum, ditty dum...Donna Summer, please give her a big hand!

Partiers: Yeah!! Wooo! Applause! Applause!

JG: The Diva...Tonight on Open House Party from Mansfield. Massachusetts!

DS: I Will Go With You....

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