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Fame Drove Donna Summer To The Edge

October 12, 1999

(OCT. 12) WENN - FOURTH - INTERNATIONAL MUSIC NEWS - Disco diva DONNA SUMMER came close to a nervous breakdown at the height of her fame - until she found God.

The singer responsible for the seventies disco anthem LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY claims that the pressures of the music industry drove her to the edge.

She says, "There was a period when I almost stopped sleeping entirely, and I became more and more hyper. I would start a sentence and then not finish it, because everything was so speeded up in my mind that it was almost unbearable.

"I took medication, which leveled me out, but as it became less effective, I became more paranoid. I thought I was going to kill myself, so I cried out to God to help me, and he did." (MAM/WNBTE/MCM)

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