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My good friend (and one of my San Francisco spies ;-) ) caught up with Johnnyswim at a recent performance at Lestat's in San Francisco. He brought us back a few photos and a short interview with Amanda Ramirez. The pair still have more shows to do at Hotel Utah in San Francisco on January 25 at 8 PM, Lestat's on January 27 at 9 PM, and on January 26 at Hotel Cafe  at 8 PM in Los Angeles. So if you are in the area go check them out. And if you are not in the area, keep an eye on Facebook for other dates as they come up, (They are very talented so you will hate yourself if you miss out!  LOL)

Take it away Eduardo.....


1) How did you both meet?

We met through a mutual friend in Nashville. We had seen each other around and knew a lot of the same people because of the church we went to, but it took four years of floating in the same circle of friends to finally meet. Better late than never :)

2) When did you realized you wanted to sing?

I don't remember NOT singing. I was always surrounded by music in my family, and singing was part of daily life. We had songs that we sang on the way to school, before dinner, at bedtime, car rides....our days were always full of songs so singing all the time was inevitable and always on the top of my list of career options. By the time I was in high school, the dream had all but solidified and writing songs was my favorite hobby.

3) How did the idea of forming a duet partnership came about?

Abner and I started writing together shortly after we met. I went to one of his shows and thought he was so brilliant and sincere a songwriter and performer that I really wanted to write with him (plus he was cute, that didn't hurt). Then I started singing with him at his shows a bit, and before long it naturally evolved into a duo. 

4) Where does the name Johnnyswim comes from? What is the story behind it?

It's based on a very personal story from Abner's childhood where a horse helped save his sister's life. 

ok maybe that's an exaggeration but it's a good story. trust me:)

5) How do you both go about writing songs? What is the process?

Every song is different with us. Some songs start with a lyrical idea, some with a musical idea, or sometimes it just seems to come out of thin air. We look at songwriting like archeologists look at fossils...the songs are in us, they already exist, and our job is to be patient and careful to uncover them correctly. That being said, we commit the time and then we just have fun and see what happens. 

6) What does Johnnyswim wants to accomplish in the future?

We're very happy with our journey so far. Doing what you love with the person you love for a living is a huge gift, so the future we hope holds a lot of music and a lot of adventures (because it's much more fun to write music when you have adventures and experiences to write about). Ultimately, music is a heritage that we've been given and hope to pass on well.


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